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Megan Gill was a contestant on Season 20 of Hell's Kitchen. She was the runner-up of that season.

Megan started the competition as one of the strongest chefs in the season. She was a good performer early on, being a key player in the red team's early dominance. After an early shake up of the teams, she was reassigned to the blue team, and she became a front-runner of the season, being more noticed than before, continuing to excel in dinner services and having solid challenges. She was eventually able to get a black jacket, and she continued her impressive performances in the black jacket phase, with her service leadership being arguably the best of the season, and her flawless pass sending her to the finals. Her nice attitude led to her being friends with most of the chefs.

Season 20

Episode 1/2

The eighteen Young Guns arrive at Las Vegas on a bus heading to Hell's Kitchen, and they drove past the real Hell's Kitchen restaurant. Megan believed that young chefs brought more than older chefs, to which Jay agreed. The bus arrived at Hell's Kitchen, where Marino greeted the chefs. Marino explained that Ramsay created a museum to celebrate the past nineteen seasons in honor of the twentieth season. Giving the tour were Shakala and Sean, who led the chefs into the museum. As the chefs toured the museum, they saw photos of past contestants, hung jackets, the Hell's Kitchen Wall of Fame, and lines said from the past seasons. Then, they see video clips of moments from the show. The last stop was an exhibit of the doors used to reveal the winner of each season. The final video shown was all the winners being revealed in the past. She said it was crazy to see as she grew up watching Hell's Kitchen and knew that someday a girl like herself would watch her journey. Sean said that the final part of the tour was a documentary film about the show's history. However, the curtain pulled back to reveal an audience waiting for them and Ramsay on a stage behind them. Once on stage, Ramsay explained that the museum was meant to showcase the past, while the eighteen of them were the future. Ramsay added that the desire to become a chef was a dream for many young people, and food has evolved over the years since the show began. So, Ramsay announced that the season's winner would become his protégé and become the new Head Chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Afterwards, Ramsay announced the Signature Dish Challenge and gave the chefs 45 minutes to cook their dishes.

During the Signature Dish Challenge, Megan was the fourth person from the red team to have her dish judged by Ramsay and went up against Kevin. She hesitantly pulled off her dome to reveal her pomme purée and pan-seared filet. While Ramsay deemed it solid, he found that it lacked seasoning and gave her three points. When waiting for Ramsay's decision for Morgana's dish, she was anxious over his decision. The red team won the challenge 30-28, and they were rewarded with dinner at Gordon Ramsay Steak 2.0 and had three previous winners joining them: Season 17 Michelle, Season 18 Ariel, and Sous Chef Christina.[1]

During the Alcohol Challenge, Ava asked Megan and Morgana for space on her station. She was named one of the red team's Top Three and was the second person to have her dish judged by Ramsay. She made a whisky glazed filet, and it was praised for mixing the whisky into the carrots. Despite hoping she was the best as she refused to do any of the disgusting punishments, she lost the challenge to Brynn.

During the 300th dinner service, Megan was on the meat station with Emily. As the two got working on their first entrée, Emily's constant questions about meat made her nervous. Later, she went into the pantry room for something, only for Ramsay to order her out as he was busy criticizing the blue team. The red team won the service.[2]

Episode 3

Back at the dorms, Megan said she had cankles and bunions on her feet.

During the Whole Squid Prep Challenge, Megan made sure her teammates' squids were ready for judging and was seen getting one attempt accepted. The red team won the challenge 16-14, and they were rewarded with an off-road racing experience at Speed Vegas and eating lunch provided by BLT Steak.

During dinner service, Megan was at the fish station with Brynn. She wanted to hit the ground running as she refused to end their winning streak. She got her scallops accepted, and the women were on a strong start. The red team won the service.[3]

Episode 4

During the Paris Hotel Brunch Service Challenge, Megan was at the meat station with Morgana. She had a strong performance as Ramsay praised her steaks on the first order and was ordered to take charge. One was used as an example when Alex and Payton served a well done compared to her medium-rare. The red team won the challenge. They were rewarded with a Caesars Entertainment’s Private Jet ride to see locales like the Paris Strip, Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon. They also won a staycation at Planet Hollywood’s mega-suite.

Megan was at the fish station with Victoria during dinner service. She was not seen much, except for sending up her crab cakes. Both teams were named joint losers, and they were asked to nominate two each.

