Matthew "Matt" Sigel was a contestant on Season 4 of Hell's Kitchen. He ranked in 6th place.

Personality Edit

Matt was one of the main antagonists of that season, the other being Jen. Described as a five-year-old in a 35-year-old's body by Corey, his bizarre cooking ideas, tender pride, inconsistency in dinner services, made the rest of the blue team turn against him very quickly, as well as the red team when he was eventually transferred there, and even the Black Jackets. He had a short-lived running feud with fellow antagonist Ben.

Season 4 Edit

Episode 1Edit

During the Signature Dish Challenge, Matt was the sixth contestant to have his dish judged by Ramsay. He created an Exotic Tartar, which he revealed contained raw venison, raw quail eggs, diver scallops, lime zest, olive oil, caviar and grated white chocolate. That caused Ramsay to ask him if he was smoking pot. After tasting it, Ramsay started puking it up, and called his dish one of the worst combinations he ever tasted in 21 years of cooking. After he went back in line, he declared he did not understand what Ramsay did not like about his dish, and Ramsay tossed his dish in the trash can.

During prep, Matt praised Bobby's leadership abilities as the blue team's captain, and when he was asked by Ramsay what were the five entrées, he failed to answer correctly saying he did not know.

During dinner service, Matt was on the dessert station. At one point, Ramsay berated him for standing there, pissing his pants, looking for his tartar and caviar white chocolate crap. Otherwise, he was not shown during that service as the blue team failed to get past entrées. His team eventually lost service, and Louross was named "Best of the Worst".

He was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 2Edit

Back in the dorms, Matt was feeling bad for Dominic, as he thought Bobby would have been eliminated.

The next morning, the Sous Chefs woke up all the contestants while holding megaphones, and told them to get outside immediately. Arrived outside, they went through the garbage bags from the previous service to select every food from them, and sort them in big cylinders. When they got back in the kitchen, Ramsay introduced the 6 Ounce Halibut Challenge. During the judging, the score was tied at 41, but the blue team eventually won in a tiebreaker. They were rewarded with a day at the sea, on a 100-foot super yacht where they eat seafood meals with Ramsay, and were transported there by Rolls-Royce and Bentleys. During the reward, the men shouted "Whose yacht?" and responded "Blue's yacht!" referring to one of Jen's antics before they left.

During prep, the level of confidence in the blue team was high. During dinner service, Matt was on the garnish station. At one point, one of Jason's halibut was raw, and Ramsay asked Matt to touch it. Hours later, he caused a fire while cooking gnocchi, and was berated by Ramsay. But, the blue team eventually won the service for serving half of their entrées to the dining room.

Episode 3Edit

The next morning, after a wake up call where each contestant had to grab a chicken and Ramsay making them falsely believe they would have to kill them, he introduced the Chicken Cutting Challenge. During the challenge, Matt criticized Craig's way of being slow as molasses, and declared Craig was making him feel like the million-dollar man. Because of Craig's poor performance, his chicken pieces were not judged as the blue team automatically lost the challenge. Their punishment was to pick peppers at the countryside, with farmers clothes and hat on, under the hot boiling sun. Whilst he was changing into his farming gear, he threw a tantrum in front of Craig, comparing his performance as watching "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

During dinner service, Matt was on the meat station. When Craig was having communication problems with Petrozza, he and Ben asked Craig how much time his first risotto would take, but he still was not answering. After that, he got into a little argument with Craig when the latter told him to shut the fuck up. He did not appreciate that answer, and compared Craig to Edith's character in "All In The Family". One hour later, he was having communication issues with Louross, which caused the latter to give him info on how to communicate well. Later, Ramsay shut down the restaurant, declared both teams losers, and named Petrozza "Best of the Worst" for the blue team.

He was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 4Edit

When all the contestants got back to the dorms, Ramsay called them on the microphone, ordering to get down so they could clean their kitchens.

During the Pasta Making Challenge, Matt was tasked by his team to hang the freshly made pasta over his arms, due to his stature. With eight minutes left, he was seen not doing anything, standing still with his arms spread, waiting for the pasta, which annoyed Ben, who said he did not man up. Then, Ramsay told him he might want to rest his arms, which he did, and continued to vocally motivate his team. After a few minutes, Ben started to put some pasta on his arms, and the rest of the team followed. When the time was up, both his arms and shoulders were completely covered in pasta. The blue team eventually lost the challenge as they managed to get only 5.49 lbs of acceptable pasta, compared to the red team's 6.57 lbs. They were punished by prepping all the new menu items ahead of Family Night, in both kitchens, all day long.

