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Christina Wilson was a contestant on Season 10 of Hell's Kitchen. She was the winner of that season and was awarded a head chef position at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Las Vegas, with a $250,000 salary. She returned as the Sous Chef for the red team on Season 15, and from Season 17 onward.


Season 10

Episode 1

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The eighteen chefs arrived at Hell's Kitchen via SUVs and police escort, and as they walked in, Sous Chef Scott told the chefs he shaved his head to prove his commitment to Ramsay and showed a picture of him with a full head of hair, before deciding to shave the chefs' heads. After two chefs got their heads shaved, really Sous Chef Scott's friends, the latter was about to shave Danielle's head until Ramsay stopped him and told her to get back in line. He told the chefs to get in the kitchens to cook their signature dishes.

During the Signature Dish Challenge, Christina was the ninth and final person from the red team to have her dish judged by Ramsay and went up against Clemenza. Before her dish was judged, she revealed she was a chef de cuisine at one of Philadelphia's top 50 restaurants, and that the quality of the food they put was phenomenal. She made a molasses-glazed pork chop, Ramsay praised her dish for having perfect pork and delicious squash, much to her satisfaction. She won that round over Clemenza, and the red team won the challenge 5-3. They were rewarded with a steak meal at the patio cooked by Season 3 winner Rock Harper and Season 6 winner Dave Levey.

As the women tried to study, Christina was seen playfully spanking Dana. During dinner service, she was on the meat station with Robyn. On entrées, Ramsay saw that her Wellington had raw dough, and called it a joke after asking her if she wanted him to serve it. After Dana accused her of killing the women, she knew that cooking a Wellington was difficult as it was unknown how cooked it was until it was sliced. Then, Ramsay went to the meat station, and saw raw dough on more Wellingtons, forcing her and Barbie to make new dough in the middle of service, but when Tiffany called out 15 minutes on the Wellingtons, Robyn called the red kitchen silent for that amount of time as Ramsay called it a joke. Later, she served yet another Wellington with raw pastry, a fed-up Ramsay compared it to snot, and ordered the women to shut down their kitchen. She nearly came close to tears, lamented her poor performance, and was down about not bouncing back. Despite that, the red team won the service as they served all their appetizers compared to the blue team’s zero.[1]

Episode 2

Main article: Episode 1002 - 17 Chefs Compete

Back at the dorms, Christina expresses concern to Kimmie that the red team was not coming together as a team.

During the Scallop Challenge, Christina was not seen during the scallop collecting and was paired up with Danielle. They were seen only having one attempt accepted, and the red team won the challenge 6-2. They were rewarded with a trip to Catalina Island with Ramsay on board a yacht, and a zip lining experience. During the reward, she deemed Ramsay a cool cat outside the kitchen.

During prep, Christina noticed the tension between Barbie and Robyn but hoped the women could still act as a team, before expecting a brawl in the dorms. During dinner service, she served a shrimp scampi tableside. She was not seen much, except for stopping an argument between Robyn and Barbie. Both teams were named joint losers, and they were asked to nominate two each. During deliberation, she asked who the second nominee after Barbie would be.

She was not nominated for elimination.[2]

Episode 3

Main article: Episode 1003 - 16 Chefs Compete

Back at the dorms, Christina told Robyn that if they gave Barbie enough rope that the latter would hang herself, but Robyn accused Barbie of hanging all of them.

During the Immigrants Lunch Service Challenge, Christina was on the grilled cheese station with Robyn. She was not seen much, but when the red team completed their orders, they were sent to help the men and she said that it was no longer a challenge and that they had to serve the immigrants. The red team won the challenge, and they were rewarded with a trip to San Diego with a safari trip and got to fly in a private jet.

During dinner service, Christina was on the appetizer station with Dana. When Briana called out four minutes on her scallops, much to Ramsay’s shock, she decided to jump over to fish as she felt the former was not pulling her weight. Thankfully, she was able to help get the firefighter’s order out. After the red team got kicked out of the kitchen, she was upset that the women fucked up yet again, and felt that both her pride and dignity were gone.

