Corey Earling was a contestant on Season 4 of Hell's Kitchen. She ranked in 3rd place.

Personality Edit

Corey was an early minor antagonist of the season. She initially nominated Christina and Jen for their personalities and not for their cooking skills, and had quite selfish behavior. However, as the season went on, she gradually improved her attitude and became a strong chef and a better team player. She also became friends with Christina, and enemy with Jen and eventually Matt.

Season 4 Edit

Episode 1Edit

During the Signature Dish Challenge, Corey was the third contestant to have her dish judged by Ramsay. He found her salad simple, plain, blonde and boring, comparing it to her own personality.

During prep, Corey questioned Vanessa's leadership abilities, as she was chosen to be the red team's captain, because she was acting pretty quiet and reserved.

During dinner service, Corey was on the meat station. When the team began their entrées more than an hour into service, the chicken she sent was overcooked, with Ramsay calling it rubbery and dry. After passing it around, he threw it towards the back store and schooled her on that mistake. After tables were walking out, Ramsay shut down both kitchens. When the teams were lined up, Ramsay told her that the chicken bounced off the wall and nearly left the restaurant. The red team was declared the winners for serving a few appetizers out.

Episode 2Edit

The next morning, the Sous Chefs woke up all the contestants while holding megaphones, and told them to get outside immediately. Arrived outside, they went through the garbage bags from the previous service to select every food from them, and sort them in big cylinders. When they got back in the kitchen, Ramsay introduced the 6 Ounce Halibut Challenge. During the judging, the score ended in a tie at 41, and Corey was eventually chosen by her team to break the tie by selecting a halibut piece which she thought was the closest to 6 ounces. Unfortunately, the piece she selected was weighing 4,8 oz, which made her team lose as Ben's piece weighed 5,9 oz. She acknowledged her mistake by apologizing to her teammates while being very emotional. However, Jen was rubbing salt in the wound by questioning her judgement and her place in the competition.

The red team was punished by prepping halibut for the next dinner service. During the punishment, Jen continued to point fingers at Corey, which really annoyed her, stating she does not have to call her out in front of everybody like that.

During prep, Corey had to tell Sharon all the things she needed to do and how to do them, because of her lack of experience. She was also annoyed by Christina's way of knowing everything and talking out loud to the team, considering her as a "know-it-all".

During dinner service, Corey was on the appetizer station. At one point, she was annoyed by Christina's way of enjoying her fish stock and making Shayna taste it. But, it did not stop her from sending an acceptable risotto to the pass, impressing Ramsay and herself. The red team eventually lost the service, but Ramsay named her "Best of the Worst" for finally waking up and giving a good performance on appetizers. She was asked to nominate two of her teammates for elimination. She declared she was enjoying that title, and while deliberating, she spoke with Ben and Bobby, answering she was the best when Ben asked her if she would take out the bests.

Corey ultimately named Christina, for strategic reasons, as her first nominee, and Jen, for personal reasons, as her second. She was disappointed when she realized her strategy did not work, as Ramsay eliminated Sharon instead. After Sharon left, Ramsay told her that despite he was appreciating her strategy, he could not keep Sharon in good conscience.

Episode 3Edit

Back to the dorms, Corey was talking with the blue team, and Ben gave her a high-five. Then, she revealed the real reasons she nominated those two people. She nominated Christina because she was threatened by her intelligence and thought she was making her look stupider than she really is, and she nominated Jen because of her general annoyance. Christina confronted her in the bedroom, but she did not care shit what her team was thinking of her.

The next morning, after a wake up call where each contestant had to grab a chicken and Ramsay making them falsely believe they would have to kill them, he introduced the Chicken Cutting Challenge. During the challenge, Corey managed a perfect score of 8 pieces accepted out of 8. She was one of four women who did so, and because of that, the red team won the challenge 44-24. They were reward with a lunch at the Saddle Ranch Chop House, on the Sunset Strip, in Los Angeles. During the reward, they accidentally bumped into Season 3 contestant Aaron, and plotted to take the men out one by one.

Arrived in Hell's Kitchen, Corey participated in the red team's plot by going into the hot tub with Christina and Shayna. Despite failing to convince Ben to come in the hot tub with them, she successfully did with Jason, where he revealed a lot of the blue team's problems. During prep, she tried to work as a team with Christina by putting their differences aside, with little success.

During dinner service, Corey was on the dessert station. At one point, a fire erupted on the meat station, and she tried to blow it off with the help of Rosann, and at another point, she was helping Vanessa, who was struggling on that same station. Both teams lost the service, and for the red team, Christina was named "Best of the Worst".

