Jennifer "Jen" Gavin was a contestant on Season 4 and Season 18 of Hell's Kitchen. On Season 4, she ranked in 4th place, and on Season 18, she ranked in 15th place.

Personality Edit

Jen started out as a strong chef, but became inconsistent in season 4. She gradually revealed her ugly side by bullying Louross for forgetting one ingredient in a challenge and trying to get Louross to lie to Chef Ramsay by telling him to say that the Veal fat was rendered into the sauce; she also gave a significant amount of attitude to Chef Ramsay, being very dishonest, and even cheating during an individual challenge. Therefore, she did not get along with anybody and had a running feud with Corey. Because of that, she was one of the main antagonists of that season, the other being Matt. On season 18, she did not change her attitude and immediately became an outsider to her team, making her a minor antagonist of that season. She then went too far off the deep end by accusing Ramsay of sabotaging her, which led to her early elimination during the second service.

Season 4 Edit

Episode 1Edit

During the Signature Dish Challenge, Jen was the second contestant to have her dish judged by Ramsay. She made a Dungeness crab with risotto and lobster tail. It was spat out by Ramsay, who told the rice was raw. After Ramsay told her that because she was a Garde-Manger chef was what confirmed that she could not cook, she started to give him attitude by saying he did not know what he was talking about.

During dinner service, Jen was on the floater station. When she saw Sharon struggling on appetizers, she started to push her around, calling her Barbie. When both of them gave a different time to Ramsay, he asked them who was on the appetizer station, which she answered it was Sharon, but that she was not trusting her that much. She irritated Sharon because of her behavior. After some struggle by the latter, Ramsay assigned her to the appetizer station to replace Sharon. Minutes later, she sent unacceptable quail eggs to the pass, leading Christina to mock her intelligence. When Ramsay gave the captain's title to Rosann, Jen became envious saying she does not understand why he did not pick her. But moments later, she was able to send an acceptable risotto out. She managed to push out many appetizers, but her efforts fell short as customers were already gone, and Ramsay shut down both kitchens. The red team was declared the winners for, at least, getting some food out.

Episode 2Edit

The next morning, the Sous Chefs woke up all the contestants while holding megaphones, and told them to get outside immediately. Arrived outside, they went through the garbage bags from the previous service to select every food from them, and sort them in big cylinders. During that task, Jen was shown almost puking in disgust, and Ramsay told her not to. When they got back in the kitchen, Ramsay introduced the 6 Ounce Halibut Challenge. During the challenge, she was annoyed by Sharon's lack of skills, saying she had to tell her everything she had to do. Jen brought her team's batch of halibut pieces to Ramsay for the judging, and 41 of them were accepted. However, the red team lost in a tiebreaker, and were punished by prepping halibut for the next dinner service. Despite Corey apologizing for the tiebreaker loss, Jen was rubbing salt in the wound by pointing fingers at her and bullying her, saying she does not deserve to be in the competition.

During the punishment, when the men got in the kitchen on their way to their reward, Jen started to smash her clever down with anger, yelling "Who's house?", and her teammates answering "Our house!". Later, she continued bullying Corey despite Christina saying that everybody was to blame.

During dinner service, Jen was on the floater station. She was not seen at all during that service, which the red team lost, and Corey was named "Best of the Worst".

Jen was Corey's second nominee for elimination, which Corey claimed was for personal reasons, with Christina being the first. She survived elimination as Ramsay ultimately eliminated Sharon in an epic turn of events.

Episode 3Edit

While going back to the dorms, Jen was given a big hug by Rosann, and declared that Corey would not get rid of her that easily. She acknowledged that this early in the game, you do not get rid of the strongest people, because there was still challenges and services to go. She also comforted Christina, who was crying going upstairs, saying Corey would not get rid of her.

The next morning, after a wake up call where each contestant had to grab a chicken and Ramsay making them falsely believe they would have to kill them, he introduced the Chicken Cutting Challenge. Jen eventually managed to get 6 out of her 8 pieces accepted. The red team won the challenge 44-24, and were rewarded with a lunch at the Saddle Ranch Chop House, on the Sunset Strip, in Los Angeles. During the reward, they accidentally bumped into Season 3 contestant Aaron.

During prep, Jen declared she was confident going into service although the red team's problems, as the men's problems were way worse than there's. During dinner service, she was on the garnish station. She was not seen at all during that service, which Ramsay shut down, declaring both teams losers. Christina was named "Best of the Worst" for the red team.

She was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 4Edit

When all the contestants got back to the dorms, Ramsay called them on the microphone, ordering to get down so they could clean their kitchens. The next morning, when both teams were lined up in the dining room and Ramsay asked who was the strongest chef on the red team, Jen raised her hand thinking she was, which the team agreed with.

During the Pasta Making Challenge, Jen was tasked to roll the dough into the machine to make it the correct thickness. While she acknowledged the men were physically stronger than the women, that did not stop her from being very determined to win the challenge. After a few minutes, she started to put some pasta on Shayna's arms, and near the end, she was being a strong vocal leader for her team, which annoyed Corey.

During the judging, she was holding Shayna's arms saying they were tired. When the red team's total elevated at 2.66 lbs, they started celebrating, but Jen was still feeling nervous as she saw Matt on the other side, having one side of his body completely covered in pasta. Despite that, the red team managed to get 6.57 lbs of acceptable pasta in total, compared to the blue team's 5.49 lbs, therefore winning the challenge. They were rewarded with a day at an amusement park in Santa Monica Beach, and were transported there in Hummer limousines.