After service, Ramsay praised Christina for finally finding her voice despite her team not yelling that night. The red team lost the service, and they were asked to nominate two people for elimination. During deliberation, she knew that the women let Ramsay down that night as they cooked like a bunch of assholes, and felt they would be lucky if one person went home that night. Then, she agreed with Barbie that Dana got crushed from the start.

She was not nominated for elimination.[3]

Episode 4

Main article: Episode 1004 - 15 Chefs Compete

The next day, a group of dogs was let loose in the dorms, and their loud barking woke up the chefs, confusing Barbie. Once up, Sous Chef Scott gave them overalls to put on, and their next challenge began.

During the Creative Lamb Challenge, Christina was paired up with Dana on the lamb steak, and they went up against the pair of Royce and Brian. Dana presented their braised lamb steak with sautéed spinach, and while Ramsay praised them for brazing their lamb as it worked, they lost to Royce and Brian. When Robyn explained she put the lamb in the oven because a rack took longer, and even though she blamed her teammates for telling her otherwise, she reminded her that she was accountable for what she presented, which Ramsay agreed with.

The red team lost the challenge 2-3, and they were punished by washing off the paint from the sheep, eating sheep testicles, and clean up both kitchens along with prepping them for that night’s service. When Sous Chef Andi served the women lamb testicles for lunch, it made Christina gag at the sight of them. During prep, when she thanked Kimmie for eating most of the testicles for her, the latter commented that she had to because the rest of the women refused to, and got annoyed when Danielle and Kimmie got into an argument.

During dinner service, Christina was on the appetizer station with Danielle. She was not seen much, except for spitting out her taste when Danielle sent a raw and under-seasoned risotto. Both teams were named joint losers and were asked to nominate two people each. During deliberation, she, along with Danielle, considered Robyn due to sinking on garnish that night.

Christina was not nominated for elimination and after Don's elimination, she said goodbye to Roshni as the latter was reassigned to the blue team.[4]

Episode 5

Main article: Episode 1005 - 14 Chefs Compete

Back at the dorms, in the hot tub, Dana complained to Danielle and Christina that Robyn blamed others for her mistakes, and predicted that a fight would go down between the latter and Kimmie.

During the Mexican Cuisine Challenge, Christina cooked the enchiladas, was the fourth person from the red team to have her dish judged and went up against Patrick. She made carnitas enchiladas, they were criticized for having its Mexican flavors completely sanitized, and she lost that round to Patrick. The red team eventually won the challenge 3-2, and they were rewarded with a gourmet lunch at John Sedlar’s Rivera restaurant and received salsa lessons.

Later that night, Tiffany told Kimmie and Robyn what Royce said, that a Memphis girl did not make a better taco than himself, only using his complaints to blame Danielle, Dana, and Christina. The next day, Robyn brought up what Tiffany told her last night, but when she and Dana denied saying anything bad towards Kimmie, the entire red team gathered as the latter called the trio pieces of shit for bad-mouthing her.

During the Mexican Night dinner service, Christina was on the appetizer station with Barbie. Despite offering to help Barbie out, the latter was confident she had it despite a bumpy start. Later, she and Dana told Danielle to get another pork fired immediately as they fear the latter's refire was raw, but their fears came true and Danielle was kicked out as Ramsay told her to flash the pork urgently. After several ejections in the red kitchen, she was one of the four remaining members from the red kitchen who managed to get the first order of entrees out and get a groove going. Both teams were named joint losers, and they were asked to nominate two each. During deliberation, Dana took her and Danielle back to the bedroom and wanted the three to stick together. However, she struggled as Danielle had a poor night, Kimmie had a poor attitude earlier that day and had no idea what to do.

She was not nominated for elimination.[5]

Episode 6/7

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Back at the dorms, a tearful Dana and Christina reconfirmed their strong bond together with Danielle as Dana knew that the Kimmie-Tiffany-Robyn alliance was not going to put themselves up for elimination and that she would be their next target. However, she did not want the competition to get personal, and for the sake of the other’s wellbeing, she did not want to be pushed far as it could get ugly.