Although thinking she might be, as Christina would likely exact some revenge, Corey was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 4Edit

When all the contestants got back to the dorms, Ramsay called them on the microphone, ordering to get down so they could clean their kitchens. During that task, Corey managed to annoy all of her teammates by not doing anything and complaining she was too tired at the moment. After a few minutes, she went back to the dorms and laid on her bed.

The next morning, when both teams were lined up in the dining room, Ramsay asked Corey how she was feeling that morning, which she said that she was ready to lead her team and step up to the plate. That statement made all her teammates laugh. When Ramsay asked who the strongest chef was on the red team, she raised her hand, but the rest of her team agreed on Jen. She thought it was because they did not like her, but Shayna recalled the incident during the kitchen cleaning that night. What she understood about this is that her teammates were threatened and intimidated by her, because they were trying to bring her down.

During the Pasta Making Challenge, Corey was annoyed by Jen's leadership as she thought being loud was not the right way to be a leader. During the judging, she was holding Shayna's arm who was starting to get tired. The red team won the challenge by managing to get 6.57 lbs of acceptable pasta, compared to the blue team's 5.48 lbs. They were rewarded with a day at an amusement park in Santa Monica Beach, and were transported there in Hummer limousines. While getting ready for the reward, she said that even though her team was talking behind her back, she would still manage to have a good time, enjoying being in California.

During Family Night dinner service, Corey was on the garnish station. She was not seen much as she did not make the most mistakes. When the red team finished their tickets, they were sent over to the blue kitchen and help the blue team. They won the service, and warmly welcomed Vanessa, who sustained an injury, back in the dorms.

Episode 5Edit

During the Fine Dining Pizza Challenge, Corey was very assertive as she was writing down what she wanted to do in the first few minutes. When the red team came to the tasting part, she successfully convinced everybody to choose Jen's pizza to be judged, and started perfecting it, with the rest of her team. It was the right decision as Jen's pizza won the challenge over Ben's. The red team was rewarded with a helicopter tour of Los Angeles and lunch at the restaurant Square One, home to the $90 burger, in Santa Barbara, with Ramsay.

During prep, after Vanessa's departure, Corey did not feel sorry for her at all, even being glad she was gone as the team was getting stronger. During dinner service, she was on the fish station. Before the first ticket got called out in the red kitchen, she motivated her team by saying they had to say "Yes Chef" when he would be calling it out. When Ramsay called the first ticket, the red team did exactly what she told to do. After a miscommunication with Shayna, she asked a question to Ramsay, but he told her she should ask it to Shayna and that she should work with her. Near the end of service, she was asked by Ramsay to help Christina, who was struggling on desserts, which she reluctantly did, saying Christina should spoil herself and that she did not want to help her. With her help, desserts finally came out, and the red team completed their first dinner service, along with the blue team. Both teams were named joint-winners, and were asked to nominate one person each for elimination.

During deliberation, despite the red team quickly agreeing to put Rosann up for elimination, Corey joined her and Jen's plot of nominating Christina instead.

She was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 6Edit

Back in the dorms, Corey was feeling stressed out because Christina was put on the chopping block one more time, and thought she would continue to be there. When Shayna said she did not feel Christina was condescending, Corey insisted saying she was since day one. After, she confirmed that Christina would be on the chopping block again.

The next morning, the contestants were driven to Farmers Market, where Ramsay introduced the Sweet 16 Planning Challenge. During the shopping part, near the end of the 20 minute delay, Corey made one last suggestion of buying a pomegranate, which her team agreed. Back in Hell's Kitchen, during the cooking part, she took vocal control of the red team, and was not afraid to tell Shayna she had to go faster because her ass could be put on the chopping block. During the judging, she presented a grilled steak with homemade French fries and pomegranate sauce as the red team's last entrée. She lost the round and, therefore, the challenge 1-2. While the men were celebrating, she agreed with Jen on the fact Melissa's mother influenced her the wrong way.

The red team was punished by decorating the dining room ahead of the Sweet 16 party, along with Francisco the Party Planner and Melissa's mother. When Shayna made a suggestion on how to fold the napkins, Corey was annoyed, saying she was acting as the Party Planner's assistant and that she should go back to party planning. Finally, she found Shayna's idea stupid.

When the blue team came back from their reward, Corey and Louross started flirting with each other, with both of them saying they loved the other. When she stripped to jump in the hot tub, Louross followed her, and she thought he was attracted to him, which was just what she wanted as she would do anything to win the competition. However, no romance was building up as she said she was much more taller than him, and that she already had a boyfriend.