During Family Night dinner service, Matt was on the meat station. When the first ticket was called, he was motivated and gave a high-five to Ben. When Louross asked him for a time, he answered one minute, and Ramsay reminded him to not serve raw chicken. However, 45 minutes into service, some chicken wings are sent back to the kitchen for being raw, which infuriated Ramsay, who called him a fucking prick. When he was asked what he was doing by Ramsay, he only responded by saying "Yes Chef, sorry Chef, it will not happen again". This led Ramsay to remind him his tartar signature dish on the opening episode, and told him to wake up, before calling him a donkey. An hour later, he sent a burger that was too small, and Ramsay schooled him on that mistake, asking him why he was firing burgers so early. Ramsay compared the burgers to ice hockey pucks, threw each of them to all the team members, before angrily throwing one towards the back store when he asked if they were a fast-food joint. Moments later, he received help from Bobby who told him how to properly cook the burgers. When there was six tickets remaining, he congratulated Ben and Bobby, which Ramsay did not appreciate. Near the end, he saw Craig struggling on appetizers and failing to give a proper time, so he asked him for a time himself, without more success. The blue team lost the dinner service, and Bobby was named "Best of the Worst".

During deliberation, Matt joined a conversation between Bobby and Ben, where he declared he would nominate Craig for his lack of communication and disrespecting Ramsay. While he admitted his poor performance, he said that Craig was a pain in the ass.

Matt was Bobby's second nominee for elimination, with Craig being the first. They were eventually joined by Ben. While pleading his case, he recalled the raw chicken incident, and told Ramsay he was ashamed and embarrassed it even went out to begin with. After he said to Ramsay that he would give 125%, he survived elimination, but Ramsay reminded he and Ben that they were on their final straw.

Episode 5Edit

During the Fine Dining Pizza Challenge, Matt was asking questions to his team, but nobody answered as they were focused on their own things, which infuriated him, and he declared that was the reason why the team was not winning. Petrozza has had enough and told him to shut the fuck up and focus on his thing. When the team had to choose one pizza to be judged, Ben and Bobby tasted his pizza, and Ben described it as different, but not more, worried he would be upset. But, he became upset and furious anyway, stating his pizza was phenomenal. The blue team finally chose Ben's pizza, but during the judging, when Ramsay stated the mushrooms were not cleaned properly, Matt became furious and questioned Ben's cooking abilities. Because of that, the blue team lost the challenge, and they were punished by prepping all the pizzas for the next dinner service, in both kitchens.

During the punishment, after Ramsay gave the team a little pep talk in the kitchen, Matt declared he wanted to win the next service and to taste the red team's blood. Then, he tried to communicate with his team, wanting to succeed, but they were very little responsive, which infuriated him saying they would lose again and that they had to enjoy it. Petrozza stated that even though he was a nice guy and meant well, he was driving him nuts.

During dinner service, Matt was on the fish station. When he was ready with his first entrée of scallops and quail eggs, they were rubbery, and Ramsay compared them to Pamela Anderson's breast implants. Ramsay made him eat his eggs, which he enjoyed as he liked quail eggs, and asked him to start over. On his second attempt, he broke the yolk, and Bobby, annoyed by this mistake, decided to take over the cooking of the eggs. After both teams completed dinner service, they were named joint-winners, but were asked to nominate one person each for elimination.

During deliberation, Matt was sure he was safe, but Bobby wanted to get rid of him because of his attitude. When he joined the conversation, he declared he would nominate Louross, but Ben told him if it was not Louross, it would be him. He immediately disagreed with that decision.

In the end, Matt was not nominated for elimination, but was deemed the worst chef on the blue team by Louross, which confused him.

Episode 6Edit

Back in the dorms, on the patio, Matt had a talk with Louross, saying he was annoyed about how Ben thought he was the best cook but was hiding behind Bobby, and that both of them would backstab Petrozza after getting rid of himself and Louross. Then, he declared he was tired to be on that team as he was tired of losing.