Megan was not nominated for elimination. After Alex's elimination, Ramsay reassigned her, Victoria, and Emily to the blue team in exchange for Sam and Payton.[4]

Episode 5

During the Emoji Jacket Challenge, Victoria told Megan to make eggplant parmesan. She was the fifth person from the blue team to have her dish judged by Ramsay and went up against Keanu. She lost that round for adding sherry vinegar when it was not needed. The blue team lost the challenge 2-4, and they were punished by cleaning the Eiffel Tower while wearing French maid outfits. During the punishment, she and Emily saw how dusty it was.

During dinner service, Megan was at the garnish station. At one point, she deemed Antonio's sweat gross. Then, she thought Kevin got overwhelmed when Ramsay shouted. The blue team won the service.[5]

Episode 6

During the Megan 21st Planning Challenge, Megan made Pad Thai in the blue kitchen and did not want to mess up on Megan's big day. She made one of the blue team's three entrées. She was the fifth person from the blue team to have her dish judged and went up against Payton. She made rice noodles with a soy-ginger peanut sauce, and they were praised for being reminiscent of a Pad Thai. She scored that round, and when the score was tied at three each, her dish was chosen as Megan's overall favorite. The blue team won the challenge, and she raised the roof internally. They were rewarded with a flow riding experience on the roof of Planet Hollywood and lunch proved by Café Hollywood. During the reward, she took a hard faceplant after wiping out, but she recovered.

During Megan's 21st dinner service, Megan was at the meat station with Steve. She was not seen much, but when Ramsay praised her for the steaks, she told him that Steve deserved the credit. The blue team won the service.[6]

Episode 7

Before the International Cuisine Challenge, Megan said goodbye to Antonio as the latter moved to the red team. She picked the Italian Cuisine. Kevin tried to help her out during part one by kicking a couple of cheese-based soccer balls into her Italian net. Still, she was not thrilled about it because it ruined her plan. She found no pasta for her dish during the cooking as she was too busy yelling at Kevin earlier. So, she decided to make a sausage cake for her Italian dish, but Sous Chef Jason said he never heard of something like that. Then, she asked Sous Chef Jason if the plate she grabbed was too big for her cake. Sous Chef Jason told her that a cake the size of Chicago needed finesse for plating. She was the fifth person from the blue team to have her dish judged and went up against Kiya. She made a sausage cake, it was deemed heavy and dense, and she lost that round to Kiya.

The blue team lost the challenge 2-4. They were punished by prepping the dining room for that night’s service, including ironing the tablecloths, polishing the silverware, and polishing the glasses. During the punishment, Marino told her and Victoria not to sit down.

During dinner service, Megan was at the appetizer station with Emily. She was not seen much, except for having no words about Kevin’s poor performance and was ready to punch him in the throat. Both teams were named joint winners.[7]

Episode 8

During the Relay Challenge, Megan and Steve were the first pair to enter the blue kitchen. They started to prep the proteins as Steve thought they would be ready by the final round. In the sixth round, she took the lamb out after it was placed in and out of the oven. When the lamb showed to have raw fat come judging, she was disappointed because she made a rookie mistake. The blue team lost the challenge 1-3, and they were punished by participating in Recycling Day, which included sorting through the trash. She said it sucked to lose constantly and called the trash punishment their worst yet.

Later that day, Ramsay decided to hold one-on-one meetings with the chefs. Ramsay called the dorms and asked Megan to send Josie down to his office. Because some of the chefs were in the dark about it, she and Keanu joked that it could have been eliminations. She was the tenth chef to have her meeting. Ramsay told her that while she could cook, she must turn on her assertiveness as she was too nice. She did not compete in the Cook For Your Life Challenge.[8]

Episode 9

During the Spells Kitchen Challenge, Megan went up against Brynn in the second round of part one. She got basmati rice and sent it to the red team's ribeye. Then, she got arugula and placed it on the blue team's ribeye. During the cooking, she thought they were organized after the blue team worked on their collective dish. She borrowed some thyme from Trenton, who made a quip about having it both metaphorically and literally. She cooked the ribeye with Trenton. They were the first pair from the blue team to have their dishes judged by Ramsay and went up against Trenton. She made a pan-seared ribeye with demi-glazed mushroom and grilled asparagus. It was praised for being one of the best ribeye dishes Ramsay tasted, and he gave her a point. The blue team won the challenge 6-3, and they were rewarded with a private hot tub from Dre's Beach Club at the Cromwell Hotel.