During prep, Jen tried to motivate her team, saying that if they could not do a menu consisting of burgers, pasta and onion rings, they could not do anything. During Family Night dinner service, she was on the meat station. After Vanessa's departure to the hospital, she became the vocal leader of the red team, giving clear instructions to Shayna and Rosann, and asking for times. Because of her strong leadership, she managed to send some entrées out. Near the end, she rallied her team to complete their last ticket before the blue team, which they successfully did. When they did, she started to celebrate, wanting to dance, but Ramsay ordered her team to get in the blue kitchen and help the blue team.

When the teams were lined up, Jen was named the out coming star of the service, and the best cook in both kitchens. That compliment made her heart melt as she really appreciated it. The red team won the service because they finished their tickets before the blue team.

Episode 5Edit

During the Fine Dining Pizza Challenge, Jen was excited as it was the perfect opportunity to be creative. Her pizza was quickly chosen to be the red team's pizza to be judged by Ramsay. With their decision made, the red team worked fast to perfect her pizza. During the judging, she brought the dome containing her pizza to Ramsay, and described it as a little bit of Italy and a little bit of France, with a herb crust, some sliced prosciutto, sundry tomatoes and basil. She eventually won the challenge for the red team, and they were rewarded with a helicopter tour of Los Angeles and lunch at the restaurant Square One, home to the $90 burger, in Santa Barbara, with Ramsay. Also, her pizza was announced to be on the menu for that night's service. At Square One, Ramsay and the team made a toast to her pizza, and ate the restaurant's signature slider, which she really enjoyed.

Before dinner service, a plane came across the sky, displaying a banner announcing "Pizza delivery tonight!". Jen was honored as it was her pizza that would be delivered, saying it was huge. During dinner service, she was on the appetizer station. She was determined to get a good service, and her first attempt at the risotto was successful, sending it out in a record time. Later into service, Ramsay asked her if she could take the garnish station over as Rosann was struggling, which she did. Because of her, the red kitchen was finally sending out entrées. When she saw Christina struggling on desserts, she acknowledged Christina was having a meltdown, but said that she was nobody's mother and that she should show some initiative.

Both teams completed dinner service, and were named joint-winners. They were also asked to nominate one person each for elimination. During deliberation, Jen plotted to nominate Christina, along with Rosann, and convinced Corey to do it as well, and Shayna eventually joined them.

Jen was not nominated for elimination, and when Ramsay asked her why they nominated Christina instead of Rosann, she explained that Christina was talking the talk, but that she could not run a brigade properly. Ramsay responded he was not believing that explanation, and asked her if she was threatened by Christina's intelligence. She answered she was not, and added that she was deciding her fate in Hell's Kitchen, which Ramsay immediately responded that it was his job.

Episode 6Edit

The next morning, the contestants were driven to Farmers Market, where Ramsay introduced the Sweet 16 Planning Challenge. During the judging, Jen was shocked when she learned the birthday girl never tasted shrimp before in her life. Moments later, she served a Caribbean halibut with a mango and avocado salsa as the red team's first entrée. She scored for her team, but eventually lost the challenge 1-2. While the blue team was celebrating, she remarked that Melissa would go for the red team, but her mom negatively influenced her decision, which the rest of the red team agreed. Then, she stated Melissa's mother was so annoying as she never let her daughter answer by herself.

The red team was punished by decorating the dining room ahead of the Sweet 16 party, along with Francisco the Party Planner and Melissa's mother. When Francisco entered the room, Jen noted his bright orange suit and knew he would get under her skin at one point. When the mother entered the room, she called her the "Wicked Witch of the West Coast".

During prep, Jen was annoyed at Shayna's slowness, declaring they had other things to do apart from a mango salsa. During the Sweet 16 dinner service, she was on the fish station. She was not seen at all as she did not make any mistakes. Both teams were named joint-winners and were asked to nominate one person each.

Jen was not nominated for elimination, and before going back to the dorms, she and her team welcomed Matt as a new teammate. She was not happy about that decision, saying that he did not represent their team, and added that if he would not hold his weight, he would be kicked out.

Episode 7Edit

Back in the dorms, Jen guaranteed that Matt did not know what he was going to get himself into.

The next morning, after tasting some fake dishes, where everybody failed to identify the meatless ingredients, Ramsay introduced the annual Blind Taste Test. During the challenge, Jen was forced to sit out to even the teams at 4 members each. That news broke her heart as she always hated when she was put on the side when her team was doing something. Fortunately, the red team won the challenge 9-5 and was rewarded with a day of pampering, relaxation and spa treatment on the patio. During the reward, she jokingly told Matt to not eat his truffle mask, and acknowledged he was liking it on the red team. When Ben came in to serve iced tea, she picked on him, along with Corey, by asking for some extras in hers.

During dinner service, Jen was on the garnish station. When the red moved on to entrées, she told Rosann to not fire her order yet, but Ramsay schooled her, saying she would not start to pull the team down. It was at that moment that she started to reveal her ugly side when she said that Ramsay liked vocal and loud people, and that she was trying to be a vocal leader, which she thought she was, but it was not good. After that, Ramsay came to her and made it clear that he was calling out the orders while she was cooking. After that, Christina asked her for a time, but she was completely unresponsive and clamed up, feeling angry at Ramsay about her incident with him. When Rosann sent raw langoustines, Ramsay pulled the whole team over to touch it, and when he did, he accused Jen of giving up. When she was about to talk back, Ramsay told he has had enough, making her confused because she did not know what he wanted between being vocal or silent. Then, Ramsay told her to take her garnishes back. Later, when Ramsay asked her if she had her garnishes ready, she answered she did not, while not looking at him in the eyes. When she tried to talk back to him, he schooled her on her cocky attitude, which infuriated her, and after, Ramsay took the tray of the table and angrily threw it on the garnish station. She said she was tired of getting disrespected like that, and Ramsay schooled her for not being able to tell her anything as she was always clamming up after taking criticism. Despite her troubles, the red team won the dinner service.