The next morning, the contestants were driven to Farmers Market, where Ramsay introduced the Sweet 16 Planning Challenge. During the shopping part, Matt made a suggestion of a sushi pizza on a tortilla, but was denied by his team as they thought it would be disgusting. When he suggested to go to the little supermarket not far away a lot of times to his teammates, they continued ignoring him, and became furious about the situation. Back in Hell's Kitchen, during the cooking part, he was told by Ben how to properly slice an asparagus, but he totally lost confidence in what his team was making, and said he would no longer suggest anything as he was tired to waste his breath. With 10 minutes to go, he was tired of everybody telling him what to do, and even considered quitting the competition.

Before the judging, Ramsay asked if anybody celebrated a Sweet 16 birthday party recently, and Matt raised his hand. When Ramsay asked him if he had any inputs on his team's menu, he answered he did not, which stunned Ramsay, and his teammates as well, wondering what he was talking about. Despite not having confidence in his team anymore, the blue team won the challenge 2-1 and were rewarded with a go-kart activity at Malibu Speed Zone, and fine-dining treats tasting with Ramsay at the Simon LA restaurant. During the reward, he enjoyed meeting Kerry Simon and taste his spin on sweet treats.

During the Sweet 16 dinner service, Matt was on the fish station. When everybody was ready to send the mother's entrée to the pass, he said the fish was still in the oven. That infuriated Bobby, who said to him that he had to be quicker. Ramsay also told him to speed up, and Ben asked him for a time. Finally, he sent the halibut for the mother, which was accepted. Unfortunately, it came back a few moments later for being raw, which infuriated Ramsay who schooled him for that mistake. He acknowledged that because it was one of the hosts' food it was embarrassing, but said that even if it was not one of the hosts', it would still be embarrassing. After that, Ramsay told him to wake up, which he answered he was.

Later, Matt sent his second attempt at the mother's fish, but it was still raw, which infuriated Bobby, to the point that he pushed him aside and cooked the halibut himself. That move infuriated Matt, who kept trying to come back without success, saying Bobby was a control freak. When Ramsay saw that Bobby took his station over, Ramsay told him there was a difference between teamwork and running the section. Ramsay schooled him for that, and told he had to lead his station by himself. He became furious and threw Bobby under the bus. When the team moved on to desserts, Ben was telling him how to properly plate them.

Both teams were named joint-winners, and when Ramsay said he could not pick a losing team on a difference of 1%, Matt thanked him for his generosity. But, Ramsay hilariously told him to "fuck the generosity", which made all his teammates laugh. While being dismissed, he already gave up, knowing he would be the one chosen from his team, and was already packing his bags.

Matt was the blue team's nominee, a decision which Ramsay agreed immediately, considering he served overcooked fish to the birthday girl's mother. He joined Shayna from the red team, and Rosann, who was Ramsay's nominee. While pleading his case, he angrily threw Ben, for hiding behind Bobby, and Bobby, for taking his station over during service, under the bus, but Ramsay recalled his own stature, saying that he was weighing 250 pounds. Ramsay added that Louross' balls were bigger than his. After that, he requested to be transferred to the red team as he did not have a voice in the blue kitchen any longer, saying he had no shame of working with women in a kitchen. He survived elimination when Ramsay sent him back in line and, a few moments later, Ramsay granted his wish by transferring him to the red team.

Episode 7Edit

Back in the dorms, Matt threw a huge tantrum at Ben for hiding behind Bobby and declaring himself he was the best. He also added that he was not afraid of anybody, and that now that he was not on the blue team anymore, anything that could happen to them were not concerning him. He left in the middle of the argument, calling Ben an asshole, went lying in his bed and tried to convince himself that he did not do anything wrong during the previous service and that he, at least, was not hiding behind anybody.

The next morning, when he entered the red kitchen with his new team, Matt still had his blue jacket on. Ramsay asked him how it felt to be on the red team, but he did not know what to answer as he did not have any challenges or services with them yet. After tasting some fake dishes, where everybody failed to identify the meatless ingredients, Ramsay introduced the annual Blind Taste Test. Before leaving for the dining room, Ramsay gave him a red jacket, stating he was looking terrible in blue.

During the challenge, Matt went last for his team and faced up against his worst enemy Ben. For that last round, Ramsay changed something by declaring he prepared a dish and that both of them would have to identify the most ingredients as possible, for a total of 10. Both him and Ben correctly identified four foods from the dish but, with the red team already leading by 4 points, he clinched the victory for his new team 9-5.

