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The third episode of Season 6 of Hell's Kitchen aired on FOX, on July 28, 2009. On that episode, an early morning wake-up call occurred, two chefs sustained fractures, and nobody was sent home because of the previous double elimination.

Joseph's exit

That episode began at the exact point when the previous one left off. As Joseph was walking aggressively towards Ramsay to fight him, before anything would happen, two members of the crew stepped forward to intervene in case of physical contact. Then, Ramsay told Joseph the situation calmly, but the latter was too busy insulting Ramsay, calling him nothing but a bitch in the process. That led Ramsay to tell him he was not having any respect, and ask him to get out. Joseph started to leave by flipping the birds to everybody and almost missing the step on his way out, with Ramsay finishing by kicking his jacket to the side.

Ramsay's comment: "What an idiot! Total, total shame!"

Outside, while smoking a cigarette, Joseph gave a very insulting exit interview, saying that he did not need some limey fucking prick talking to him like that. He concluded by stating any restaurant would hire him, and that they would be proud to work with him. Joseph did not receive the coat hanging and burning picture sequence.


After Joseph's departure, Ramsay brought the remaining chefs back to Earth by reminding the red team about their nominees Tennille and Lovely. After that, Kevin named Tony as the blue team's first nominee for elimination, and Andy as the second, with valid reasons. Ramsay accepted those nominees and called the four of them down. In the end, he eliminated Tony for failing to keep up with the fish station, and allowing his teammates to take control of his station over. Ramsay gave no comment on Tony's elimination.

Team switch

After a double elimination, Ramsay noticed that the blue team was down two members. So, he transferred Robert there, where he belonged. Immediately after the chefs were dismissed, Tony received the coat hanging and burning picture sequence.


While going back to the dorms, Tennille and Amanda hugged each other, still in disbelief and amazement about Joseph's exit, and everybody was talking about that, with Jim declaring he was happy he saw that because he would have never believed it. After that, Dave told his team to forget what just happened, and Andy reminded that the team got Robert, who was strong.

On the red side, Robert gave his farewells to the women, hugging each of them, while declaring he did not care on what team he was because his goal was to win Hell's Kitchen.

Team challenge

The chefs went to bed, trying to get some sleep, but very early in the night, alarm bells started to go, Sous Chef Scott, holding a flashlight, told everybody to get out of the restaurant immediately as an emergency was called. Then, fire trucks arrived to Hell's Kitchen and the chefs got outside. But, Ramsay was standing with the firefighters, revealing that it was a fire drill. That led Andy to compare Hell's Kitchen to a big cruel joke that friends are playing on one person, and after, Ramsay introduced the Firefighter Pasta Meal Service Challenge. He stated that firefighters are the group of people which were having the best teamwork and preparation, which were the two most important elements that were missing in both teams. Each team would serve fresh pasta meals to the firefighters, and the first who would complete all their tickets would win the challenge.

After that, all the chefs got back in the dorms to change, with Tek saying that the red team needed to win the challenge and were ready to get in the kitchen and moving some pasta, and Van being pumped and excited to feed the firefighters and work as a unit. The menu for the challenge included a chicken alfredo and a meatball marinara, but neither of them could go out before the garlic bread appetizer. Before tickets came in, both teams got organized and decided who would be on which station, and in the red kitchen, Ariel checked Lovely's convection oven while declaring the red team needed to win so they could get their morale back up.

When Ramsay called the first ticket in the red kitchen, Lovely failed to call him back as she was still fast asleep, so Ramsay asked her to. Then, she declared that she was not a morning girl and that because she did not pee, brush her teeth, and wash her face, she was not together yet. When Ramsay asked Lovely for a time on the garlic bread, she answered two minutes as it was in the oven. In the blue kitchen, Andy was on the garlic bread station, and got a lot of pressure from his teammates to get the bread out quickly. Kevin asked Andy the temperature of his oven, which Andy answered it was at 500 and going, adding that the ovens were at high and that it could not get any faster. Ramsay asked Andy how many ovens he was using, which he answered two, discouraging Ramsay who told he could use five. Robert told Andy to use all the ovens, disbelieved that he had to be told that as it was common sense. After, Andy finally put his bread in his second oven.

