16 Chefs Compete
Season 7, Episode 1
Air date June 1, 2010
Eliminated Stacey
Saved Fran
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2 Chefs Compete
15 Chefs Compete

The first episode of Season 7 of Hell's Kitchen aired on FOX, on June 1, 2010. On that episode, 16 new chefs arrived in Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay got naughty with a fake one, and the first completed opening night occurred with many ejections.

Intro Edit

The season began with a preview montage, saying it would be the hardest, fiercest, wildest, sexiest, and most rewarding one yet.

Seventeen new chefs arrived in Hell's Kitchen, with Jason saying that nobody was competition to him, Stacey saying that Ramsay could give her the prize already, Ed saying that it would be a piece of cake, and Scott saying that he was ready to whatever Ramsay would throw at him. When they entered the restaurant, they were greeted by reporters and photographers from the media, and Ramsay was waiting for them at the podium, with Nilka feeling like a celebrity. After the chefs introduced themselves, including where they came from and what experience they had, Ramsay guaranteed that the opening dinner service would be completed. When he declared that, Jason wondered if he lost his mind, and Autumn was worried as it never been done before. Then, Ramsay asked everybody to cook their signature dishes.

Signature Dish ChallengeEdit

While cooking, Scott acknowledged that was why they were there, Stacey revealed that she was a celebrity chef who cooked for people such as Nathan Lane, Martin Short, Don Rickles, Ashton Kutcher, and Demi Moore, and declared that they all loved her food. Then, Holli acknowledged she would play the cute factor, but was ready to work as hard as everybody, and hoped to do better. Everybody cooked and plated their dishes in time.

When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay noticed there were some executive chefs amongst them, and remembered one of them not having a lot of experience. The woman with glasses revealed that she was a stay-at-home mom and that she never worked in a restaurant before. So, Ramsay called her down, and she presented her veal scaloppini. Ramsay immediately noticed it was looking like baby vomit, and after tasting it, he declared it was delicious. She was relieved, he told her not to be so nervous, but she told he was scary. Then, he gave her a hug while telling to relax, which Maria noticed that this was not his type as he was not personable. After, Ramsay revealed it was one of the best starts ever, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and moments later, he leaned forward and started to make out with her, shocking everybody. Holli jokingly declared she wanted to be first, Jamie stated that Ramsay was a little slutty, and Siobhan was stunned as he really liked the dish. Moments later, Ramsay announced that the woman was his wife Tana, and she took off her disguise, with Jay thanking God as they just licked their teeth and calling him a filthy bastard. Ramsay announced that he was trying to make a point, which was that he was not giving two fucks about the chefs' experience as he was only looking for who had the magic. Then, his wife left while wishing good luck to everybody, and Ramsay introduced the Signature Dish Challenge.

On the first round, Maria presented her pan-seared filet mignon with blue cheese Beurre blanc, while being confident that he would love her food. Ramsay deemed the dish delicious as the steak was tender and cooked perfectly, Salvatore revealed he was a pizza chef for 20 years, and Ramsay noticed his strong Italian accent. He asked Salvatore where he was coming from, which he answered Naples, Italy, and how long was he living in the United States, which he answered 21 years. Ramsay was shocked, asked him how was his accent so strong, and Salvatore jokingly answered it was for women as they liked it. Then, he presented his Bucatini all'amatricana, but he admitted that he did not make the pasta from scratch. Ramsay was upset that an Italian could not make his own pasta, the dish was undercooked, and Maria won the round, making the score 1-0 for the red team. On the second round, Benjamin served his lobster agnolotti with a butter poached lobster and truffle sauce, and he confirmed Ramsay when the latter asked him if he made the pasta from scratch. Ramsay called out Salvatore, who showed a disappointed face. After tasting the dish, Ramsay deemed it delicious and congratulated Benjamin. Then, Holli revealed her banana leaf wrapped halibut, but Ramsay was shocked and trashed the banana leaf in the trash, and she said that it was a classic northern Indian dish. But, Ramsay said that he never saw food like that in India, and she second-guessed herself on where the dish originated from. Ramsay spat it out, Holli declared she messed it up a little bit, which he responded that she was polite and by trashing the entire dish. Benjamin won the round, making the score a tie at 1. On the third round, Jamie revealed her creamy chicken Kiev, but before Ramsay tasted it, he discovered a toothpick, and did not want to taste it, embarrassing Jamie a lot. After, Scott served his duck breast with parsnip, and he declared it would be struggling for him to be a cook amongst cooks as he was used to be a chef amongst cooks, while adding that he would be embarrassed to be the runner-up. After tasting his dish, Ramsay deemed it pathetic as there was not a single appetizing ingredient. Neither of them scored, and the score was still a tie at 1. On the fourth round, Mikey and Siobhan faced off. Ramsay was stunned by Mikey's hair, asked if he could touch it, and the latter revealed there was wax in it. After, he declared he had a few tattoos, and revealed his latest to everybody, which was the Hell's Kitchen logo. Everybody was shocked, with Jay declaring that all he had to say was "what the fuck", and Ramsay noticed how dedicated he was. Then, he presented his Brie stuffed with lobster, and while it was looking a mess, it was deemed delicious. After, Ramsay noticed Siobhan's dreads, she declared she had them for eight years while adding that people were taking her for a dirty hippie girl because of them, and Ramsay told her he did not want to see one of them in her dish as she would dread it. After, she served her seared Ahi tuna wrapped in mint leaves, and it was working for Ramsay despite mixing tuna with mint leaves. Both of them scored a point, and the score was tied at 2.