At elimination, the red team was asked for a volunteer to go over to the blue team the next morning.

Episode 8Edit

Back in the dorms, Corey tried to convince Jen that it would be a good thing for her to be transferred. She called Corey a manipulative ass bitch, thinking she was considering her as stupid. However, she did not say no, only that she would sleep on that. The next morning, when the teams were lined up in the dining room, Ramsay asked the red team if any of them was volunteering to go to the blue team, but they were slow to answer. Finally, she expressed herself, saying the red team was safe and that she would like to stiff out her competition. Ramsay agreed with her decision and gave her a blue jacket, before telling her to stand alongside her new teammates.

During the 20 Ingredients Challenge, Jen was already getting on her new teammates' nerves as she was picking everything for her dish without asking anybody. At one point, when Bobby announced his veal was not turning out the way he wanted to, she suggested that Louross could do a Surf n Turf with it. With a few minutes left, when the team was plating their dishes, she was annoyed by Louross because of his not properly plated veal, and when time was up, Louross forgot an ingredient, so she tried to convince him to lie and tell he used five ingredients instead of four. During the judging, she was the second person to go for her new team, going against Matt. She served a pancetta wrapped and roasted quail, containing 4 ingredients. Ramsay said it was tasting nice, and she scored the point. However, when Louross announced he only used 4 ingredients, she was furious as she wanted him to lie. When Ramsay asked Louross where was the veal, she answered that he had the idea of making a Surf n Turf but did not put it at the last minute. That mistake automatically disqualified the blue team.

They were punished by participating in Laundry Day, under the supervision of Jean-Philippe. During the punishment, Jen was constantly giving attitude to him, and refused to give him a smile when he was asking for one. She rubbed salt in the wound throughout the entire punishment by bullying Louross for his mistake and giving cold shoulder to Jean-Philippe when he was trying to cheer her up. When he asked her if she would be bitchy all day long, she answered that she would and threw Louross under the bus. Petrozza compared her attitude to a volcano, saying it could erupt and negatively influence the rest of the team. When the red team came back from their reward, she did not even want to talk or look at anybody, and was just thinking about herself.

During prep, Jen and Louross were constantly picking at each other, with her telling him what to do, annoying Petrozza. When he asked them to stop, she sarcastically said there was love in the air, with Petrozza understanding the joke. When both teams were lined up, Christina declared it was great not having her in their way, which she understood as a backstab from her former team. When Ramsay asked the blue team if they were working together or against each other, she answered that they bonded as a team that day and that they were working together as a team, with all of her teammates knowing she was lying. After, Ramsay announced that two of the United States' finest food critics would be attending in the dining room. Then, everybody got on their respective station, but she was still bitter about Christina saying the red team was happy to get rid of her, but one thing positive was that it boosted her confidence and determination to win the service.

During dinner service, Jen was on the appetizer station. Her first risotto was accepted and, despite her problems with Louross, worked well with him. Later, she was praised by Ramsay for her communication. Near the end, the blue team successfully completed their tickets, and were asked to go over to the red kitchen and finish their tickets after the red team got kicked out. She was ecstatic about that, calling the red team bitches in the process. The blue team successfully completed dinner service for the red team, sending the desserts out, and won the dinner service by a mile over them.

Episode 9Edit

Back in the dorms, it was revealed that Jen did not impress Bobby at all, who compared the blue team's situation with her as walking on eggshells.

The next morning, when both teams were lined up, Ramsay introduced the Relay Challenge, which would test the chefs' communication and timing. When the blue team was asked to make one member sit out, Jen immediately convinced Bobby and Petrozza to push Louross aside, which he did. Before her turn, she was seen very confident and believing in herself. She was the last person to go for her team, facing against Corey. During the 15 seconds relay, Bobby did not tell her anything as she was constantly talking over him. Despite that, she was confident to finish strong as Bobby and Petrozza got all she needed right there, so it was very easy for her to plate. She plated and served her dishes in time.

During the judging of the scallops, Ramsay noted they were raw in the middle, but Jen was in denial about it, saying he did not know what he was talking about. For the John Dory, Ramsay noticed the sauce was missing, and when she mumbled about it, he schooled her on her laid-back attitude and mumbling, saying they were in a professional kitchen and that they were chefs. Then, she declared the sauce was burnt, so she left it on the side. For the chicken, she also forgot to plate the sauce, which made the blue team lose the challenge.

The blue team was punished by being the Hell's Kitchen maintenance crew, spending all day taking care of the restaurant, cleaning the red carpets as well. During the punishment, when all of them got into white suits and Louross entertained his teammates by putting the suit all over his head and walking around that way, Jen said she was more laughing at him than with him. Then, Bobby said he was sick and tired of her bossy attitude when she told him to hold on, and the two of them got into an argument where Bobby said to her that she was not running anything and that he was, with her asking who Bobby was talking to. Later, all four of them were cleaning the red carpet, but she said that she was tired of punishments.