During the Charity Night dinner service, Megan was in charge of the lobster spaghetti course. Ramsay called her and Kiya to the front and told them to get their course ready in fifteen minutes. The two women got their teams to start cooking the spaghetti as she knew the first course set the night's tone. However, Ramsay saw that the water was not boiling, making her feel horrible. She went into the red kitchen and asked for 16 more minutes, taking Antonio aback as spaghetti needed water to cook. Ramsay was forced to cover the blue team's pot with tinfoil to boil, and she was apologetic about it. As the red team sent out their course, Megan began platting her course as she refused to let her mistake set that night. Fortunately, the blue team sent out their course. During the filet mignon course, she and Victoria decided to pull off undercooked filets in hopes the resting time would help them. However, it came out raw, and Ramsay accused them of trying to sabotage Trenton. Both teams were named joint losers, and they were asked to nominate two each. She said she sucked that night and knew it did not reflect her as a chef during deliberation. She self-nominated herself but was ready to fight for her case.

Megan was named the blue team's first nominee for elimination, with Victoria as the second. They joined Brynn and Josie from the red team. During her plea, she thought she was consistent and that tonight's performance did not reflect her profession. She survived elimination, but Ramsay warned her to get a grip. While being dismissed, she was mortified about her performance that night but knew she stayed because Ramsay saw something in her before hoping to never be in that position ever again.[9]

Episode 10

During the Blind Taste Test, Megan received the caramel corn and nacho punishments during Steve's turn. She was the third person from the blue team to compete and went up against Brynn. She got salmon, mango and mozzarella, sparing Trenton from the punishments. During Emily's turn, she was spared. For the final round, she volunteered after some prompting from Trenton. Going up against Sam, she was able to get peas after missing carrots. The blue team won the challenge 9-6, and Ramsay praised her for her strong performance. They were rewarded with a party bus drive to the Brooklyn Bowling alley. When Brynn decided to use her Punishment Pass, she feared who the former would pick.

During dinner service, Megan was at the fish station. When Steve went quiet on her, she got concerned as getting off to a poor start was not what they needed. Later, she got her salmon accepted, but Emily was late on the garnish. Then, Emily forgot the mashed garnish to go with the order, making her deem the former disorganized and unfocused. While working on Gabriel Iglesias's order, she rose as the leader for the blue team and got her halibut accepted. As the blue team cleared down, Ramsay praised her for her spot-on performance.

Both teams were named joint winners, and Ramsay named Megan the "Best of the Best" for the blue team because she led the blue team to success thanks to her vocalness and sounding like a leader. She was tasked with nominating one person for elimination. During deliberation, she told Trenton that the only two people she was considering were Steve and Emily. She saw that Steve was not vocal that night and felt that Emily was not ready for the Head Chef position. Trenton considered Steve due to his lack of voice that night but reminded her it was her decision at the end of the day. Then, she and Emily chatted about the latter’s disorganization. Emily said she had the determination and the attitude to succeed, but she was nervous that she could nominate her. Later, Steve told Megan to weigh her options carefully as he wanted her to think about the team. Still, Steve was ready to fight for his life, while she admitted Steve was a strong but quiet chef. She struggled to make her decision.

Megan nominated Steve for elimination.[10]

Episode 11

Back at the dorms, Megan and Emily reassured Steve he was a strong chef despite a rough night.

During the Protein Match App Challenge, Megan cooked the filet mignon and went up against Kiya. During part one, she swiped right for parsnip and carrots. During the cooking, she grabbed truffles for her blind date ingredient. She was confident in her ingredients and made a classic filet dish with parsnip puree in manchego. However, she found her puree mixture to be thick. An attempt to pour cream resulted in the pedestal nearly hitting her. After that incident, she said it was a rookie mistake to take off the lid. She was the second person from the blue team to have her dish judged. She presented her filet mignon with manchego, parsnip puree, and shaved truffle. It was praised for the texture and having a sauce. She scored that round over Kiya, and the blue team won the challenge after a tie at two each. They were rewarded with a spa day at the Qua & Bath Spa on the Vegas strip and received Vitamix blenders.