On the fifth round, Stacey's fish was overcooked, and Jay's steak was beautifully seasoned. He won the round, and the score was 3-2 for the blue team. On the next round, Fran's pasta were too hot, with Ramsay fearing it would set the room on fire, and Jason impressed him by perfectly cooking grits. Because of that, Jason won the round, and the score was 4-2 for the blue team. On the next round, Ed's fish was too salty, while Autumn's chicken was praised for being able to go to Heaven. So, she won the round, and the score was 4-3 for the blue team. On the final round, Andrew served a steak tartar before revealing he was raising and butchering his own animals and eating them raw. He also added that he would buy two walk-in coolers if he would win the competition. Ramsay called him the Hannibal Lecter of Hell's Kitchen, and after tasting his dish, he declared it was bland. Finally, Nilka said she became a chef because of her passion, and that she wanted to show her three kids that they had to go for the things they wanted in life. Her sweet and spicy chicken wings were not well received as they were too hot for Ramsay. She admitted that she used half a bottle of Tabasco, Ramsay drank a glass of water, spat it out, and declared it would blow her asshole. Neither of them scored, but the blue team still won the challenge 4-3.

Post-challenge Edit

After saying that both teams would know their reward and punishment later, Ramsay announced that the winner would become the head chef at a restaurant in the Savoy Hotel in London, United Kingdom. Jason declared he was shocked and wrapped turn, and compared the prize to Jay-Z. Then, Ramsay reminded that the opening night would be completed, and the chefs went to the dorms by following Sous Chefs Scott and Andi.

Arrived in the dorms, all the chefs were very excited, and Salvatore even declared that he felt in another world while comparing them to a nice penthouse. After, they found their chefs jackets, recipe books, and set of knives on their beds, with Maria stating that the knives were the best, as well as the last set one should order in their life. Fran was preoccupied by Ramsay's guarantee of completing the opening night, and the women gathered around the kitchen table to study the menu, being very confident. On the blue side, the men felt more pressure by saying there was a lot of shit they had to memorize.

All of a sudden, an alarm bell started to ring, everybody came to the television, and Ramsay gave a lesson on how to properly make the lobster risotto. After that lesson, Jason said that it was invaluable, and hoped Ramsay would give 20 more lessons like that. Then, the chefs were inspired, studied everywhere, and after, another alarm bell rang, with Ramsay giving a lesson on how to properly make the filet of beef. Moments later, the third lesson was about scallops, and later, the fourth lesson was about the lamb Wellingtons. Lessons kept coming like that throughout the whole night, at each 15 minutes. At one point, Siobhan was in the shower when the alarm bell started to ring, and after all the lessons were given, Benjamin acknowledged they were really helpful and Ramsay would be proud of them.

Punishment Edit

The next morning, Sous Chef Andi came in the dorms, woke up the red team, and informed them that their punishment was to cook breakfast in bed for the blue team. Fran was pissed that she had to do that because she did not even cook her own children breakfast in bed. All the women got in the red kitchen, and prepared breakfast consisting of fruits, waffles, bacon, scrambled eggs, and orange juice. When they were done, each of them went back to the dorms with a platter, and gave them to each man.

Reward Edit

The blue team was rewarded with a breakfast in bed prepared by the red team. When they woke up, they were given a tray each by the women, and Jason was feeling very good to have won the challenge as getting up early was not his thing, and hoped that the red team would lose again. Then, Salvatore thanked the women while jokingly asking if they would do this every morning.

Before service Edit

Later that day, both teams went in their respective kitchens to begin prepping for the opening night. In the red kitchen, Maria was confused if she had to use her own arm as a measurement, and declared she was nervous as she did not want to disappoint Ramsay because he was her idol. In the blue kitchen, Scott was already emerging as a leader by giving clear instructions to his teammates, but Jay was not impressed, saying that Scott was the strongest talker on the team but probably not the strongest cook. After, Ramsay asked Jean-Philippe to open Hell's Kitchen for the service he was dying for.