20 minutes into service, none of the firefighters received anything to eat. In the red kitchen, Ramsay berated Lovely because her bread was not coming out, telling it was not lovely anymore and that it was irritating. He asked her how much time she needed on bread, which she answered she was checking it, and Sabrina said they were ready with the entrées and that bread was not hard to do. Finally, Ariel, being tired to have nothing coming out, decided to take control of the garlic bread herself, took it off the oven and sent it to the pass. In the dining room, the firefighters were extremely happy to finally get their bread. In the blue kitchen, Dave declared his pasta were perfectly al dente, but Andy was still not ready with the garlic bread, which infuriated Robert who told Andy he had to use all five ovens. Andy revealed they were all working, and then, Sous Chef Scott told Andy to hurry up, as well as Kevin, but Andy said that it was in the oven and that it could not go faster. A lot of pressure was put on Andy from all his teammates, with Van declaring the blue team could not lose the challenge and cheering for Andy by telling to push. Sous Chef Scott started to get tired of the wait as well, and Ramsay revealed to the blue team that the red team already started to get their first entrées out. At the same time, Andy was ready to send out the garlic bread, and Kevin helped him to send it to the dining room. Robert motivated his teammates, and Ramsay called out the following order. In the dining room, the firefighters were fighting over the bread basket, and the blue team started to get entrées out as well.

In the red kitchen, Ariel took vocal control of the team and plated some chicken alfredo dishes. However, one of those dishes contained only one piece of chicken, which infuriated Ramsay, who schooled Sabrina on that mistake. Suzanne declared that Sabrina could not drag the red team down, and that she did not know what she would do if they would lose. After that, Ariel and Amanda plated the dishes and they were accepted by Ramsay. Because of that, the momentum was high in both kitchens, with a lot of pasta dishes coming out from both of them. The blue team had 6 tickets to go, while the red team had 4. Both teams were rallying to get the last tables out, with Ariel taking vocal control of the red team again, determined not to lose, and Kevin taking vocal control of the blue team. When there was 3 tables left in the blue kitchen, there was only one left in the red one. However, Jean-Philippe returned a dish to the kitchen because of a raw meatball, and Ramsay schooled Tek on that mistake. Tek was determined not to lose because she knew it would be her fault if they would. So, she started over, and in the blue kitchen, Robert continued to send acceptable dishes to the hot plate, making the blue team catching up on the red team, which finally sent out the acceptable dish without the raw meatball and moved on to their last ticket. Both teams rallied to complete their sides, and the red team succeeded to do it before the blue team. Ramsay congratulated the red team, and Suzanne celebrated with Lovely, being proud of the win, but on the other side, Robert was upset as everybody was winning except him. Ariel was also proud to win as she would continue to be a leader. After service was cleared down, Ramsay thanked the firefighters for being in attendance, and Sabrina said it was great to cook meal for those people who save lives.


The red team was rewarded with a day at the Pacific Water Spa, in Huntington Beach, California, as well as a helicopter ride to get there. While getting back to the dorms, Lovely celebrated by comparing the red team's win as smacking the blue team's butt. On the helicopter ride, Sabrina declared it felt good to finally be winners, and that the men were having the worst day ever. Arrived at the spa, the women got in bathrobes and clinked their champagne glasses, while Ariel was thrilled as she never went to a spa before. While getting massages, Sabrina said she was happy about not being a man.


The blue team was punished by cleaning the fire trucks left by the firefighters, as well as their equipment, and they would continue by cleaning the dining room inside. Arrived outside, Dave, Andy, Jim, and Van were dedicated at cleaning the trucks, while Robert and Kevin were dedicated to clean and polish the fire hoses. When the women arrived outside to go on their reward, Jim jokingly suggested they should peel hair off their upper lip. Later, Dave got his left hand stuck inside the truck, and he yanked it out, feeling it was already swelling, but he did not want his teammates to know about his injury and continued to clean the truck in pain. After a hard day and the firefighters telling the men that all the spots must be removed, Jean-Philippe came outside to tell the blue team there was a second part of their punishment that would happen inside the restaurant. While going upstairs, Kevin sprained his two ankles, and inside, he sat on a bench while Jean-Philippe told him a medic was coming. Kevin knew that something bad just happened as his ankle was extremely swollen, knowing that he could be forced to leave the competition. However, Dave was also in pain and asked him for an ice pack for a wrist, and a medic also checked his wrist, and he told her that it was hurting a lot, also worried that he could be forced to leave. Kevin acknowledged that a chef needed to move fast, but that he would not be able to do it with two sprained ankles, and him and Dave were transported to the hospital, while the remaining men continued the punishment. Jim knew it was not good as the blue team could be four men down in a matter of days, and Robert also knew that it was not good for the team.