After Ramsay revealed the dish was a clam chowder, the red team celebrated by congratulating and hugging Matt. While celebrating, he said it was a great introduction to his new team, with Ramsay also congratulating him, and he reminded Ben he wanted him off the blue team. The red team was rewarded with a day of pampering, relaxation and spa treatments on the patio. During the reward, he announced his team he was getting a truffle mask, with Jen jokingly telling him to not eat it. After, he jokingly said he was getting a metro sexual treatment, and Corey reminded he wanted to switch teams and that it was the perfect timing. When he reminded he helped the women win the challenge, Jen acknowledged he was happy to be on their team, and finally, he told Jen that someone's trash was somebody else's treasure, referring to the blue team cleaning the dorms at that same time. Later, Ben saw him having a great time while serving iced tea. Ben told him how of an idiot he was looking like with his beauty mask and cucumbers on his face, only for him to tell Ben that despite that, it was feeling good. He declared to the red team he would love to see Ben be eliminated before he would, and was determined to kick ass during that night's service.

During prep, Matt was extremely happy to be in a new team as he saw it as a perfect opportunity of redemption, and concluded by saying he was seeing a capital V for the red team that night. During dinner service, he was on the appetizer station. Before the first ticket was called out, he guaranteed the win to his female teammates. When he saw Rosann getting frazzled on fish, he tried to comfort her by telling she was able to do it. When Rosann sent raw langoustines to the pass, Ramsay threw them in his direction, asked him if it hurt, which he answered it did not, and Ramsay invited him to fucking sue him. At one point, he laughed at Ben when the latter was getting yelled at by Ramsay in the blue kitchen. Moments later, he helped Christina by sending her meat to the pass, which was accepted. Then, Ramsay made him taste the risotto he has just sent, only to tell him it was perfect. He enjoyed his success, even attempting to convince Christina to taste it, before giving a speech to thank his family, friends and the Sous Chefs for making him the person he was at the moment. Seeing Ben getting yelled at from the red kitchen, he was amused and saw that as a revenge from Ben considering him as a scapegoat, and now that he was not there anymore, he got nobody to blame. When Ramsay was shutting down the restaurant and insulting Ben, he was once again amused saying that karma was biting in the ass.

When both teams were lined up, Ramsay praised Matt's strong performance on appetizers, saying it was the best risotto that ever went out in Hell's Kitchen. Ramsay asked him why he waited so long to emerge, which he answered that it was because the women were listening and showing respect to him. The red team won the dinner service. On the patio, he was congratulated by Petrozza and Christina for Ramsay's great compliment.

At elimination, the red team was asked for a volunteer to go over to the blue team the next morning. Matt categorically refused to volunteer, declaring he would rather be called a woman all day than return to the blue team.

Episode 8Edit

The next morning, the red team said goodbye to Jen, who volunteered to go to the blue team. They were relieved as she was more hindering them than anything else.

During the 20 Ingredients Challenge, every members of the red team were focused on their own things and had great communication, but Matt cut himself really bad, even stating he took the tip of his thumb off. When Ramsay learned that news, he told him to go see a medic, which he did. In the back store, a medic put a bandage on his thumb. Later, he made a heroic return, determined to pull it off for his team as he did not want to be the reason of the loss. Ramsay told him to calm down and focus, while reminding him he was still having nine fingers left. During the judging, he was the second person to go for his team, facing up against Jen. He served a pan-roasted quail, which contained 6 ingredients. Ramsay found it weird because the liver was tainting the flavor of the quail, and he lost the round for his team. Despite that, they won the challenge as the blue team failed to use 20 ingredients.

The red team was rewarded with a photo shoot for InTouch Weekly Magazine. During the shooting, Matt was wearing a black suit and standing behind a car door. Ramsay joked that he should have his tummy hidden behind the door. When they came back from their reward, he noticed Jen was not really happy, which was great news for them as they could use that to their advantage. During prep, because Jen was gone, he was almost singing his happiness to his female teammates and being very confident ahead of that service. When both teams were lined up, Ramsay announced that two of the United States' finest food critics would be attending in the dining room.

During dinner service, Matt was on the meat station. 45 minutes in, the red team was moving on to entrées, but he was berated by Ramsay for having three tenderloin filets that were different sizes. He acknowledged the tenderloin would shrink during cooking and that he was such an idiot because he knew better than that. Ramsay told him to wake up, leading him to tell his team to wake up, especially himself. Near the end, he was berated once again by Ramsay for having raw beef that the latter could see from the hot plate. He became furious at himself, Christina asked him to bounce back, and Ramsay told him to get his beef back in the oven, which he did. When he sent it for his second attempt, Ramsay was discouraged as it was overcooked and looking like a pile of shit. Ramsay asked him to serve it, which he refused to, and then called the whole red team to ask them if they would serve it. After, Ramsay kicked the whole red team out of the kitchen, which embarrassed him, who said it was the worst thing. Back in the dorms, he was crying, ashamed about his performance.