During prep, Corey was still annoyed by Shayna's slowness, saying it was taking only five minutes to cook a salsa, despite her prepping it all morning long. During the Sweet 16 dinner service, she was on the appetizer station with Christina. Before the first ticket came in, she expressed concern about Shayna. Later, she made another comment on Shayna's slowness, about how she was slow during prep and during service. Both teams were named joint-winners, and were asked to nominate one person each.

Corey was not nominated for elimination and welcomed Matt as a new teammate, much to her and the red team's dismay.

Episode 7Edit

Back on the patio, Corey questioned Matt's desire to come over to the red team. She also stated that it was not fair to get rid of one of their weakest cooks, referring to Shayna, and get him afterwards. She concluded by saying that his days with the red team would be numbered, and that he would be the next one voted off.

The next morning, after tasting some fake dishes, where everybody failed to identify the meatless ingredients, Ramsay introduced the annual Blind Taste Test. During the challenge, Corey expressed concern for Rosann, saying she never tasted food from around the world. She was the second of her team to go and went up against her best friend Louross. She scored 2 points out of 3 for the red team, which eventually won the challenge 9-5.

They were rewarded with a day of pampering, relaxation and spa treatments on the patio. Corey really enjoyed that reward saying it was time for her to finally let loose, relax and have a great day. During the reward, she reminded Matt it was the perfect timing for him to switch teams and, when Ben came over to serve iced tea, she picked on him, along with Jen, by asking some extras in hers.

During prep, Corey expressed annoyance about Matt's company in her team, saying he would be the next to go. During dinner service, she was on the dessert station. She was not seen much, except at one point when she noticed Rosann's poorly organized station and was worried that she could turn the service into a disaster because of it. The red team won the service and, at elimination, they were asked for a volunteer to go over to the blue team the next morning.

Episode 8Edit

Back in the dorms, Corey tried to convince Jen that it would be a good thing for her to be transferred, but in reality, she just wanted to get rid of her so she could have her voice back in the red kitchen. She was supported by Rosann, and that strategy somehow worked because the next morning, Jen volunteered to be transferred to the blue team.

During the 20 Ingredients Challenge, Corey grabbed a piece of paper and a marker to list the ingredients as it could avoid confusion, and it led to the team's great communication as well. When Matt injured himself, she and her two female teammates picked up the pace as they did not want to lose the challenge, so they finished their own dishes before focusing on Matt's, before he finally returned. During the judging, she was the third person to go for her team, going against Bobby. She made a Colombian sour lemon chicken with braised artichokes, containing 3 ingredients. Ramsay appreciated the taste, but because she only used 3 ingredients, he was expecting more of her. Despite that, she won the round, and eventually the challenge after the blue team failed to use 20 ingredients.

The red team was rewarded with a photo shoot for InTouch Weekly Magazine, with Ramsay. During the shooting, Corey was wearing a red dress, along with Christina and Rosann. The next morning, during prep, the red team's morale was at its best as they were finally bonding after Jen's departure. When both teams were lined up, Ramsay announced that two of the United States' finest food critics would be attending in the dining room.

During dinner service, Corey was on the appetizer station. When the first ticket got called out, she was working on her first risotto and communicating with Christina, determined to have a good service now that Jen was gone and that it was her time to shine and find her voice as a leader. The first appetizers that she and Christina sent to the pass were accepted and went to the critics' table, who enjoyed them. Later, she took vocal control of the red kitchen, and when Christina announced she needed seven minutes to cook her salmon, she declared it was not that long cooking a salmon. Despite her leadership, very few food went out, and she acknowledged Rosann was disorganized and screwing up the rest of the team. They eventually got kicked out of the kitchen, and back in the dorms, she was crying as she was tired to look like an idiot despite doing her best.

The red team lost the dinner service, but because of her good performance on appetizers, Corey was named "Best of the Worst" and was asked to nominate two of her teammates for elimination. During deliberation, all her teammates went to her and threw other people under the bus, annoying her and stating that she was tired of hearing excuses. She even stated that if she could, she would nominate all three of her teammates.

Corey named Matt as her first nominee and Rosann as her second, and both of them were called down with Christina. When Rosann got eliminated after being sent back in line, she apologized to her.

Episode 9Edit

Back in the dorms, Matt apologized to Corey for letting her down, but she said that it did not matter any longer. Then, she acknowledged Matt gave up and let the team down during service, and suggested he should be better at something else despite enjoying cooking, like being a car salesman.