Dinner service Edit

In addition to the classic menu, Jay and Nilka were assigned to serve Caesar salads tableside. Ramsay called the first ticket in the red kitchen, and Stacey dropped her scallops while declaring that her food was amazing and that she would rock the fish station. However, Ramsay reminded her that she had to put the curry powder on them much to his dismay. Jamie convinced Stacey that she had it while being worried as her face was already red, and told that she had to calm down. When Stacey brought her scallops to the pass, they were raw and way over seasoned, and Ramsay ordered somebody to teach her how to properly cook scallops. Stacey received help from Siobhan, while admitting that scallops were not as easy as they seemed. In the blue kitchen, Ramsay asked for the capellini, but Salvatore revealed that he burnt his initial batch, much to Ramsay's annoyance. He ordered to start the table again, and Salvatore was disappointed in himself as he fucked up his first table of appetizers. Then, Ramsay asked Salvatore if the one he was making was for the next table, but Salvatore revealed that he burned it once again. Ramsay was furious, Jason thought that something was wrong with Salvatore mentally, and Ramsay assigned the latter to dressing the salads. In the dining room, Nilka and Jay were the only one serving food, and the latter talked about how it was his first time in Hell's Kitchen to the customer who told him the same thing about himself. In the red kitchen, Fran served her potatoes, but Ramsay was not satisfied as they were all overcooked or too small, and he was dismayed. When he asked for a time on the new potatoes, Fran did not give any answers, and when Holli asked her, Fran shouted two minutes, much to Ramsay's dismay about the lack of communication. Siobhan considered Fran a spitfire as she crumbled, and added that it was disappointing to see. Ramsay showed Fran how to properly toss the potatoes, but she declared that she was afraid of the grease, which dismayed Ramsay. When he asked to repeat what she said, she responded that she was afraid of him, which led him to mock her by saying that he was afraid of her, and Autumn gave a pep talk to the women by urging to calm down, starting the night over, and send the first table so they would be fine. In the blue kitchen, Benjamin was working on his risotto, Ramsay asked him to taste his food, but after he did, he put his spoon back in the pan. Ramsay caught him, was dismayed, and schooled him on how he did it in front of customers in the dining room. Benjamin acknowledged his mistake, and Ramsay ordered him to start over. In the red kitchen, Fran was working on her lobster risotto, but put crab in it instead of lobster, without realizing. Ramsay caught that mistake, was disappointed, and Fran acknowledged that she did that mistake by accident as they switched the containers, while asking to give her a break. Then, Ramsay asked for somebody to explain her how a lobster was looking like, and Autumn wondered how Fran would explain her performance as her thirty years of experience did not seem to be in that type of restaurant. Autumn told the team to concentrate, but Fran was not impressed as she did not think Autumn was a team player because she was just standing there looking pretty while everybody else were sweating their asses off.

45 minutes into dinner service, very few food came out of the kitchens, and Nilka tried to reassure the customers by telling them to be patient. In the red kitchen, Jamie brought her first filet of beef to the pass, but Ramsay wondered what it was, and she offered to put it back in the oven, but Ramsay told her to leave him alone. He ordered the red team to touch the beef, compared it to cold cream on a fucking hot steak, and Maria, after acknowledging it was cold, started to laugh out loud. Ramsay schooled her by telling there was nothing to laugh about as no entrées were leaving the kitchen, but she laughed again. Ramsay asked her what was funny, Maria answered that nothing was, and then, he kicked her, Jamie and Fran out of the kitchen. Fran refused to leave her team, but Ramsay told her that he would drag her out if she would not get out by herself. So, the three of them went back to the dorms being very angry, and Jamie punched the boxing balloon in anger. After, Ramsay ordered Jean-Philippe to get Nilka back in the kitchen, and she was assigned to the meat station with Siobhan. In the dorms, Fran did not know why she was kicked out as she was sweating her balls off, Maria compared all of them to a bunch of clowns, and at one point, Fran acknowledged she mistook the crab for lobster, but refused to take responsibility for it. She also added that she never been kicked out of a kitchen in thirty years and that it was a big fucking deal, and finally, Jamie thought that they would not complete the service. Back in the blue kitchen, Mikey was working on his halibut, but Scott tried to interfere by telling him to make sure it was cooked right, and added that because he was on the garnish station, he thought Ramsay was seeing some confidence in him. When Scott told Mikey to walk with the halibut, the latter was annoyed as he thought his halibut needed more time to be cooked despite Scott thinking it was correct. Mikey sent his halibut to the pass, but it was raw, and Ramsay smashed it on the counter in anger, while Mikey was putting the blame on Scott, who he thought was making him look bad. While Mikey started over on the halibut and Scott motivated him, in the red kitchen, Siobhan was confident about her entrée, and Autumn told that her team was working better after the three ejections as they were able to send entrées at a good pace, and Siobhan's Wellingtons were perfectly cooked.