The red team lost the dinner service after the blue team completed their tickets after they were kicked out. Corey was named "Best of the Worst". During deliberation, Matt said to her that despite his problems, he did not give up, but Corey.was unsympathetic.

Matt was Corey's first nominee for elimination, with Rosann being the second, and they were called down with Christina. He survived elimination, but Ramsay told him he was on borrowed time. After, he stated that despite all the insults Ramsay was giving him, he would never give up.

Episode 9Edit

Back in the dorms, Matt apologized to Corey for letting her down, but she said that it did not matter any longer. Then, he acknowledged he had to work his ass off in order to stay, and remembered that Ramsay said he was on borrowed time.

The next morning, when both teams were lined up, Ramsay introduced the Relay Challenge, which would test the chefs' communication and timing. During the challenge, Matt was the first of his team to go, facing against Petrozza. He ran to his kitchen, and when he was running, Ramsay jokingly said the earth was shaking when he did. The first thing he did was poach the chicken, knowing it would take 10 minutes to poach properly. When time was up, he declared 6 minutes was not a lot of time even though it seem like it was. During the 15 seconds relay, he was too quick communicating with Christina that she did not even understood what he said. Despite that minor problem, his team won the challenge 2-1.

The red team was rewarded with a day at the beach, where they would have surf lessons, and were transported there in convertibles. Matt was so happy about that win that he stated that red was now his favorite color. Arrived at the beach, he was excited to see Ramsay wearing a wet suit and holding surf boards. He put a wet suit on and learned how to surf. Even though he banged his head on the bottom of the ocean at one point, he had a great time, but when he saw Ramsay in the ocean himself, he stated Ramsay was enjoying it more than him and the team. When he was done, he was handed a towel by Jean-Philippe.

The next morning, both teams lined up in the dining room, where Ramsay announced they would get rid of the menu for the next service, and that both teams would create their own menus. During the creating of the menu, the red team was working as a team, shooting ideas, which Matt appreciated as they were bonding as a team. At one point, he was seen wearing gigantic orange plastic glasses on his head, and in the end, he was very happy and confident about his team's menu. When Christina recited it to Ramsay, the latter was excited, saying they would be strong contenders if they could execute it properly. Then, he declared he was happy to be teammate with Christina and Corey, even stating that he wished to open a restaurant with those two. During prep, morale was at its best, and he declared once again he was happy about the menu, which was a result of him and his teammates working as a team.

During dinner service, Matt was on the appetizer station. The first pasta appetizer he sent to the pass was too salty, which Ramsay made everybody taste and asked him to start again. When the appetizers were finally coming out, Jean-Philippe returned an undercooked pasta dish to the kitchen. Ramsay told him to refire one quickly, but moments later, two more pasta dishes were sent back to the red kitchen for salty sauce, discouraging Ramsay. When Ramsay found out he was sweating in the pasta, Ramsay understood that was what caused the saltiness of the dish. So, he put a white bandana over his head, and Corey demanded him to not let the team down and work harder, but he started giving her attitude. Then, Ramsay asked why he was behaving like a baby and schooled him on his attitude and the saltiness of the pasta. After that, yet another pasta dish came back for being bland, discouraging Ramsay, who asked the whole team to taste it. Corey asked Christina to take over the appetizer station, dedicating him nowhere. He said to never do that to anybody as he would have wanted to keep trying.

Matt finally moved on to the garnish station, trying to redeem himself. However, the first Brussels sprouts he brought to the plate were disgusting. He apologized to Ramsay, who told his teammates he gave up. He insisted he did not give up, and threw a pan away in anger. Corey schooled him on his behavior and threatened him to be kicked out of the team if he would continue. This led the two of them to have an argument, where Corey said he was acting like a girl, and him saying that she was a bitch. So, for the second time of the service, he was kicked off a station by Corey. Two hours into service, he was doing nothing apart from watching Corey and Christina having great communication and sending out entrées. Ramsay noticed he was doing nothing and congratulated him for becoming the ass of the red kitchen. When the team moved on to desserts, he was annoyed by Christina's leadership on that station.