The next morning, both teams lined up in the dining room, where Ramsay announced they would get rid of the menu for the next service, and that both teams would create their own menus. During the menu creating, Jen was dictating the process, not listening to her teammates' ideas and only putting her inputs. In the end, nobody from the blue team, but her, was satisfied with the menu. When Louross recited the menu to Ramsay, he said that the zucchini and squash-wrapped halibut was her idea. She was not happy about Louross throwing her under the bus like that, but also wondered why he did not talk about it back in the dorms when they were creating the menu. Then, Ramsay asked her what were her inputs, which she answered almost every item, leading Ramsay to conclude that she came up with nearly 70% of the menu. Ramsay thought the menu was hideous, and asked the blue team to change their menu, which they did. After, she recited the menu, which Ramsay liked much more than the previous one, and asked both teams to start prep.

During prep, Jen was still bullying Louross about how he had to open up and say what he was thinking, with Petrozza noticing that she could be a bitch.

During dinner service, Jen was on the garnish station. When one of Louross' order of steak came back in the kitchen, she was asked to touch it by Ramsay, and said it was still blue, acknowledging that Louross was having a horrible performance. When the team moved on to desserts, she came over to clean the station up as Bobby requested her to, and when Bobby called her "honey", she did not like it, saying her name was Jennifer. She stated she did not know who Bobby thought he was, but needed to call her by her first name instead of "honey", "baby" or any other king of nickname like that. The first soufflé she brought to the plate was raw, infuriating Ramsay, who broke a plate in the process, and told her to fuck off. She said it was not her fault, but despite that, managed to complete service for her team.

The blue team lost the dinner service, and Petrozza was named "Best of the Worst". During deliberation, Jen said she did not do anything wrong and she was deserving to be there, by adding that Louross performed far worse than she did. Despite that, everybody wanted her gone.

Jen was Petrozza's second nominee for elimination, with Louross being the first. She survived elimination, but after Louross left, Ramsay declared he was not done yet. Matt was eventually called down to be on the chopping block with her, and Ramsay told her that even though she was able to manipulate her team, she could not manipulate him. Then, Ramsay made her, along with Matt, taking her jacket off, thinking she was eliminated. Instead, she exchanged teams with Matt and was sent back to the red team, much to Christina and Corey's dismay. While going back upstairs, she thought the red team was intimidated by her and stated that she was not there to make friends.

Episode 10Edit

While going back to the dorms, Jen tried to convince Christina and Corey that she would be liable and was doing her prep work.

The next morning, the remaining chefs got outside, and drove into the Hell's Kitchen SUVs with blindfolds on, not knowing where they were going. Arrived at the secret destination, all the chefs were lined up in front of Ramsay, who asked them to take their blindfolds off. Jen was standing in front of a table with a dome on. Then, Ramsay revealed they were on the roof of what would be the new London West Hollywood, and asked them to lift up their domes, where black jackets were hidden underneath. Then, two men holding briefcases and wearing black suits came in, they opened their cases containing $250,000 in cash, and after, everybody went downstairs to see the construction works of the restaurant, while visualizing what the restaurant would look like. She was motivated, saying she would get it or die trying.

Back in Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay introduced the Main Protein Challenge, where each chef would create one dish based on a given protein. The chefs were standing in front of one dome each, and when Jen lifted hers, she got beef. When the countdown started, she was very confident, proclaiming herself as a culinary artist and that her food was a reflection of herself, which was vibrant, creative, and bold. When time was up, she declared 45 minutes was really fast, and that it was a very close call. She was the fifth person to have her dish judged by Ramsay. She made a sliced rib-eye, and when Ramsay asked her why she would slice it so thinly, she answered she was just trying to do something interesting with it. Then, Ramsay asked if she was happy with it, she said she was, but also showed signs of nervousness as she knew she was known for being cocky and arrogant, but tried to use the challenge as a way to redeem herself. Ramsay asked her what was the matter, and she answered she was nervous. Ramsay declared her dish was dangerous to execute as the flavor of the meat could go away because of the way it was sliced, but added that she managed to pull it off as the beef was still moist. During deliberation, Ramsay hesitated between her and Christina. When Ramsay praised both dishes for being clever and highly imaginative, she congratulated herself saying all the components of her dish were there and that she never saw anybody slice a rib-eye like she did. Eventually, she won the challenge. She was very emotional about that win and very proud of herself.

Jen was rewarded with a trip to Las Vegas and a meeting with Season 3 winner Rock. When she learned what was her reward, she became even more emotional, with tears coming out of her eyes. She was also allowed to pick one of her teammates to go with her, so she chose Corey, which shocked everybody, even Corey herself. Arrived in Las Vegas, she and Corey went to the Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa, and when they entered their suite, they were really excited as both of them got their own bedrooms and bathrooms, with both of them seeming to get along with each other. Later that evening, they went to the Terra Verde restaurant, where they were greeted by Rock, now an executive chef at that restaurant. She said it was the best reward ever, and all three of them picked a seat at a table. Rock revealed that if they were that far in the competition, it was because they were deserving it, and urged them to continue what they were doing. Then, she said that every time Ramsay was yelling at her was because of her personality. After, Rock reminded the two women that Ramsay was not looking for a great cook and that he was looking for a future chef. The three of them clinked their glasses and drank them. The following day, she and Corey came back from the reward and noticed Matt's bizarre behavior. After that, they went to the dorms and got changed. Before service, Ramsay announced her challenge-winning rib-eye would be on the menu that service, as a special.