The next morning, when both teams were lined up, Ramsay introduced the Relay Challenge, which would test the chefs' communication and timing. During Christina's turn, Corey noticed she was cooking the chicken in the pan, worrying her as the chicken would likely become overcooked. She was the last person of her team to go up, facing against Jen. During the 15 seconds relay, Christina told her about the chicken being raw. When it got time to plate, she started panicking because there was some things that were not ready yet and were located at different places in the kitchen. She plated and served her dishes in time. When Ramsay noticed the red team's scallop dish was missing the salad, she said she forgot it. Despite that, the red team won the challenge 2-1 and were rewarded with a day at the beach, where they would have some surf lessons, and were transported there in convertibles.

While getting ready for her reward, Corey was excited about the convertible trip. During the surf lesson, she said she wanted to keep her cool and not look like an idiot. At the end of the day, she was handed a towel by Jean-Philippe.

The next morning, both teams lined up in the dining room, where Ramsay announced they would get rid of the menu for the next service, and that both teams would create their own menus. During the menu creating, the red team was shown working as a team, with all three members shooting ideas. In the end, Corey, along with her two teammates, was happy about the menu. During prep, morale was at its best, with all team members being very confident.

During dinner service, Corey was on the fish and meat stations. When Matt sent an unacceptable pasta dish to the pass, she acknowledged Matt was careless as he was making stupid mistakes, and declared she would be on her ass all service long as she did not want to lose. Later, she demanded him to not let the team down and work harder, but Matt gave her attitude, leading her to lend the appetizer station over to Christina, dedicating Matt nowhere. Later, when he moved on to the garnish station and threw a pan in anger, she berated him on his behavior and threatened him to be kicked out the team if he would continue. This led the two of them to have an argument, where she said Matt was acting like a girl, and Matt saying that she was a bitch. So, she kicked Matt off a station for the second time that service. Later, she and Christina were having a great communication while leaving Matt doing nothing on the side, sending out many entrées, surprising Christina because of those two's problems at the beginning of the season. The red team eventually won the service.

At elimination, Corey gleefully said goodbye to Matt who has been transferred back to the blue team, but welcomed Jen back in the red team, much to her dismay.

Episode 10Edit

Back in the dorms, Jen tried to convince Corey and Christina that she would be liable and was doing her prep work. Later, she and Christina talked about how they could not believe Petrozza got rid of Louross, and she added that she thought Louross would be there until the end. She also stated that she lost a friend, referring to Louross, and gained an enemy by getting Jen back.

The next morning, the phone rang and Corey picked it up. She told everybody to get outside immediately, and they drove into the Hell's Kitchen SUVs with blindfolds on, not knowing where they were going. Arrived at the secret destination, all the chefs were lined up in front of Ramsay, who asked them to take their blindfolds off. She was standing in front of a table with a dome on. Then, Ramsay revealed they were on the roof of what would be the new London West Hollywood, and asked them to lift up their domes, where black jackets were hidden underneath. Then, two men holding briefcases and wearing black suits came in, they opened their cases containing $250,000 in cash, and after, everybody went downstairs to see the construction works of the restaurant, while visualizing what the restaurant would look like.

Back in Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay introduced the Main Protein Challenge, where each chef would create one dish based on a given protein. The chefs were standing in front of one dome each, and before Corey lifted hers, she expected pork to be underneath, but she got lobster instead. She was not very comfortable working with lobster despite loving to eat it, saying it was not the best ingredient. During the challenge, she said that for the first individual challenge, she would do something that would not only look good but taste good as well. So, she came up with the idea of a lobster soup. She was the fourth person to have her dish judged by Ramsay. She served an asparagus, pea and lobster soup, but Ramsay did not notice a lot of lobster in it and told he expected she would use the whole lobster. During Jen's turn, she got annoyed by the latter's way of being nervous. She lost the challenge to her, but was picked by her to go on the reward.

Corey and Jen were rewarded with a trip to Las Vegas and a meeting with Season 3 winner Rock. She was shocked by Jen's decision of picking her, declaring it was just showing how fake she was, as she chose the person who she trash-talked the most about. Arrived there, she and Jen went to the Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa, and when they entered their suite, they were really excited as both of them got their own bedrooms and bathrooms, which she said the closet was bigger than her own apartment, and they had a private swimming pool outside. Both of them seemed to get along with each other. Later that evening, they went to the Terra Verde restaurant, where they were greeted by Rock, now an executive chef at that restaurant. He revealed that if they were that far in the competition, it was because they were deserving it, and urged them to continue what they were doing. He also reminded the two women that Ramsay was not looking for a great cook and that he was looking for a future chef. She appreciated being picked by Jen, but also stated that she was there to win and Jen would not stop her. The three of them clinked their glasses and drank them. When she came back from the reward, Christina whispered to her that Matt was crazy. After that, she went to the dorms and changed. When she came back in the kitchen, she acknowledged there was some tension between the two of them, but did not care if they were having issues, only wishing that it would be fixed before service.