When the teams were lined up, Ramsay reminded the red team being stalled on pasta, referring to Matt. Then, Ramsay asked him to take his white bandana off as he was not Homer Simpson, and told him he gave up and was sloppy because of his sweat in the food. The red team was eventually declared winners despite his poor performance. Back in the dorms, he talked with Christina about how it would be fun to see Jen be eliminated.

At elimination, after Louross left, Ramsay declared he was not done and called Matt down, who joined Jen from the blue team. Ramsay told him he was lucky to be there and that he was out of his depth. He insisted that he was not out of his depth, and Ramsay asked him, along with Jen, to take his jacket off. He thought he was going to be eliminated, but exchanged teams with Jen, returning with the blue team, much to everybody else's dismay. While going back to the dorms, he declared he felt his heart stopping as he thought he would be going home, adding he did not want to go back to the blue team, but needed to do what he had to do, hoping he would make it to the end.

Episode 10Edit

The next morning, the remaining chefs got outside, with Matt wondering what was going on. They drove into the Hell's Kitchen SUVs with blindfolds on, not knowing where they were going. Arrived at the secret destination, all the chefs were lined up in front of Ramsay, who asked them to take off their blindfolds. He was standing in front of a table with a dome on. Then, Ramsay revealed they were on the roof of what would be the new London West Hollywood, and asked them to lift up their domes, where black jackets were hidden underneath. He put his black jacket on despite having transferred to the blue team the previous night. When two men holding briefcases and wearing black suits came in, they opened their cases containing $250,000 in cash, and he said it would have been nice to touch and smell it. Then, everybody went downstairs to see the construction works of the restaurant, while visualizing what the restaurant would look like.

Back in Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay introduced the Main Protein Challenge, where each chef would create one dish based on a given protein. The chefs were standing in front of one dome each, and when Matt lifted his, he got veal. He was the first chef to present his dish to Ramsay, and his roasted veal loin was deemed very nice and was praised for the flavor. He said he could smell the victory. After Christina's turn, he was given a high-five by her. However, he lost the challenge to Jen, and was punished by taking part of Delivery Day.

During the punishment, when the first truck arrived, Matt dropped one of the box he was holding, and Christina told him to keep moving. He was annoyed by her behavior, saying she was not a boss and that she should shut her mouth. When Christina suggested they should keep their old herbs in the kitchen while taking the new ones at the back, he gave her attitude saying it was ridiculous. When the ice truck came in, he complained that his shoulders were killing him because of the weight of the ice, and when he whined that he should be sent home, Christina told him his attitude sucked. So, he told her to shut up and that everybody was in their own shit anyway. Then, Christina reminded him that he could quit at anytime if he was not happy, but he told her once again to shut up and that she should go home instead, calling her a whiny little fuck in the process. Then, he told everybody to go fuck themselves, which made Bobby laugh, and he sharpened a knife, declaring he should be in Las Vegas at the moment, before angrily throw a towel on the counter.

The next day, during prep, Matt was feeling inspired and talked out loud about how he was motivated and feeling good, while telling his teammates to eat his ass. Christina said he was driving her nuts, but he did not care and added he had to be the best during service as he needed to send Christina home. Petrozza tried to calm both of them down, and then, Jen and Corey came back from their reward. When Christina whispered to Corey that he was crazy, he heard her and mimicked Lethal Weapon character Martin Riggs by slapping his own head several times by saying that was crazy. Then, he mimicked whining on the counter, leading Christina to say that he was scary, before he told she needed to grow up. Both of them told each other they do not want to be anywhere near during service, and Christina provoked him by asking if he would hit a girl. Then, he took a knife in his hand to check if it was sharp enough, implying that he would unconsciously like to kill her. After, he told that everybody was just a bunch of fucking pussies around there. He and Christina told each other to shut up, and Ramsay entered the kitchen to make all the chefs line up. Ramsay announced he would be on the meat station with Christina, leading him to say that she needed to grow up as she was a nasty little bitch with a lot of cellulite on her ass.