During dinner service, Jen was on the appetizer station with Petrozza. Determined to have a good service and to be vocal, she sent her first risotto to the pass, which was accepted by Ramsay. When she sent her second risotto, despite telling she knew she was a better chef than anybody in there, it was too salty, and Ramsay asked her to taste it and to start again. 30 minutes into service, she and Petrozza have sent half of their appetizers to the customers despite some setbacks. Later, she grinned when Ramsay said to Corey that her face was looking like a cow's back side. When the team moved on to entrées, she told that Christina was fucking up her rib-eye dish and that she did not have anybody else to blame but herself. Christina said she told her to take four minutes for the rib-eye, and when Ramsay asked Jen if that was true, she answered it was not. When Corey was asked to go see a medic by Ramsay after she sustained an injury, she said that she must be cuckoo in the head to talk back to Ramsay like that. Near the end, when Matt got kicked out because of his migraine excuse, she said that Matt was not taking any responsibility for his mistakes, adding that her brain was about to explode but she was not giving up. When Ramsay called the next order, Christina noticed some burnt rice still sitting on the appetizer station, and Ramsay took the boiling pot, revealed the rice, and when he asked who put it on, Jen revealed herself, acknowledging the mistake, and leading Ramsay to kick her out of the kitchen as well. After all the chefs were kicked out, service was shut down.

When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay asked all of them to nominate two people for elimination. During deliberation, Jen and her teammates quickly agreed on Matt, but for the second nominee, she was considered by Corey for her poor communication, which Christina agreed with, but she did not agree saying that everybody had poor communication that night. She also added that Christina had a worst performance than her, and that if she would go home that night, it would be bullshit.

She was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 11Edit

Back in the dorms, Jen was making herself lunch at the same time as Corey, and she declared that she was not there to make friends and that if people would dislike her because of her attitude, she would not care because she had all the culinary skills faded in herself.

The next morning, the final five came down in the red kitchen, where they lined up in front of Ramsay, who made a demonstration on how to cook a lobster spaghetti dish, which would be served as a special at the next dinner service. After, he introduced the Cooking School Challenge, where each contestant had 45 minutes to teach one middle-aged domestic housewife the lobster spaghetti, while not being allowed to touch anything. When the challenge began, Jen was worried that her student's breasts would not get in the way as they were ridiculously huge. She was caught touching the food at one point when she helped her student roll the pasta in the machine. Later, she was caught doing it for a second time when she was slicing onions, which Christina said that was showing her true colors. Because of that, Ramsay threatened her with disqualification if she would do it again.

During the judging, when Jen saw that Christina received praise for her dish, she declared she was not afraid, thinking she could cook circles around Christina any day of the week. She was the last contestant to have her dish tasted by Ramsay. He understood that her student never cooked in her life as he could taste it. The dish was bland, contained no tomato sauce and the pasta was jammed in one big lump. She put all the responsibility of her loss on her student because the latter never cooked in her life before, which she did not realize that none of the other students did either. She lost the challenge to Christina, and was punished by cleaning the restaurant, including emptying the fryers, scrubbing the floors and cleaning the ovens.

Before the punishment, on the patio, Jen declared that Christina's culinary skills were not there. During the punishment, at one point, she went to the blue kitchen and while she was there, she used that time to spy on Christina's reward by listening to what the chefs were saying to her. She came back in the red kitchen inspired, having used that time to her advantage. When Bobby was cleaning the dishes cooked during the reward, she used that time to taste them, stating that she did what she had to do to win. The next day, during prep, she was annoyed by Christina's newly acquired knowledge, saying she wanted to throw her across the other side of the kitchen. When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay declared a twelve-top table would be attending for that night's service.

During dinner service, Jen was on the fish station. Before tickets came in the kitchen, Ramsay told her to not be static and show some energy. When she saw Bobby struggling, she declared that he was having issues and that she was not making mistakes like that. After that, she sent a raw John Dory and apologized to Ramsay about it. On her second attempt at the John Dory, it was overcooked, and she was schooled by Ramsay, who asked her what was going on. After that, Petrozza brought her John Dory to the pass, but he brought it too early, and Ramsay schooled her for a mistake she did not do. She started to talk back to Ramsay, telling she did not bring it, but when Ramsay asked her if she wanted to argue, she answered she did not. She acknowledged it was tough to bite her tongue, but kept telling herself to shut up, but she could not resist talking back by saying one more time she did not bring it, and Ramsay told her to not yell at him. Then, Ramsay brought her in the pantry room to berate her on her attitude and the fact that the customers were not getting fed. When she talked back to him one more time, Ramsay threatened her with elimination, and after that, he told her to show some energy. But, she regrouped and brought her entrée with Bobby, and successfully completed the table, with the customers being satisfied. Then, she became a vocal leader, calling out the following order, which Bobby and Petrozza heard. When the twelve-top table arrived, Jen, along with Bobby and Petrozza, rallied to complete it, but she was schooled on her slowness and sent raw John Dory to the pass. Ramsay asked her and Bobby, who was also struggling, if it was a game between both of them, and pushed her to the side and cooked the John Dory himself, much to her dismay, before telling her and Bobby that they were inconsistent.

After service, Christina was named "Best of the Worst". During deliberation, Jen declared that Bobby and Petrozza should be nominated as she felt she was not the worst performer that night, but also reminded that she was not friend with Christina, so she could be nominated. Then, she went to her room and packed her stuff.

Jen was Christina's first nominee for elimination, with Bobby being the second. She survived elimination, and while getting back to the dorms, she said she was booted off elimination because she was one of the strongest.

Episode 12Edit

While going back to the dorms, Jen was happy to have made it to the final four, but thought at that point, her competition would be threatened by her and that it was probably the time to make some friends. On the patio, she thanked Christina for her honesty at elimination, saying she did not feel insulted whatsoever about what she did because she did what she had to do. Moments later, she left the conversation, and in her room, she unpacked her bags, saying it was not time for her to go.