During the Steak Night dinner service, Megan was at the appetizer station. She was ready to kick ass on appetizers but sent up a soupy risotto. Ramsay told her to add more cheese to the refire, and Trenton got concerned about her. Fortunately, her refire was accepted. Later, Steve had her help out Emily with meat. The blue team won the service.[11]

Episode 12

Megan received lobster, corn, tomatoes, truffle, and bacon during the first Black Jackets Challenge. During the cooking, she was skirmish picking up her lobster and boiling it as she was not a huge seafood person. Still, she knew black jackets were on the line and was willing to kill Larry the lobster for one. She was the fourth person to have her dish judged and made a lobster tail with corn and bacon salad. It had a coastal look, but Jason Shkorupa wanted more seasoning. She lost the challenge to Trenton and Brynn and had to compete in the second challenge.

During the second Black Jackets Challenge, Megan rolled an L and picked lemon. During the cooking, she said it was every man for themselves and chose to pan-sear her tuna and chill it in the fridge, saying she came to win and deserved a black jacket. She was the final person up to have her dish judged by Ramsay, and she knew he was nit-picking everything for the black jackets. She made a sesame seared tuna with balsamic soy-glazed and rice salad. It had a spot-on cook, and the glaze was praised for being delicious. The only criticism was the rice salad, as it did not have the same punch as everything else on the dish. When she went back in line, she felt good about her chances. She won the third black jacket and teared up in happiness as she took her jacket and went to the Lounge. Trenton and Brynn welcomed Megan as she entered the Lounge.

While watching the final Black Jackets Challenge, Megan commented how strong Antonio was when given free rein, but she saw Emily stressed. Then, she and Brynn saw that Emily picked a T-bone steak to impress Ramsay, but both doubted that she cooked one before.[12]

Episode 13

Back at the dorms, Megan jokingly suggested having Ramsay officiate Steve and Brynn's wedding.

During the Presentation Challenge, Megan made a citrus-marinated duck. She called it a hard challenge due to being in the big leagues. When Ramsay took photos of the dishes, she said she never saw the dad side of Ramsay. Ludo Lefebvre came in as a guest judge, stunning her as he was a big name. She was the last person to have her dish judged and was nervous after Trenton's perfect dish. Still, she was confident in her dish as she revealed her pan-seared duck breast with sweet potato ginger puree and pomegranate salad. The duck presentation was praised for showing the skin side up, and Ramsay liked her confidence in the salad. She scored a perfect 10. After the online voting, it came down to her and Trenton. She knew Trenton underestimated her skills as a chef, and she was ready to kick his ass. Still, she lost the challenge to Trenton as her dish was voted second best, and she ended with 14 points. She swore to come back with a vengeance.

Megan was punished by separating peppercorns by color and grinding them by hand. During the punishment, Kiya asked her if she would have brought along Trenton if she won, and she said she would not and felt a fire lit under her for losing.

During dinner service, Megan was at the appetizer station with Kiya. After getting the first order, she and Kiya drove appetizers as the latter said she needed to turn into a new person. Kiya called themselves the dynamic duo as they led well on appetizers. Steve was stunned at how in sync they were and called them the Wonder Twins. Their strong performance led well to pushing out appetizers. After service, Ramsay asked the final five to name two people for elimination. During deliberation, she knew they could all kick as in service and challenges. Still, she wondered if any of them could see themselves running a Las Vegas restaurant. Trenton boasted that he grew the most out of everyone, but she and Kiya retorted that they all did. She did not think Brynn was mentally ready to run a restaurant but found it hard to nominate strong people.

She was not nominated for elimination.[13]

Episode 14

During the Beach Grilling Portions Challenge, Megan made flank steak tostadas as they were recurrent in Texas, which fit her personality. As she served her dishes, she was nervous about leaving her fate in the beach patrons. So, she tried to play with the guests. She lost the challenge as her dish was ranked the worst. That disappointed her as she loved her dish.

Trenton brought her along for the reward, a $3000 shopping spree at the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace and drinks at the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden. They went through the shops during the reward, though she said she never spent a lot on stuff before. Trenton looked for a purse for his girlfriend, which she called sweet. As the two had drinks at the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden, Trenton felt he and her were the front runners of the competition and wanted to spend some time with her. She told Trenton that she was not as mad as Kiya was earlier despite not liking the previous punishment. Then, she considered herself and Trenton leaders.