During dinner service, Matt was on the meat station with Christina. When Ramsay called the first ticket out, a fire erupted in one of his pans, and he tried to blow it by getting the pan two inches from his face. Ramsay told he was pouring oil in his face, called him an idiot, and told him to get the pan in the sink instead. Ramsay also told him he was watching him like a hawk, which he understood. Later, when Ramsay called an order out, he was not able to repeat it several times, infuriating Ramsay, who schooled him for that, calling him an idiot. Ramsay asked both him and Christina to communicate with Bobby and Corey, but he did not understand that part, and Ramsay told him to communicate with the team a second time. So, he asked Corey if she was ready with her vegetables, which Corey answered she was not and that she needed more time. Later, he convinced Christina to do it as a team despite their earlier clashes, which she agreed. He asked Bobby for a time, and Bobby answered that he was ready, so he sent his filet mignon to the pass with him, as well as Christina with her rib-eye. Finally, entrées were leaving the kitchen, with the customers being very satisfied. When an order of rib-eye came back for being undercooked, Ramsay was discouraged and schooled him and Christina for that mistake. Later, Ramsay caught him eating a bit of one of his Wellingtons, and he schooled him for that, saying he was more eating than the customers. At another point, Ramsay asked him to repeat an order, but he said he did not know what was the order, discouraging Ramsay.

When he sent raw Wellingtons and overcooked filets mignons, Ramsay asked everybody to come and touch them, but when Matt could not answer one of his questions, Ramsay became even more furious. Moments later, he went to the hot plate to check the ticket, giving the excuse of a migraine he was having at the same time, which discouraged Ramsay once again. When he got back on his station, he told he was busy getting yelled at again, but Ramsay heard him, called him a fucking idiot, and asked him what did he just say. He repeated what he said, but Ramsay reminded him he sent overcooked meat, which he blamed his teammates for, saying he was a great team player who did not have team players around. After that, he grabbed a hot pan with his bare hand and burned himself. When he wished to be sent home and a vacation, Bobby said that something bad was going on inside of his brain. When Ramsay called the next ticket, Christina asked him for a time, but he gave the excuse that he was working through a migraine, leading Corey to call him a crybaby. Corey asked him for a time, and he answered three minutes after hesitating. Then, Ramsay asked him what was going, which he could not answer properly. Once again, he blamed that mistake on his migraine, and ripped a bag containing a headache pill, which he took in the kitchen, in front of everybody. Bobby laughed at the situation, and Matt said it was not funny. After, Ramsay called him forward to tell him that he was having a migraine ever since the first time he saw him. He was arguing with Ramsay, telling him he did not feel anything in his hands, so Ramsay took him by the hand, pulled him in the back store, and kicked him out of the kitchen, ordering him to go in the dorms to lay down. On his way, he told he wanted to work through it, but Ramsay yelled him to get out. In the dorms, he laid on his bed and put a pillow on his head.

After service, Matt joined the other chefs for the post-mortem, and Ramsay asked the team to nominate two people for elimination, with nobody being safe. While being dismissed, he raised his hand for a private conversation with Ramsay, said to him that he was still having a migraine, and asked him if he should give up or stay in the competition. Ramsay answered that he could not make that decision for him but that he would like to see some manliness from him. He finished by saying that if he was in his shoes, he would fight for his place big time. After that, he went back to the dorms and joined his teammates to discuss the nominees. While going back, he said that he was deserving to be in the competition, and that if Ramsay would not want him to be there anymore, he would have been gone by that moment. Arrived on the patio, he learned that his teammates already nominated him unanimously, but he retorted that anybody who would want to nominate him would be a waste of time as he would fight for it, and concluded that they could all fuck themselves and kiss his ass. Those insults discouraged Corey, but he was convinced that all his teammates would go home before him. While leaving the conversation, Corey flipped the birds in his back. Despite thinking all his teammates would go before him, he was already in his bedroom packing his bags.

Matt was the team's first nominee for elimination because of his poor performance on meat and his poor attitude. While pleading his case, he insisted that despite his migraine, he was not the worst cook that night and named Christina in that position when he was asked to. In the end, he was eliminated, which Ramsay claimed was for all the right reasons, and Ramsay told him to not stop and wished his migraine would clear up. During his exit interview, he received a retrospective montage of his run.

Ramsay's comment: "There once was a boy named Matt, whose kitchen performance fell flat. He was far from neat, miserable on meat. So I kicked him out, and that's that."

Episode 14/15Edit

Matt was the fourth returning chef who entered the kitchen when Ramsay introduced them to the finalists, and a flashback of him telling he was having a migraine during the first black jacket service was shown. Ramsay asked him if the migraine was gone, which he answered it was. During the selection, he wished to not be picked last by begging Petrozza, but he was Christina's last pick, following Corey and Louross, and the last pick overall.