During dinner service, Corey was on the garnish station. When the team moved on to entrées, Matt asked her if she was ready with her vegetables. She answered she was not and that she needed more time. Because of the lack of communication, she was lost on garnishes and acknowledged Matt did not have his head in the game. Then, Ramsay asked her why she was finding so difficult to reheat her food, which she answered that nobody was communicating and that it was fucking her up, and she became emotional. Ramsay asked her to show some respect and that her face was like a cow's back side. Despite that insult, she was determined to get the job done no matter what, despite not working as a team, and sent her bacon to the pass. An hour into service, entrées were getting out of the kitchen at a good rate, but when a chicken order was sent to the pass, she was not ready yet with her garnishes. When a fire erupted, she tried to take it out by putting the pan on the floor, but she burned her hand in the process. When she told Ramsay about her injury, he told her to go see a medic, but she categorically refused to. Ramsay asked her several more times to go see a medic, but she continued refusing over and over, prompting Jen herself to say that she must be cuckoo in the head talking back to Ramsay like that. Finally, she got out in the back store to see a medic, crying and saying that everything was like in slow motion. She got back in the kitchen moments later, bouncing back from her injury, while bringing some pans in the meantime. She got back on her station, acknowledging she needed to keep pushing forward. At one point, she declared Matt was like a 5-year-old in a 35-year-old body because he did not know when to stop, and later noticed he was going down in flames. She also said his excuse of him having a migraine was bullshit as he should go through it instead of being a crybaby.

After everybody got kicked out and service was shut down, the chefs were asked to nominate two members for elimination. During deliberation, Corey and her teammates quickly agreed on Matt to be nominated, and when he retorted that they could fuck themselves and kiss his ass, she was discouraged by those insults, and when Matt left the conversation, she flipped the birds in his back, acknowledging he was out of his mind. For the second nominee, she suggested Jen for her poor communication, which Christina agreed with. After that, she announced she would like to put herself up because of her poor performance, saying she was not having a problem to be nominated.

Corey was not nominated for elimination, but when she revealed she thought she should be up, Ramsay called her down, along with Matt and Christina. While pleading her case, Ramsay said to her that she seemed to get weaker as they go on, but she insisted she should be up but not eliminated as she fucked up royally, but also added that despite her injury, she did not give up like Matt did. She survived elimination.

Episode 11Edit

Back in the dorms, Corey was making herself lunch at the same time as Jen, and later, she and Christina went to bed, where they trash-talked about Jen, saying that she was on her way down and that the problem was that she was still thinking she was having it in the bag. Both of them also acknowledged that drama would come because of Jen.

The next morning, the final five came down in the red kitchen, where they lined up in front of Ramsay, who made a demonstration on how to cook a lobster spaghetti dish, which would be served as a special at the next dinner service. After, he introduced the Cooking School Challenge, where each contestant had 45 minutes to teach one middle-aged domestic housewife the lobster spaghetti, while not being allowed to touch anything. When Corey saw the housewives coming, she stated were wearing mini-skirts and popping their breasts out. When the time began, she instructed her student to roll the pasta first, which the latter declared she never made pasta before, even though she heard about it. At one point, she noticed Petrozza being excited as he was constantly helping his student put her apron on and tying her hair, and she said that he should be more focused about his task. When there was 15 minutes remaining, she was confident as she thought her student was stronger than the others and that her chances of winning would be good.

During the judging, Corey was the fourth contestant to have her dish judged by Ramsay. He praised her dish for having perfectly cooked pasta and great seasoning. She was very proud of her student, saying she gave her a lot of knowledge and thinking she deserved to win. In the end, Ramsay deliberated between her dish and Christina's, but eventually chose the latter despite reminding it was a close call. She was mad about that loss, as she thought she was the most deserving to win the challenge.

Corey was punished by cleaning the restaurant, including emptying the fryers, scrubbing the floors and cleaning the ovens. Before the punishment, she declared Christina was only lucky to have won that challenge because she was not a strong chef. During the punishment, she looked over at Christina's reward in the blue kitchen and said it would not be good for her ego as she could become more cocky about her success. The following day, during prep, she was annoyed by Christina's newly acquired knowledge, saying her voice was getting under her skin. When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay declared a twelve-top table would be attending for that night's service.