An hour and a half into service, entrées were leaving the red kitchen, and in the blue kitchen, Salvatore and Benjamin were on their last ticket of appetizers. Benjamin was caught cooking his risotto without any rice, he got schooled by Ramsay, who asked how it was possible to cook a risotto without rice, and reminded him he had to put the rice before the stock. Salvatore questioned Benjamin's position as a chef because the latter could not even cook a risotto, and he was caught cooking potatoes in a cold pan. Ramsay told Salvatore he could not do that as the potatoes would absorb the olive oil and that it would feel like eating a mouthful of grease. When Ramsay asked for a time from both of them, they did not give any answers, and a fed up Ramsay kicked them out of the kitchen, while calling Jay back in the kitchen. While getting out, Salvatore declared he did not know what happened as he was lost on appetizers, and jokingly wondered if Ramsay kicked him out because he did not like him or Italian people. Back in the dorms, Maria told both of them to not feel that bad while padding Salvatore on the arm, and in the red kitchen, Stacey called five minutes on her salmon, much to Ramsay's dismay, and she declared that she had not work on a line for a very long time, while adding she did not have any idea what she was walking into. Then, Ramsay asked her why she wanted another five minutes, but she corrected by giving three minutes, and when he asked her why she was jumping all over the place like that, she answered that she was not sure how long it would take. After stating that he was not sure about her, Ramsay kicked Stacey out of the kitchen. Back in the dorms, Jamie asked Stacey if they got some entrées served, which the latter answered they did. In the blue kitchen, Mikey served his next attempt at the halibut, but it was raw again, he became the third person from the blue team to be kicked out, and Jason acknowledged the service was fucked up on both sides.

Two and a half hours into service, the customers were about to lose their patience, and with only nine chefs remaining in total, Ramsay decided to merge both teams in the blue kitchen after calling everybody useless. In the dorms, Benjamin asked if they would complete the service, and Mikey declared that he wanted to slap Ramsay's ass. In the kitchen, Ramsay declared that he would not shut the place down, and Ed took the leadership role, while Ramsay urged him to bring it together. Ed was determined to take control of the team, gave clear instructions to Siobhan and Nilka, and declared that he would get done all it may took. Because of both teams being merged together and Ed's leadership, entrées were served at a good pace, with Ramsay telling Ed that his Wellingtons were perfectly cooked. The team rallied to serve their final tickets, while Ed continued to vocally rally everybody, and finally, the last ticket was served. Jason called that night a bittersweet victory and added that it was harder than he thought, Scott declared he wanted to puke, and Ed declared it was awesome.

Post-mortem Edit

When both teams were lined up, Ramsay did not want to celebrate despite completing the opening night, declared the red team losers, and asked them to nominate two people for elimination. While going back to the dorms, Nilka was pissed that they lost and had to put two people on the chopping block.

During deliberation, Stacey declared she was overwhelmed, acknowledged she fucked up, and Autumn reminded her to not refuse help if she did not have it. Stacey said that her performance was not the best while not being the worst at the same time, and that she would fight to stay. She asked for her teammates' opinions, and Nilka considered Maria for being a little bit frazzled. But, Maria reminded that she was kicked out before entrées started to be sent out, and called it complete crap as she did not think she did as bad as other people on her team. Then, Autumn considered Stacey and Fran, but the latter asked her why she should be nominated, and Autumn answered that she seemed flustered when Ramsay was yelling at her. However, Fran thought that Autumn should be sent home because she was not a team player and only thinking about herself, therefore considering her for elimination.

Elimination Edit

Autumn announced that Stacey was the red team's first nominee for elimination, and Fran was the second. During their pleas, Fran was still wondering why she was kicked out, and Ramsay responded that she could not tell the difference between crab and lobster. Then, he asked her how many legs was a lobster having, but she struggled to answer, before revealing that she was a Kosher chef. After, Stacey acknowledged she fucked up and let her team and Ramsay down, but added that she was a team player and that the only way she would go was up. Then, Ramsay asked her how much she cared, which she answered that she cared more than he could imagine, and told that he needed somebody with balls and strength. Fran said she had some balls, and needed more time to show it. In the end, Stacey was eliminated for being the worst performer of the night, and completely frazzled.

While going back to the dorms, Fran declared that she decided to cook instead of playing tennis at home, and added that somebody would not stay thirty years in a kitchen if they were not loving it. Also, Jason was ready to keep beating the women's butts again while they were down, and finally, Autumn was not afraid to be the bitch or the villain as she was there to win.

Ramsay's comment: "It's a good thing Stacey's a private chef, her food wasn't good enough for the public."