The next morning, the remaining chefs lined up in the dining room, where Ramsay introduced the 80 Portions Pregnant Women Challenge, where each chef had one hour to cook 80 portions of one dish to serve to 80 pregnant women and their unborn babies. Jen prepared a Calypso grouper, containing a mango salsa on the side. When Ramsay announced there was 30 minutes to go, she acknowledged it was not a lot of time. With 10 minutes left, she commented Petrozza's dish, saying it would provoke a heart attack because it was dipped in eggs, and that her dish looked a lot better. With 2 minutes left, she motivated herself to finish strong. When time was up, she was on her station, ready to welcome the customers. She felt relieved when she realized the customers were pregnant women, saying they would eat pretty much anything. While serving the customers, she was confident as she had the most complicated dish, and said that because the other chefs made sandwiches, her chances of winning were good. Unfortunately, her dish ranked in third place on the list of the favorite, which shocked her because she thought she put a great dish.

Jen lost the challenge to Christina, and had to clean the dining room and prep the kitchen for that night's service. When she learned what Christina's reward would be, she became envious, saying she was more fashionable than Christina and that it would have been the perfect reward for her. During the punishment, she was eating the remaining food left by the mothers to be. When they were cleaning the silverware, Petrozza tried to be friend with her, but she was not interested, saying she came there to win, not to make friends. When Christina came back from her reward, she was still cleaning silverware with Petrozza and Corey. She even stated Christina's new clothes were ugly and that she was licking asses.

During prep, when Christina entered the kitchen, Jen and her two teammates were really unresponsive when she asked what she could do, stating that the competition at that moment was everybody for themselves.

During dinner service, Jen was on the appetizer station. When the first ticket was called out, Ramsay told her to put the risotto on. She stated that she would be trying to prove herself, now that they were down to the final four, and that she had to take care of her business and man it up. She told Corey to fire her scallops, and she brought her first risotto a few seconds later, which was stunning. Ramsay praised her, saying it was the best start they ever had. 25 minutes into service, appetizers were flying out of the kitchen. When she brought another risotto to the pass, it was mush. Ramsay schooled her on that mistake, asking her if she gave up and doing her risotto himself, while telling her to understand what he was saying. Her second attempt at the risotto was excellent, which Ramsay said it was confirming how lazy she was because of her inconsistency. She acknowledged Ramsay was not playing any game. After that, she and Corey had to communicate well to finish the appetizers, but when Corey asked her for a time, she was slow to answer and declared she was only concentrating on one risotto, without frying the quail eggs as asked to. Because of that, Christina confirmed she was not a team player. Ramsay impatiently asked for the scallops and the eggs, but when she said they needed two scallops, Corey told she and Christina were fucked already with the eggs. Ramsay told her to be a team player and that she had to think about the team before herself. After he told her that, she broke some eggs, and all the appetizers went out after an hour. An hour and a half into service, Ramsay motivated the team, which rallied to complete service by sending desserts out. The service was completed, Ramsay told the chefs to switch their stoves off.

When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay congratulated all of them for having a great service, by giving each of them a high-five. Ramsay continued by saying the most important was that they bounced back, but brought the chefs down to Earth by asking them to come to a group consensus on which two of them should be nominated for elimination. During deliberation on the patio, Jen said she was getting her heart out, but Petrozza called her a cold bitch saying she was feeling having a heart because she knew her ass would go on the chopping block. After that, she was immediately accused for cheating during voting for who to put up as she put Chritina's name twice. But, she left to her room so she could pack her bags, stating she did not need to be nominated and that people were putting her up because they were threatened by her, thinking nobody there deserved the prize more than she did.

Jen was the team's first nominee for elimination, with Corey being the second. After telling that she was a great team player while pleading her case, she was eliminated for being the weakest link at that point and because of her poor attitude. However, Ramsay praised her growth, her maturity, and told her she finally listened. During her exit interview, she received a retrospective montage of her run.

Ramsay's comment: "A great chef should not only be consistent with their cooking, but with their attitude. I never knew which Jen I was going to get at dinner service. And that's why it was her time to go."

Episode 14/15Edit

Jen was the last returning chef who entered the kitchen when Ramsay introduced them to the finalists, and a flashback of her poor attitude during the second black jacket service was shown. When Ramsay asked her what was the matter because he noticed she was down a little bit, she answered that she was all right. But moments later, she declared it was rough returning as she thought she was far better than any of the group and that her goal was to make Ramsay second guess himself when he got rid of her. She was Petrozza's last pick, following Bobby and Ben. She believed that the reason she was not picked last was because Petrozza knew she was a strong leader and that he would not want to be outshine by her, but stated that he would be anyway.

On the patio, Jen was the only member of Petrozza's team who was not happy about being there as a returning contestant, believing she was deserving a place in the final two as she was still thinking she was the best chef, even better than the two finalists. When Petrozza declared that his prep list was not done yet and that he was overwhelmed, she was furious about that news, saying she did not want to be a prep chef for Petrozza because she was feeling like the people who were playing the violin when the Titanic was going down. She added that he was very disorganized, while telling Petrozza that he should make his list to put on the fridge door. During prep, she asked Ramsay if he could write her a letter of recommendation for her future by putting what he thought of her except her big mouth. Ramsay was shocked by that request, Christina thought she was really classless, and after that, she giggled alone. When Petrozza asked her if she was all right, she did not answer, and when Ben asked her how long her risotto would be ready, he called her "sweetheart" in the process, which she did not appreciate by telling her name is Jen, and that her risotto would be ready in a minute and a half. When Petrozza asked her if she needed help, she declared he must not trust her to work on the line, annoying Petrozza, who told her to stay with him and focus, while adding that he would kick out her if she would give attitude during service. She told herself to put her head down and do what she had to do to get the fuck out of there as soon at the service would be over. Minutes before opening, when Bobby added they would man up that night, she responded by asking if they would woman up as well, which annoyed Bobby. Finally, Petrozza shook her hand and wished her good luck.