During dinner service, Corey was on the appetizer and dessert stations with Christina. Before tickets came in, she acknowledged Jen should shut her mouth and that it would only be a matter of time before she would break. Later, she found it funny when Christina was schooled by Ramsay for not bringing the right amount of spaghetti dishes. When the twelve-top table arrived, she was told to help Christina on appetizers by Ramsay. She did, but at one point, she got back on desserts, so she had to came back and help her. She stated that she and Christina were hating each other but working well together. Finally, all the appetizers of that table came to the hot plate at the same time, and Ramsay served them. They arrived at the twelve-top table together and were enjoyed by everybody. When they were done, she and Christina moved to the dessert station. Later, she saw Jen being pushed aside by Ramsay, and thought he could get rid of her finally.

After service, Christina was named "Best of the Worst". During deliberation, Corey talked with her about Bobby, where she recalled his 15 years of experience and seemed like he never tried to push himself. Later, she and Christina talked about how Jen was so full of herself, and that she could not win with that kind of attitude. Both of them concluded by saying they hoped that Jen would be the one eliminated.

She was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 12Edit

On the patio, Corey said it was crunch time as everybody was out there trying to make themselves look good, but that everybody would be out for themselves anyway. After Jen left the conversation, she declared she felt Jen was fake. She apologized about feeling that, but also declared that she was tired of worrying about everybody else's feeling and walking on eggshells. She also realized that if she would not step up as a leader, she would be kicked out. She also declared to Christina and Petrozza they would have to get rid of Jen.

The next morning, the remaining chefs lined up in the dining room, where Ramsay introduced the 80 Portions Pregnant Women Challenge, where each chef had one hour to cook 80 portions of one dish to serve to 80 pregnant women and their unborn babies. Corey made a grilled salmon BLT sandwich on a toasted brioche with vegetables on the side. She was confident, saying she could pull it off. However she was not very well organized, as she had trouble taking off the skin of her salmon and dropping a zucchini to the floor, and wondered what happened to her. She also took a look at Christina and noticed she was calm as a cucumber and even being silly. With 2 minutes left, Ramsay told the chefs to start plating their dishes, and her to move. The chefs went to their stations in the dining room to get their plates on their tables with the help of Jean-Philippe, but she was the only one who was not ready yet. When time was over, she was only having a dozen of plates on her table. When the customers entered, she ran back in the kitchen to get more plates, with the pregnant women being very impatient. She declared it was the worst challenge ever, and was upset because if the customers were men, she could have use it to her advantage, but instead, they were bitchy pregnant women. Several minutes later, she was still in the kitchen preparing and plating her sandwiches, and Ramsay schooled her for being slower than everybody else. Finally, she came in the dining room with some more plates. During the judging, her dish was declared the worst, which she was not happy about it, saying that Ramsay would see a roller coaster ride going down from that moment on.

Corey lost the challenge to Christina and was punished by cleaning the dining room ahead of that night's dinner service, followed by prepping the red kitchen. She was jealous about Christina as she was enjoying shopping herself. She also added that Ramsay picked the wrong girl to go on that reward as Christina was the least fashionable person of the remaining contestants. When Christina came back from her reward, the three punished chefs were still cleaning silverware. She showed them her new clothes before getting to the dorms and change, but none of them were impressed.

During prep, Corey thought she could use Christina's reward to her advantage, as Christina would still think she would be on clouds. She was really unresponsive to her questions at the start, but eventually listened and worked with her, telling it was not about winning challenges, but winning Hell's Kitchen.

During dinner service, Corey was on the fish station. When Jen told her to fire her scallops, she did, while revealing that she was not feeling safe at that point, and that she had to give a great performance in order to stay in the competition. Both of them communicated well, giving time on their respective dishes. Her scallops were beautifully cooked, and Ramsay praised her, saying it was the best start they ever had. 25 minutes into service, appetizers were flying out of the kitchen. When the team moved on to entrées, she and Petrozza brought their entrées to the pass, with Ramsay saying her salmon was beautifully cooked. After that, she and Jen had to communicate well to finish the appetizers, but when she asked Jen for a time, the latter was slow to answer and declared she was only concentrating on one risotto, without frying the quail eggs as asked to. Christina accepted to take over the frying of the eggs, but they became burnt as a minor fire erupted on the garnish station. So, she was dedicated by Christina to get some more quail eggs in the back store. Later, she told Jen that she and Christina were fucked already with the eggs. After that, Jen broke some eggs, leading her to say that she was sneaky and wanted to shine in front of Ramsay without caring who she was hurting along the way. Despite that, all the appetizers went out after an hour. When the teams moved on to entrées, she was dragging behind by a couple of minutes, but Ramsay wanted the John Dory, so she sent it, thinking she would be yelled at anyway. After a nervous wait, Ramsay plated her entrée and served it, making her smile. However, it did not stay in the dining room very long as it was returned for being undercooked. Ramsay told her John Dory was raw, and she acknowledged that when someone would be 10% not sure of themselves in Hell's Kitchen, it would come back to bite in the ass. Ramsay said that everything was perfect so far, but she was dropping standards like Jen was. Then, she gave 30 seconds on her John Dory refire, and when she sent it to the pass, it was accepted. An hour and a half into service, the team rallied to complete service by sending desserts out.

