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Season 3 of Hell's Kitchen aired on Fox between June 4 and August 13, 2007. Executive chef Rock Harper, from Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia, was the winner of that season and became Head Chef at the Terra Verde restaurant in the Green Valley Ranch resort and spa in Henderson, Nevada, near Las Vegas, with a $250,000 salary.


12 contestants competed during this season. The teams were divided by gender, male contestants in the blue team and female contestants in the red team. The contestants were (in alphabetical order):

Contestant Age Occupation Hometown
Joanna Dunn 22 Assistant Chef Detroit, MI
Vinnie Fama 29 Nightclub Chef Milltown, NJ
Melissa Firpo Line Cook New York City, NY
Rock Harper 30 Executive Chef Spotsylvania, VA
Eddie Langley 28 Grill Cook Atlanta, GA
Brad Miller 25 Sous Chef Scottsdale, AZ
Bonnie Muirhead 26 Nanny & Personal Chef Santa Monica, CA
Tiffany Nagel 27 Kitchen Manager Scottsdale, AZ
Aaron Song 48 Retirement Home Chef Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Josh Wahler 26 Jr. Sous Chef Miami Beach, FL
Julia Williams 28 Waffle House Cook Atlanta, GA
Jen Yemola 26 Pastry Chef Hazelton, PA

Contestant progress

At the end of each episode, one chef from the losing team is eliminated by Ramsay, after being picked by the "Best of the Worst", determined by Ramsay after the last dinner service.

# Chef Original Teams Team
301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310/311
4 Julia NOM BoW OUT
6 Brad NOM OUT
7 Melissa BoW NOM NOM OUT
8 Vinnie OUT
9 Joanna NOM OUT
10 Aaron HOSP
11 Eddie OUT
12 Tiffany OUT
13* JR DISQ[n 1]
  1. Allegedly, this JR contestant leaked information about the show online and spread salacious rumors about Joanna to the other contestants, and thus was disqualified.
Final Service Brigades
Bonnie Rock
Jen Brad
Melissa Vinnie
Julia Josh
Color Legend
NOM Regular Nomination Ramsay Nomination Voided Nomination
OUT Regular Elimination Ramsay Nomination Without Nomination
MISC Ejected during service Quit or Hospitalized Best of the Best/Worst


Here is a list of all the episodes of the season, with links for the detailed articles.

# Image Title Airdate
01 Episode 301 thumbnail.png Episode 301 - 12 Chefs Compete June 4, 2007
Episode Rundown: The chefs were introduced, the teams were divided, and one team's dysfunction suffered massively during the opening night.
02 Episode 302 thumbnail.png Episode 302 - 11 Chefs Compete June 11, 2007
Episode Rundown: The teams competed in their first team challenge, and dinner service proved to be problematic for one of them.
03 Episode 303 thumbnail.png Episode 303 - 10 Chefs Compete June 18, 2007
Episode Rundown: One team was on top during a special breakfast service, one chef was forced to withdraw because of their health, and a disastrous service made Ramsay wondering if one of the chefs cared about the diners.
04 Episode 304 thumbnail (possibly).png Episode 304 - 8 Chefs Compete June 25, 2007
Episode Rundown: The annual Blind Taste Test, and a shocking move by Ramsay at elimination occurred.
05 Episode 305 thumbnail.png Episode 305 - 7 Chefs Compete, Part 1 July 2, 2007
Episode Rundown: A wedding service was held, one chef’s poor leadership caused their team to alienate them, and for the first time ever, nobody was eliminated.
06 Episode 306 thumbnail.png Episode 306 - 7 Chefs Compete, Part 2 July 9, 2007
Episode Rundown: A new team dynamic emerged for one team, and one chef lost their last chance to stay in the competition.
07 Episode 307 thumbnail and Leftovers Challenge.png Episode 307 - 6 Chefs Compete July 16, 2007
Episode Rundown: The teams' menus were put to the test, and an early front runner was eliminated.
08 Episode 308 thumbnail.png Episode 308 - 5 Chefs Compete July 23, 2007
Episode Rundown: Black jackets were given, one chef did not even complete dinner service, and a tearful elimination of an underdog occurred.
09 Episode 309 thumbnail.png Episode 309 - 3 Chefs Compete July 30, 2007
Episode Rundown: Ramsay surprised the three finalists with some special judges, and each of them ran the pass one by one during service.
10 Episode 310 thumbnail.png Episode 310 - 2 Chefs Compete August 6, 2007
Episode Rundown: Bonnie and Rock designed their own restaurants, participated in the final challenge, and reunited with their former teammates.
11 Episode 311 thumbnail.png Episode 311 - Winner Announced August 13, 2007
Episode Rundown: Rock and Bonnie chose their brigades for the final dinner service, and one of them was declared the winner of Hell's Kitchen.

Behind the Scenes

  • In a deleted scene, there was a 13th contestant, a male chef who's only referred to the initials "J.R.", that was supposed to compete, but was not seen despite some appearances in the Signature Dish Challenge. It was revealed in a Facebook post from Joanna Dunn that he was disqualified after spreading salacious rumors about her to other contestants. J.R. was disqualified sometime during the signature dish challenge.


  • This is the first season where a team won its first three challenges. This record would be broken by Season 11 and 20.
  • This is the first season where Ramsay overruled the formal nominations. This is also the only season to date, where he made his own nominations after already eliminating someone at another one.
  • This is the first season to feature a chef being eliminated during service.
  • This is the first season to have two contestants eliminated in a single episode instead of one.
  • This season featured the first episode ever where no elimination occurred at all.
  • This is the final season where Mary-Ann Salcedo was the red team's sous chef. This is also the final season to feature all three of the original staff in a season.
  • This is the final season to have 12 contestants.
  • This is the first season to be aired in high definition.
  • This is the first season to hold a special dinner service (in this instance, a wedding).
  • This is the first season where everyone who was supposed to come back for the finale, was able to do so.
  • This is the first season where all the black jackets were nominated at least once.
  • This is the only season where no chefs in the final service wore a jacket for a team they were never on during the competition.
    • This is also the only season where none of the male contestants wore the red jackets.
  • Future reappearances:
    • Aaron made a surprise cameo during Season 4 by running into Ramsay and the challenge winners during a reward. He later made a cameo in Season 6 by giving the new chefs tips on what not to do.
    • Rock returned in Season 4 to greet the challenge winners at the Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa, and in Season 5 and 6 to greet the crowned winner of those seasons. He was also a guest during Seasons 8 and 13 when Hell's Kitchen celebrated the 100th and 200th dinner services respectively, returned along with a team of returning winners to compete against the black jackets in Season 11, and was a guest judge for the Black Jackets Challenge during Season 12.
    • Bonnie made a cameo in Season 6 by giving the new chefs tips on what not to do. She would later returned in Season 10 as part of a team of returning runner ups.
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