Before service

After the red team came back from their reward, Dave and Kevin came back from the hospital. Dave revealed he had a torn FCR and a slight fracture, but he added that he was a tough guy and that he could take the pain. On his side, Kevin revealed his right ankle had a stretched ligament, but his left was severely sprained, but he added that it was not worth leaving and that he was there to win the prize. Van was concerned as both of them were two of the blue team's best cooks, and added that dinner service would go down because of their injuries. Dave put some water on his injured hand, and Kevin went to sleep while resting his foot over a pillow.

The next day, both teams went in their respective kitchens to begin prep, while Kevin said his legs were not issues anymore as he was determined to win. Van was confident as well and said the blue team need to move fast during service. In the red kitchen, Ariel was happy to be the team's captain and determined to make an impression. When both teams were lined up, Ramsay asked the red team to continue having their momentum from the previous challenge into service. He also asked Dave how was his wrist, which he answered it was okay, and Kevin how were his ankles, which he answered they were great. After that, Ramsay announced that one member from each team would become waiters as they had to understand the harmony between cooking and service at the Araxi. For the blue team, Dave volunteered to be the waiter as he did not want to hold his team back because of his injury, and was given the nickname "One-armed bandit" by Ramsay. For the red team, Ramsay dedicated Lovely in that position. Finally, he concluded by saying that the goal was to complete dinner service and for everybody to come out of their shells. Van was pumped as he jumped up and down, and Ramsay asked Jean-Philippe to open Hell's Kitchen.

Dinner service

As guests arrived, they were welcomed by Lovely and Dave in the dining room. Ramsay called out the first ticket in the blue kitchen, and Van was confident to be on appetizers and that he had to set the momentum for the team. He became very vocal quickly, communicating with Robert and telling him to drop his scallops. Robert declared that Van was a straight up thug and a pitbull on a chain. Van took a big bite of pasta to taste, and yelled at Robert to go fast. However, Ramsay was not impressed by his shouting as it was confusing everybody, Van apologized, sent his first risotto to the pass, which was deemed delicious by Ramsay. He celebrated, and Ramsay urged him to continue that way. Van and Kevin gave each other a fist pump, and in the red kitchen, Ramsay called the first ticket, but Tennille did not answer, and Ramsay asked her to. Then, she started to cook her scallops, but Suzanne told her that she was using too much oil and started to pour some out herself. Tennille did not appreciate and told her to get off her station as she knew what she was doing. However, Ramsay told her that she was deep fat frying her scallops, put them out the pan, and reminded Tennille it was the first order. Ariel motivated her, and Tennille started over.

In the blue kitchen, Ramsay asked Robert for his scallops, but Robert was running and almost fell to the ground. Ramsay was worried and told him that running was not a good idea because of his weight. Then, Robert asked Andy to drop the scallops, but Andy dropped too much scallops for the size of the pan he was using, and Robert told him about that. Then, Andy answered him by saying that if he wanted more than one pan, he should have placed them on the station, but Robert told him to use his common sense. After, Robert sent his scallops to the pass, but they were not acceptable, so Ramsay pulled him aside, schooled him on that mistake, but Robert confronted him and the two of them had a heated argument, where Ramsay called Robert a fucking idiot. After that, Robert acknowledged the mistake of bringing a gimp, referencing to Andy, on his station as all he did was bringing him down. Robert started over, and Andy called him a douchebag.

In the red kitchen, Ariel and Sabrina brought their appetizers to the pass, and it was deemed delicious by Ramsay. However, Tennille was not ready with her scallops, and she was annoyed by Suzanne's attitude when the latter told her she was putting too much oil in her pan. Tennille said that Suzanne was liking to hear herself talk and that somebody must slap her in the face. Then, Ramsay told Tennille she could not put the boiled scallops back in the pan, and Tek, Sabrina, Ariel, and Ramsay were speaking to her at the same time, putting more pressure on her. She was annoyed because she could not concentrate on her cooking, and then, a fire erupted on her station. Ramsay came over, pulled the fire out, and Tennille revealed to her that too many people were talking to her at the same time. Finally, she got her acts together and delivered acceptable scallops to the pass. Because of that, the red team got their momentum back, and in the blue kitchen, the men moved on to entrées, as well as the women a few moments later, which Ramsay congratulated them about.