When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay congratulated all of them for having a great service, by giving each of them a high-five. Ramsay continued by saying the most important was that they bounced back, but brought the chefs down to Earth by asking them to come to a group consensus on which two of them should be nominated for elimination. During deliberation, Corey asked how they would figure the nominees out. Then, she suggested to put down two names on pieces of paper, without repeating the same name twice. While compiling the votes, she noticed that Christina's name was put down three times, and concluded that because she did not put her, and Christina did not put herself, somebody wrote her name twice. Jen was immediately given responsibility for that. After Jen left for her room, she talked with Christina and Louis about how they could get rid of Jen, deciding who should be nominated with her. She felt she was deserving to be nominated, but did not feel secure about that plan as she said it could go either way and bite her in the ass.

Corey was the team's second nominee for elimination, with Jen being the first. While pleading her case, she said she was a more honest person than Jen. In the end, she said goodbye to Jen and survived elimination. After Jen left, she gave a group hug to Christina and Petrozza for being the final three. While being dismissed, she acknowledged there was no room for mistakes as she came there to win.

Episode 13Edit

While going back upstairs, Corey hugged Petrozza, and said she thought she was going home, but added that if she was still there, it was not because she was lucky, it was because she was a good chef. She also said that winning was so close she could taste it. On the patio, she talked with her fellow teammates about how they were happy Jen was finally gone. After that, they congratulated each other by giving high-fives, and went to bed, wishing each other good night, and she congratulated Christina by jokingly calling her a "fucking biyatch". Finally, she agreed with Christina when the latter said she could not believe she was in the final three with her.

The next morning, the chefs woke up and got ready for the day, and lined up in the dining room, where Ramsay congratulated them for being the final three. Then, he announced he would cook lunch for them as a celebration, but before he did, he introduced them to some special guests, which were their loved ones. Corey was visited by her mother and boyfriend. She really enjoyed that special time with her family, saying she was thrown away by their visit and starting crying. The families sat down to one table each where they ate Ramsay's dish. She did not care what she was eating as she wanted to enjoy the moment with her family. After the lunch, the chefs said goodbye to their families, who left, and lined up in front of Ramsay. He asked them if they enjoyed the moment, which she answered she did.

After that, Ramsay introduced the Taste It Now Make It Challenge, where each chef had 45 minutes to recreate the dish they have just eaten. Corey thought she was screwed as she was too overwhelmed by her family's visit. When the countdown began, she went to the pantry room to look for some ingredients, but she said there was ten different meats in the fridge. She chose the filet of buffalo as her cut of meat, pancetta, carrots, onions, cabbage, and parsley as her vegetables, potato parsnip as her purée, and for the sauce, she made a red wine reduction, but she tasted some sweet, and changed the base of her sauce, hoping she would be right. She plated and served her dish in time.

During the judging, Corey was relieved when Ramsay announced her sauce as correct, but she missed the protein as she chose buffalo when the correct one was venison. Because of that, she lost the challenge to Christina and was punished by hand craving huge ice blocks by themselves as the ice bags ran out, and polishing all the glasses from the restaurant under the supervision of Jean-Philippe. She said the day would suck because of that punishment, and while she was breaking her ice block, she joked with Petrozza about how they were looking like cavemen, even imitating cavemen, and that she visualized the ice being Jen. During prep, she acknowledged that winning all the challenges was fun, but it would not help Christina win the competition in the end. She also added that Christina was not having the full package to win.

When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay declared that all of them would be running the hot plate during that service one at a time. After that, Corey was the last chef to get her turn at Ramsay's assertive test. So, she came in the blue kitchen, but she declared she was nervous as she was not a good actress. When Ramsay simulated bringing her raw fish, Ramsay was not impressed as she was too soft and he showed him how to do it properly, smashing a plate to the ground in the process. On her second attempt, she was a lot more aggressive, and Ramsay reminded her she had to run the hot plate and not the other way around.