During dinner service, Jen was on the garnish station. Before Petrozza called his first ticket out, she acknowledged his dining room was filling up, and when it was called out, she helped Bobby to refire his appetizers, which were accepted on the second attempt. Later, Petrozza called another ticket, but she revealed they were out of cheese for the salad, discouraging him. She revealed she got enough for only four orders while five were needed, and took all responsibility off her, saying it was not her fault and that her station was not prepped properly. Moments later, she helped Petrozza, along with Ben, to plate the dishes. Then, Petrozza asked for one last onion ring to send the table, but she started to give him attitude by saying she knew already, annoying him. When she brought her onion ring to the pass, it was still undercooked, even disbelieving Ramsay himself, and Petrozza asked her for a crispy onion ring. She continued to give attitude to Petrozza, and Ramsay told her she must not be disrespectful, and she answered she was not. Petrozza regrouped her and told to just cook the food, and Ramsay called her "Miss sabotage". After that, she angrily sent her second attempt at the onion rings. Finally, she helped her team sending out desserts and completing service for Petrozza.

After service, Ramsay congratulated both teams for a good service and everybody gave a big round of applause. Jen hugged Petrozza and wished him luck before he went back to the dorms. However, Petrozza ended up losing the finals to Christina.

Nomination historyEdit

Week 1 Win
Week 2 Nominated
Week 3 Safe
Week 4 Win
Week 5 Safe
Week 6 Safe
Week 7 Win
Week 8 Win
Week 9 Nominated
Week 10 Safe
Week 11 Nominated
Week 12 Nominated

Season 18 Edit

Episode 1/2Edit

Jen, along with the other veterans, were in disguise when they arrived to Hell's Kitchen, unknown to the rookies. When they arrived to Hell's Kitchen, they were welcomed by Marino and the Sous Chefs, and were given butternut squash risotto for lunch. She was the second veteran to reveal herself, and told Ramsay that she had dropped her attitude since Season 4, recalling a particular moment during that season where Ramsay chewed her out for her attitude during the seventh dinner service.

Before the Signature Dish Challenge, Jen revealed that she would be making a Thai curry king crab leg with sticky rice and a banana leaf, but Ramsay took notice of her custom chef jacket. When she offered one to Ramsay, he said that he will call her up the next time he was visiting the jungle. However, she went up against Mia as she was the only veteran left, and was confident that she could beat the latter. During the cooking, she discovered that her pork was overcooked, and was forced to plate it no matter what. She was the seventh person from the blue team to have her dish judged, was nervous as she wanted to make a dish that Ramsay would not spit out, and hoped for the best. She made a grilled pork loin with potato puree was criticized for looking ragged and dry, and she scored 2 points.

The blue team lost the challenge after a tie at 29, and they were punished by prepping both kitchens for the following service, shelling sunflower seeds, and prepping the mushroom duxelles. Back at the dorms, Bret blamed Jen for costing them the challenge as she was the only veteran that scored a two, but she deemed the former a handful as the two bickered over the results. During the punishment, Sous Chef Jocky caught her pureeing the mushrooms without washing them, but while she arrogantly felt that there was no problem doing that, Bret said that washing mushrooms were not a difficult chore to do. When she complained that her teammates were getting on her nerves, Sous Chef Jocky overheard her, and annoyed Trev told her to get the fuck out of the competition if she could not hang with them. When Sous Chef Jocky asked her to repeat her complaints, she refused to, and left for a little bit. Later, she got annoyed by Bret’s attitude, and called his boastfulness a distraction.

Later that night, Jen noticed that Bret had a Hell’s Kitchen tattoo on his arm, and despite her annoyance of the latter, she decide to try and get along with it. When she asked him about the garlic and asparagus tattoos, Bret explained that they were in remembrance of his parents as they passed away five months apart in the past year, and deemed them his major inspiration for his passion. After Bret left for bed, she wondered what she got herself into.

During the Creative Risotto Challenge, Jen showed Sous Chef Jocky her under the sea risotto, but tasted it along with him, leading Heather to believe that she did not taste her dish earlier. She lost the challenge as her dish was not chosen as the top four of the veterans.

During dinner service, Jen was on the fish station with Trev. At one point, she tried to warn Trev that his scallops were lightly colored, but was ignored. Later, Heather and Kevin feared that her pork was overcooked, but she was confident about her pork as she sliced one earlier, and was annoyed by everybody micromanaging her. However, while she sent up the pork, she forgot the sauce, and argued that she did not know where it was. Despite that, the sauce was sent up on time, and the veterans continued to send out entrées. The veterans won the service.

Episode 3Edit

Back at the dorms, Trev and Jen believed that they were being underestimated by their team, with her telling him that he should have stood up for himself earlier that night. Then, she believed that the veteran’s problem was that it was a team entitled wankers as everybody thought they were the leader, and said that they could kiss her ass.