Before service, Ramsay did individual assertive training with the final four by having them tell him off. Megan told him off while smiling. During dinner service, she was at the fish station. During Trenton's turn, she burned her salmon and was caught by the former. Then, he yelled at her for filling the salmon sauce too much in the boat. She was the third person to run the pass and told Kiya what to do on fish before heading up. She thought her attention to detail was strong, and her performance on the pass would balance out her previous mistakes. She called herself the last line of defense and was given risotto with orzo instead of arborio rice. She caught the error as it was an easy spot, but Sous Chef Christina sent up carbonara with zucchini instead of peas. However, she spotted the mistake, and Kiya praised her for catching the sabotages and communicating well. Ramsay praised her attention to detail at the end of her turn as she ran the pass.

After service, Ramsay asked the final four to have an honest discussion about everything that happened. Back at the dorms, Brynn said Megan was the strongest out of everyone who ran the pass, which everyone else agreed with.

Ramsay asked the final four to explain why they deserved to be in the final three at elimination. Megan said she adapted to every situation and absorbed everything while shining. She was named the first finalist because of her consistency. Trenton and Kiya joined her. While being dismissed, she was proud that she made it despite having no culinary training.[14]

Episode 15/16

As the final three went back to the dorms, Ramsay expressed proudness of the chefs he had left. Megan broke into tears of joy because she was the first one called into the final three and never saw it coming. Later that evening, Ramsay called the dorms and asked them to come back downstairs. However, she wondered if somebody was going home. Once downstairs, Ramsay reminded them about their final challenge to determine who would be in the finale. Ramsay asked them to design a menu featuring a cold appetizer, hot appetizers, and three entrées. One seafood, one red meat, and one surf n turf. To help them out, Ramsay passed out binders to get their ideas down on paper and revealed that the Sous Chefs would serve as advisors on their menus. She went to the Lounge and saw Sous Chef Christina waiting for her. She called it exciting to work with Sous Chef Christina because she was a badass. Looking at the menu, Sous Chef Christina could see the Texan side of her when it came to entrées. She already had an idea of her menu and felt good about her chances.

The following morning, Ramsay invited the final three for one-on-one meetings at Nobu in Caesars Palace. When Megan came up, she said Ramsay always had the coolness factor when he sat in the booths. She told Ramsay that the meeting with Sous Chef Christina was awesome and was thankful to have her. She explained the menu to Ramsay, who asked a server to pass them menus for a quick bite. She did not know that the servers were her parents, and it took her a few seconds to realize that. Still, she was happy to see them as they supported her in everything she did. Ramsay called her a hard worker who never gave up as her parents expressed proudness in her. Ramsay called up Yuri and asked him to lead her and her parents to the Cleopatra villa for privacy. There, she told her parents the private jet reward the women had as she wanted to tell them the ups and downs she had. When asked what she learned, Megan said she learned how to be humble despite all the rewards, and she missed her family. As the family ate, her father said she was proud of her.

After some time, Ramsay brought all three families together and told the final three he was taking them on a night of the town. He arranged make-up and wardrobe to get them dressed as the final three’s loved ones departed. Megan got a great dress from the designer. Once the trio got dressed, they met Ramsay downstairs, waiting for them at a limo. Their first destination was a helicopter tour of Las Vegas, and Ramsay showed them the home for one of them. Then, Ramsay dropped a bombshell that they were not having a night out on the town. Instead, their final challenge would occur immediately below them as a crowd, including their loved ones and the seven previous eliminated chefs were waiting for them. She was a little miffed as she should have seen it coming. Once down at the stage, Ramsay reintroduced the final three the eliminated chefs and reminded them that the top two chefs would compete in the finale, and one would become the winner.