During dinner service, Corey was on the meat station. When she saw Christina going down in flames, and said it was good for her. More than an hour into service, she became the second chef to run the hot plate during that service, but when she called her first ticket, she got confused as there was only 5 entrées written on the ticket compared to 6 appetizers. She told Jean-Philippe about it, and he corrected the problem. When she called the ticket once again with the missing order, only Sous Chef Scott answered back, so she asked if anybody else would like to say "Yes Chef", and Christina did, but she had to ask Petrozza one more time, and then he did. She managed to send out many entrées to some satisfied customers. But, Sous Chef Scott tested her by sending the wrong sauce with the Wellingtons. She spotted the mistake, but a little too late as she already plated it with the Wellingtons when she noticed it. She sent back the tray to Sous Chef Scott, and was ashamed to not have spotted that mistake. When she got back on her station, she was worried as she felt she did not performed well on the hot plate. During Christina's turn at the pass, she brought her Wellingtons to the pass, and Ramsay told they were perfectly cooked, urging her not to stop. She appreciated a moment for herself, hoping that it would be enough to get her in the finals. Then, she was asked for a time by Christina, which she answered three minutes. Then, she revealed that Christina's voice was high-pitched and that it could be annoying at some time. For the last minutes of the service, Ramsay took the control of the kitchen back, and the team rallied to finish the tickets before moving on to desserts. While plating the desserts, she and Christina discussed about who would be sent home that night as they all put off good performances. The team completed service and the morale was very high.

When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay told they made his job difficult as he did not know who should be eliminated. After, he reminded Corey that she perfectly run the meat station but not the hot plate. After, he asked each chef to nominate one person for elimination. During deliberation, she said that even though she was liking Petrozza and Christina, her ultimate goal was to win and that she would fight for her place. However, she declared she was not feeling safe at that moment.

Before asking for the nominees, Ramsay announced to the final three that he was proud of all three of them as he grew really close to them. Then, Corey and Christina nominated each other. In the end, Ramsay eliminated her. Before she left, she hugged her fellow teammates, with Christina promising she would be picked on her team, and Ramsay praised her talent and told her to follow her dream. During her exit interview, she received a retrospective montage of her run. Ramsay gave no comment on Corey's elimination, and she did not receive the coat hanging and burning picture sequence.

Episode 14/15Edit

During the recap of the season, Corey received the burning picture sequence for the first time since her elimination.

Corey was the third returning chef who entered the kitchen when Ramsay introduced them to the finalists, and a flashback of her nominating Christina and Jen for personal reasons on the second episode was shown. She was Christina's first pick, followed by Louross and Matt.

On the patio, Corey was dedicated on the hot plate with Christina by her. During prep, when she learned Jen was asking a letter of recommendation to Ramsay in the blue kitchen, she declared that she was officially hating her. Moments later, she declared Matt as unstable and a little bit psycho when he was talking to himself while doing his things, and also suggested Christina that she must make him more serious. Then, she told Matt to get his shit together, but he responded that his shit was together.

During dinner service, Corey was on the meat and garnish stations. She acknowledged it was her last service in Hell's Kitchen and was determined to make Christina win that night. She brought her sliders at the same time Louross brought his salads to the pass, and Ramsay praised her sliders, which were served to the dining room. Later, an order of New York strip was sent back to the kitchen by Jean-Philippe, and Christina asked her to refire the order on-the-spot. She asked Matt to cook the garnish right away, and revealed she started to get frazzled because food was coming back and acknowledged she could have been more organized. While refiring, she vocally led the red team, and brought her food to the hot plate with Matt, and it was accepted by Christina. Much later, she expressed annoyance by Matt's attitude, saying he was mumbling underneath his breath when Ramsay was yelling at him. Finally, she helped her team sending out desserts and completing service for Christina.

After service, Ramsay congratulated both teams for a good service and everybody gave a big round of applause. Corey hugged Christina and wished her luck before she went back to the dorms. Eventually, Christina won the finals over Petrozza.

Nomination historyEdit

Week 1 Win
Week 2 BoW
Week 3 Safe
Week 4 Win
Week 5 Safe
Week 6 Safe
Week 7 Win
Week 8 BoW
Week 9 Win
Week 10 Nominated
Week 11 Safe
Week 12 Nominated
Week 13 Nominated

Trivia Edit

  • After her appearance on the show, she has been a food stylist with a number of large clients. After that, she had her own soup company for a while, making small batches for small businesses and markets.

Quotes Edit

  • "I have a problem with people who treat me like a dumb blonde."
  • (To Christina) "So what, you might think I'm a bitch, I don't care!"
  • "I am a more honest person than Jen."