During the Marines Service Challenge, Jen was on the salad station with T. Despite not being concerned about the challenge as she fed a large number of people before, along with being on the easiest station, she sent up a salad that was overdressed with blue cheese. Heather decided to help her out on the salads, despite her protests as she wanted the former to worry about her French fries, and it was thanks to the former that the salads were sent out of the blue kitchen. The veterans lost the challenge, and they were punished by prepping squid for a calamari dish in that night’s service. After Bret used his punishment pass to join the rookies, Ramsay asked her if she would have taken the pass, but the latter said that she would not as she was already living in a horror movie.

During prep, Jen took Ariel's comment about her berblanc sauce the wrong way and snapped at the latter, only for an annoyed Ariel to comment that what she was trying to say was that she was making it closer to her attempt last time, and was called stupid for not understanding that. Back at the dorms, she teared up in the blue bedroom, commented that she has not been in the game since starting as she was in her head a lot, but knew that it was more about her performances than being liked by her teammates.

During dinner service, Jen was on the garnish station. At one point, she believed that being a leader was nothing new to her, and communicated with her teammates, but Sous Chef Jocky rejected her mashed potatoes for being bland. When Sous Chef Jocky accused her of not tasting her food, she argued that she did, continued to argue that she seasoned the mashed potatoes properly, accused Sous Chef Jocky of ruining his own palate, and believed that there was enough salt to put people in cardiac arrest because of that. When Ramsay called her over for the refire, she bitterly asked what she did wrong now, but that pissed Ramsay off and asked her who she thought she was talking to. Then, Sous Chef Jocky once again rejected the mashed potatoes for being bland again, and after Heather tasted her potatoes, the former deemed them disgusting, and told her to put pepper in it. While she got the kitchen rolling for a brief time, she was soon stalling the veterans once again with her garnishes, and was not communicating with T and Bret. After a shouting match with T, she accused her teammates of trying to clown her for being the oddball of the team, and sent up under portioned leeks for two duck entrées. Despite arguing that she did send enough up, Ramsay pulled out the pan from the dish tray and showed it to her, before calling the veterans up to the front to see as well. However, she argued that she did send enough leeks, and accused Ramsay of trying to sabotage her by dumping the rest under the hot pass. That infuriated Ramsay, who dropped the pan in anger, and sent the veterans to the pantry room, but she continued to accuse Ramsay of trying to sabotage her. That served to be the final straw for Ramsay, who told her to take her jacket off and leave through the front door, therefore eliminating her from the competition. Before leaving, she continued to accuse Ramsay of sabotaging her and disrespecting her, but the latter argued that she was making excuses, and that she did not have it, even though she argued that she did have it, and her friends knew that. During her exit interview, she knew that she had an entire business waiting for her back home, and that her only regret was not telling Ramsay to shove her blue jacket up his ass and cough out blueberries. At the end of the episode, she received the coat hanging and burning picture sequence.

Ramsay's comment: "Jen accused me of sabotaging her. The truth of the matter is, the only thing that sabotaged Jen tonight was her cooking."

Nomination historyEdit

Week 1 Win
Week 2 Eliminated

Trivia Edit

Season 4Edit

  • She is the second female contestant who switched teams and made it to the black jackets, following Heather from Season 2.
  • After her first appearance on the show, she worked briefly as Head Chef at The Big Easy, in Chicago, Illinois, where she left after an argument with the owner. After, she became a chef for a celebrity catering company cooking for various celebrities, including Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga and One Direction. Today, she is working as an Executive Chef for the Goddess and Grocer stores group.

Season 18Edit

  • She is the only Veteran contestant who scored 2 out of 5 in the new format of the Signature Dish Challenge.
  • She is the ninth contestant to be eliminated during dinner service, the third female following Lacey (Season 5) and Nilka (Season 7), and the third mid-service eliminated contestant who received the coat hanging and burning picture sequence at the end of the episode, following J (Season 5) and Nilka (Season 7). She is also the third chef who was told to exit by the front door following Gabriel (Season 12) and Josh (Season 17), and the first female chef to leave that way.
  • After her second appearance on the show, she returned to her company Edible Passport where she offers cookery classes, catering and private chef services. She has expressed her regret for returning to the show as she agreed to it after she lost a lot of money when a food truck investment fell through.

Quotes Edit

Season 4Edit

  • "There's a difference between constructive criticism and someone just being a butt-head. I think Chef Ramsay might need to read a couple of books, he has absolutely no idea what he's talking about and he has absolutely no idea who he's talking to!"
  • (About Corey) "SHE AIN'T GET RID OF ME!"
  • "My dish was flawless."
  • (When asked about Christina's intelligence) "Right hand to the Lord, no I'm not at all threatened by Christina's intelligence, chef. I'm not threatened by anyone here chef, I feel that I decide my fate in Hell's Kitchen."
  • "Am I happy that the girls got kicked out and we had to go over there and save the day?... HAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAHAA, WOOOOOOOOOOOO, THAT'S WHAT YOU GET BITCHES!!!!!!"
  • "Little punk-ass Louross."
  • "I'm definitely a culinary artist. My food is a reflection of me, it's vibrant, it's creative, it's bold!"

Season 18Edit

  • "Chef, it's been 10 years, and I'm ready to show you that I've let go of my wanker ways, and I'm definitely a nice girl now."
  • "Stupid ******"
  • "You trying to clown me up in here, Chef!"
  • (After being eliminated) "At the end of day, I have an entire business at home waiting on me. I accomplished a lot of things. I'm going home wishing I would have said more. I wish I would have told him to take that blue chef's jacket and stuff it so far up his ass and started coughing up blueberries that's what the hell I wish I would have told him."