Megan said the stakes were high during the Final Tasting Challenge, and failure was not an option. Thirty minutes left, her chipotle was tasted, and she liked the heat from it. Despite being nervous, she was confident in her ability to win. On the cold appetizer round, she made a burrata and berry salad. It was praised for the truffle honey dressing, and she scored 9 points. On the hot appetizer round, she made pan-seared scallops. They were nice and juicy, but Jennifer Jasinski wanted more acidity and crispier slaw. She scored 8 points, and Emily was scared for her as the former wanted her in the top two. For the seafood entrée round, she made a citrus glazed salmon with sautéed spinach and parsnip puree. It had a good simplistic design and a perfect cook. Aarón Sanchez liked combining the fennel from the salmon and found it to fire on all cylinders. She scored 9 points, but she said the judges were hard on them and unless her next two dishes were good, she was done. For the red meat entrée round, her pan-seared ribeye with bourbon-glazed mushrooms looked a little undercooked, but Roy Yamaguchi gave a thumbs up for the glaze as it was light. So, she scored 8 points. On the surf n turf round, she presented her pan-seared filet on top of barbecued spice shrimp with peach chutney and grilled asparagus. Aaron Franklin found it fresh and enjoyed it. She scored a perfect ten, and she felt she saved the best for last. She ended with 44 points and was the second person to enter the final two.

Megan had second go on choices and was forced to have the last pick. She picked Steve as her first due to being a rock in the kitchen. Steve was thrilled to be her first pick and said he would make sure she won. She picked Victoria as her second and Emily as her third. She was left with Josie as her last by default.[15] Back at the dorms, she felt weird explaining her menu to the team as Emily saw her as a humble leader. Emily knew she was worried she would come off bossy, but Steve reassured her they had her back.

During prep, Megan was relaxed in her leadership and asked her team questions about how they felt. She thought she had a solid team in the red kitchen and wanted her team to be comfortable going into tonight. Having worked with them all season, she knew their strengths and wanted to make sure they relaxed before service began. She asked Steve to help Josie and Victoria out. Still, Steve said that her being nice was something he had not seen before and hoped she turned off the bubbly attitude. Sous Chef Christina took her to the pantry room and warned her about the lack of urgency in the red kitchen. She wanted to ensure her team had it, but Sous Chef Christina told her to be sterner that night. She agreed with her and began to show more assertiveness to her team. Three hours before service, Ramsay did a review of the finalist's menus. She said her menu was elevated Texas food and flavors. Ramsay suggested adding salt to the berry salad, more butter on the crab cakes, and found the chicken overcooked, thanks to Josie. She respected Ramsay's criticisms as the latter reminded her to salt the ribeye before adding the sauce. Lastly, Ramsay saw that the salmon's crispy skin was upside down, which left it soggy and rubbery. Despite that, Ramsay loved her tenacity on the menu.

Later that day, Ramsay called from the dorms and told Sous Chef Christina to immediately have the final two upstairs. When they got upstairs, they saw Ramsay with two security guards. Ramsay was furious than ever and explained that the guards beside him checked the dorms while the chefs were in the kitchen. The guards found something, and Ramsay revealed two bags that looked to be contraband drugs. Ramsay demanded who those belonged to, threatening disqualification, but neither Megan nor Trenton had an idea who it was. Ramsay threatened to shut down the restaurant as he continued to demand answers from them. Eventually, Ramsay asked the guards to open the bags, and they turned out to be their head chef jackets. She did not find it funny while Trenton called the experience earlier to being yelled at by his dad. Before service began, she and Trenton, now sporting their head chef jackets, entered Ramsay's office for one final meeting. Both were confident about tonight, and Ramsay told them that he felt like a father to them. That night was their final test, and Ramsay asked them to step up as bosses to their brigades. Ramsay took out the case containing the $250,000 cash prize to inspire them further, and she said she never saw that amount in her life. As the two exited the office, they saw the guests already sitting down for dinner, including their loved ones. After Ramsay introduced the finalists to the guests, he asked them to explain their menus. She said her menu was Texas-inspired. Afterwards, she and Trenton went into their kitchens for their final dinner service. She was anxious as it was all or nothing and did a little dance.

During dinner service, Marino handed Megan her first ticket, and she called out the order. Twenty minutes into service, Victoria said she needed seven minutes on her crab cakes, and she knew everyone on her team knew how to cook. Emily noticed that she was stepping up as a mini–Sous Chef Christina. She wanted to shine in the kitchen as Steve walked his scallops. However, Victoria dragged on crab cakes and went silent on her when she asked for them. Fortunately, Victoria served them, and Ramsay reminded her to have her team jump over the bar she set. As she got her appetizers out, she began firing entrées. Josie had to bump back to five minutes due to a delay and served an overcooked ribeye. She ordered Josie to get a refire going but was ignored by the latter despite calling her name. Josie sent up the refire, but Ramsay saw it was raw after slicing into it. Having had enough, she ordered Steve and Josie to change stations. Ramsay urged her to keep her head up as Steve felt she succeeded in being a leader. Steve's ribeyes were accepted, and she sent out entrées. As the teams cleared up, Emily believed that she was becoming a leader and was proud of being under her leadership that night.