In the dining room, Lovely had a lot of trouble doing her job as a waitress because she was messing up her orders. Then, Jean-Philippe came over and told her to hurry up and to get a special bottle of wine in Ramsay's office. She went there, got the wine bottle, ran downstairs, and Ramsay called her to get her ticket. He schooled her on the fact that she took 42 minutes to get her first ticket to the kitchen, calling her an imbecile in the process, which she said she got verbally spanked. Ramsay called the ticket, and Amanda brought her lamb to the pass, but one chop was missing. So, Ramsay asked Amanda what was three times three, which she answered three, discouraging Ramsay. He asked her a second time, but she answered six, leading Ramsay to ask her that same question a third time, which she correctly answered nine. Then, Ramsay asked her to give nine lamb chops, calling her a stupid thick bitch in the process. Amanda declared that even though she was not able to do maths, she could cook. Ramsay noticed that her lamb was boiled and he schooled the red team for her mistake, while Amanda declared she was fried. In the blue kitchen, Kevin emerged as the vocal leader of the blue team despite his two sprained ankles, and he was the one moving the fastest. His lamb and his chicken were cooked perfectly, but Andy was not able to keep up on the garnish station. Despite that, entrées were flying out of the blue kitchen, and they got only 4 tickets left.

In the red kitchen, Ariel emerged as the definite leader and pushed her team forward, with the goal of finishing service. Suzanne praised the teamwork, and they got 3 tickets left. However, the blue team were on their last ticket, and Kevin was ready to send his chicken to the pass, but Robert was not ready with his salmon. He gave 12 minutes for the salmon to be cooked, which Jim noticed it was a long time when waiting for some food. Andy and Kevin were discouraged, and Robert almost fell for the second time scrambling all over the kitchen. Despite Robert's problems, the blue team rallied behind Kevin, while Robert angrily threw scallops in the bin, and in the red kitchen, Ramsay revealed to the women that the men were on their last ticket. Amanda acknowledged that every woman from the team was having a fire up the ass, and then, both teams rallied to finish their tickets under the respective leaderships of Ariel and Kevin. In the blue kitchen, Robert was still behind, and Dave came in the kitchen to tell his teammates that both teams were neck-and-neck. Finally, Robert was ready with his salmon, but the red team had already finished their last ticket and were clearing down. Kevin was very angry at Robert, saying that he was not focused and that the red team caught the blue team up because of him.


When both teams were lined up, Ramsay revealed that both teams completed service as he had customer comment cards in his hands, but added that he was not ready to celebrate. Then, he declared that the red team had an 81% above average rating by the customers, while the blue team had an 83% above average rating. Therefore, the red team was declared losers, Ramsay reminded Lovely that she took 45 minutes to get one ticket in the kitchen, and named Ariel "Best of the Worst" for being the most assertive member of the red team. Ramsay concluded by asking Ariel to nominate two of her teammates for elimination.

While being dismissed, Ariel declared it was a tough responsibility as she had to narrow it down to two people and that she had too many choices. During deliberation, Tennille told Ariel that even though she fucked up, she managed to bounce back. Tennille also reminded the lamb incident with Amanda, and Ariel said that she would speak with Amanda about it. After that, Amanda came in the room and asked Ariel if she thought Lovely was stronger. Ariel acknowledged Amanda made a good point and that it would be a difficult decision.


Ariel named Lovely as her first nominee because of her lack of experience compared to the rest of the team, and Tennille as her second because she was considering her as a weak link at that point despite her potential. Both nominees were called down, and after listening to their pleas, Ramsay told that he thought neither of them would win the competition. After that, he sent Lovely back in line and called Tennille forward, only to tell her to wake up before sending her back in line as well. Ramsay added that he would not eliminate anybody because of Joseph's departure, while reminding that it was their last chance, and finished by jokingly adding that he was nobody's bitch, referring to Joseph's outburst. Everybody laughed and went back to the dorms. While being dismissed, Lovely declared she was not going anywhere because Ramsay wanted her to be there, and Tennille was determined to prove herself so she would never be nominated again. Then, Ramsay asked Amanda what was twelve times three, but she answered nine, discouraging everybody. But moments later, she recovered by correctly answering 36, and apologized while giggling.

Ramsay's comment: "Lovely and Tennille may think they've just received a gift, but what I have in store for them tomorrow will have them running for the door."


  • Despite not said out loud, Joseph's departure counts as a voluntary withdrawal based on the fact he threw off his jacket before confronting Ramsay.
  • This marks the first time a team lost the first three services.
  • This is the first time a team reassignment via leveling the numbers did not even up both teams.
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