On the patio, Matt declared Christina was annoying him, getting under his skin, and that he did not have any respect for her, stating that people have to earn their respect instead of waiting for it. However, when Christina declared her risotto idea was inspired by him, he immediately changed his mind and said that she earned his respect just for that.

During prep, Matt started to drive his teammates nuts with his bizarre behavior by talking to himself, starting mimicking Christina when she gave him an order, and talking back to her. Then, Corey told him to get his shit together, but he responded that his shit was together, before Christina took him in his hands and shook him while telling him to calm down. Minutes before opening, Christina asked him how he was feeling because he was quiet, and he answered that he was focused on the task ahead.

During dinner service, Matt was on the fish station. At one point, he was dedicated by Christina to go and help Louross who was struggling on appetizers. He was trying to help as best as he could by asking a lot of questions to Louross, which annoyed the latter. Then, Ramsay told him to speed up by remembering him it was not the opening service, and when Christina asked for the salads, he sent them to her, but he dropped a salad bowl on his way, annoying Louross. Later, one of Corey's New York strips came back for a refire, and she asked him to cook the garnish right away. Then, a fire erupted in one of his pans, but he brought one of his entrées at the same time as Corey and it was accepted by Christina. After that, he sent raw fish to the hot plate, and Christina asked him to fix it. She also motivated him, and when Ramsay asked him how could he do that to her, he told to shut up and that his fish was tasting good, which was the most important. Ramsay was furious about his behavior, and then, Louross was also telling him to focus on his things instead of being disrespectful. Then, Ramsay called him a fuckface and pulled him to the side, telling him to wake up. Two hours into service, Christina asked him for the monkfish, which he answered it was coming immediately. However, it was still raw, and Ramsay berated him for doing that on a night that important, but he started arguing, which Ramsay told him not to do. After, Christina went over to the meat station and told him how to properly cook the monkfish, but he started giving attitude by telling to shut her mouth and let him cook, convinced the fish was not raw, but only little parts of it were. Christina ordered the monkfish straight away, but he started to lose his temper and angrily taking out another pan and telling it would take 6 minutes to refire it. His second attempt at the monkfish was perfect, and he had a little celebration. The team rallied to complete the final service, with Christina motivating him by telling he was two risottos away from completing his last Hell's Kitchen service. Finally, he helped his team sending out desserts and completing service for Christina.

After service, Ramsay congratulated both teams for a good service and everybody gave a big round of applause. Matt hugged Christina and wished her luck before she went back to the dorms. Eventually, Christina won the finals over Petrozza.

Nomination historyEdit

Week 1 Safe
Week 2 Win
Week 3 Safe
Week 4 Nominated
Week 5 Safe
Week 6 Nominated
Week 7 Win
Week 8 Nominated
Week 9 Win
Week 10 Nominated

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first contestant who made Ramsay throw up during the Signature Dish Challenge.
  • He is the second contestant who switched teams by reassignment, following Melissa from Season 3, and the first male contestant who did. He is also the second male contestant who switched teams and made it to the black jackets, following Michael (Season 1).
  • During his time on the show, he made several references to popular culture, including the movies "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Lethal Weapon", and the television series "All In The Family".
  • After his appearance on the show, he became the Executive Chef of Pizzicato, in New Jersey, and did cooking demonstrations at local cookery events. He also changed his surname and is now known as Matt Bloch.

Quotes Edit

  • "My signature dish is going to help me stand out, because I'm a true culinary. I understand what Gordon's looking for."
  • Ramsay: "Do you smoke?" Matt: "Cigarettes?" Ramsay: "No!"
  • "I really don't understand what Chef Ramsay didn't like about the dish. I'm a little boggled on that."
  • "Thank you Chef for your generosity."
  • "I have no shame in working with women in a kitchen, Chef."
  • "Karma really bites you in the ass."
  • (About Christina) "I don't need to hear your little fucking shit... you whiny little fuck."
  • "Christina needs to grow up, I mean, she's a nasty little bitch with a lot of cellulite on her ass."
  • "I have a migraine."
  • "I'm busy getting yelled at again!"
  • "I'm a great team player, I just don't have team players around me!"
  • (After being eliminated) "Hell's Kitchen is a lot different than what you think. The whole teamwork thing was tough. I did my best. I'm happy as far as I came and I may be the first of the final six but my career is not over and it's gonna keep growing. My dream came true. I got to work with chef Ramsay. That's the best thing that could ever happen to my life."