When both teams lined up, Ramsay said it was a rough night. After studying the comment cards, Ramsay announced that the winner would be decided immediately. Ramsay announced that the winner who would his protégé was under twenty-five, but everybody knew he was joking again. While most found it funny, Megan had enough of the jokes. Ramsay dismissed the returning chefs and told the finalists that they rallied their teammates and kept calm. He dismissed them back to the dorms so he could take a serious look at his decision. She agreed with Trenton's claim about how incredible it was to make it far at the dorms. She hoped that Ramsay acknowledged her voice and leadership skills but knew it was a tough decision.

Later that night, Ramsay called the dorms and asked the finalists to come down to his office. Once there, Ramsay expressed proudness in the two of them. Ramsay praised Megan for her great leadership skills and bouncing back when things backed up. Then, Ramsay had the two stand in front of their doors as only one would open for them. After Ramsay counted down from three, the final two turned their handles, but her door did not open. She was named the runner-up. Despite being disappointed that she lost, she felt Trenton deserved it. As the chefs celebrated, she received compliments from Emily and Josie as she called it a blessing to come down to Hell's Kitchen.[16]

Nomination History

Week 1 Safe
Week 2 Win
Week 3 Safe
Week 4 Win
Week 5 Win
Week 6 Win
Week 7 Safe
Week 8 Nominated
Week 9 BoB
Week 10 Win
Week 11 Safe
Week 12 Safe
Week 13 Safe
Week 14 Safe
Week 15 Runner-Up

Post Hell's Kitchen

  • After her appearance on the show, Megan is the lead line cook at Brook Hollow Golf Club in Dallas, which has excellent reviews.


  • She is not to be confused with Meghan Gill, a Season 14 contestant who also made the finale.
  • She and Emily are the fourth and fifth contestants to survive the entire team phase without losing a single service to the opposing team, as the only instances where they lost a dinner service were joint losses, following Ed, Jason, and Jay (all from Season 7). They are also the only two to do so in two different teams.
  • She is the sixteenth female contestant who made it to black jackets after switching teams, following Heather (Season 2), Jen (Season 4), Suzanne (Season 6), Autumn (Season 7), Robyn (Season 10), Ja'Nel (Season 11), Rochelle, Melanie (both from Season 12), Sade (Season 13), Meghan (Season 14), Manda (Season 15), Ryan (Season 16), Robyn (Season 17), Mia (Season 18), and Amber (Season 19). She was also the only contestant of that season to make it to the black jackets after switching teams, and the second female contestant who was switching teams and named as runner-up, following Mia (Season 18).
  • She is the twenty-fourth contestant to be picked as a guest for a prize during the black jackets, following Michael (Season 1), Virginia (Season 2), Jen (Season 3), Corey (Season 4), Robert (Season 5), Jay, Holli (both from Season 7), Gail, Russell (both from Season 8), Elise, Tommy (both from Season 9), Justin (Season 10), Cyndi (Season 11), Jason (Season 12), Sade (Season 13), T (Season 14), Kristin (Season 15), Heidi (Season 16), Nick (Season 17), Bret (Season 18), Kori, Cody (both from Season 19), and Steve (also from Season 20). She is also the the eighth runner-up with this detail.
  • At age 22, she is the youngest contestant to make it to the finale and the youngest runner-up in the show's history.


  • (After screwed on boiling spaghetti) "I know, I can boil water. So, I'm sincerely sorry."
  • "Rookie mistake by taking off the lid."
  • (After being named runner-up) "This really sucks. Obviously, I wanted to win, but at the end of the day, I'm so fucking happy for Trent. I mean, he deserves it. I'm just some cook from a small town in Texas, so having the opportunity to come here is absolutely a blessing, and then to have Chef Ramsay see something in me, I'm thankful for that."


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