Before the Fashion Night Planning Challenge, Christina got confused when Ramsay started discussing French food and trends. She was paired up with Dana on the appetizer dish, and during the cooking, the former directed her on how to cook their lobster appetizer dish as she wanted it done properly, while she preferred that Dana let her do her job. They were the first pair from the red team to have their dish judged and went up against the pair of Brian and Justin. Dana presented their chilled mango broth with jumble crab meat, and while the dish was criticized for having a clumsy presentation, the judges noted how interesting the taste was as there was a hint of a mango aftertaste and they scored that round over the pair of Brian and Justin.

The red team eventually lost the challenge 1-2, and they were punished by decorating the dining room ahead of the Fashion Night dinner service, hand-build a runway, and making centerpieces under the guidance of a fashion producer. During the punishment, the Fashion Night supervisor called the red team over to collect the runway pieces, and as Christina knew that none of her teammates were thrilled about it, she felt her heart sink after seeing the pieces. When Robyn asked to work on building the runway, she was not happy as that left the four smallest women left to carry a piece out, and when they struggled, Kimmie came to help them as Robyn struggled to figure out how to put the pieces together before asking her for help. Then, she got fed up, told Robyn to play with her screwdriver, and when Dana sarcastically commented how fun it was to put together a runway, she snapped at her to help her out, causing Dana to call her scary when she was pissed and suggested that she needed to relax. After hitting her tooth, she complained about the amount of sweat dripping on her back, knew they were going to be at this all day and was close to losing it before breaking off from the group in frustration. As the red team needed her to stay strong for them, they decided to walk on the runway to blow off some steam, which succeeded as she felt a lot better afterward. Back at the dorms, Robyn was talking smack about Kimmie, and she feared they were breaking down from the inside out.[6]

During the Fashion Night dinner service, Christina was on the appetizer station with Dana. At one point, Robyn offered to help her and Dana out on appetizers, but they rejected it, frustrating the former even though she told her to back the fuck up. When Robyn asked the red team to go to the blue kitchen and ask for some extra beef, she reluctantly agreed to do it, knowing it would be too obvious for a red chef to be in the blue kitchen, but before she could come in, Ramsay walked into the kitchen and she backed out of it. Then, Tiffany asked her to help watch over her swordfish, it was sent up, but one of the pieces was cold. When Tiffany did not answer Ramsay’s question on who cooked it, she revealed she grilled them, but when Ramsay demanded to know who oversaw fish, Tiffany still did not answer. Eventually, Tiffany told Ramsay that she grilled the fish and she herself sent them up, and she refused to send up any more fish without approval.

The red team won the dinner service, and back at the dorms, Christina did the chicken dance. However, Robyn pulled her away from the team, and in the bedroom, the former asked her why she would not let her help with appetizers. While she explained that she and Dana had a rhythm going in the middle of that course, she felt Robyn was taking things to personal and was done with the drama. At elimination, she and the red team gave Clemenza a standing ovation after being impressed by his passionate plea and surviving elimination.[7]

Episode 8

Main article: Episode 1008 - 12 Chefs Compete

During the Dome Challenge, Christina grabbed lobster and heirloom tomatoes for her dish. During the cooking, she apologized to her lobster before killing it and felt they should be talking more with each other on who wanted who after Dana grabbed the celery root from Tiffany. After Robyn bluntly said that she hated beets, she wanted to shove those words back in the former's mouth. She was the final person from the red team to have her dish judged and went up against Royce. She made a steamed lobster tail with heirloom tomatoes and Berblanc sauce, it was praised for having seasoned garnishes, and a beautifully cooked lobster. In the end, she scored 7 stars, the red team won the challenge 30-29, and she ecstatically admitted she did not see that coming. After the judges left, Ramsay told her that he was adding her dish to the following service’s menu, and she called it sick to share menu space with him. The red team was rewarded with a spa day and brand new Demeyere cookware for each of them. After seeing that, she got excited as it was a grade A class.

During dinner service, Christina was on the appetizer station with Barbie. At one point, she sent up a perfect risotto, allowing the red team to get out their first order of appetizers. When the red team received Sugar Ray Leonard’s order, and she knew she would be dead if she fucked up that order, even feeling that his wife could throw a punch as good as he could. Then, she sent up an undercooked risotto, and Ramsay was more disappointed as she got a perfect one earlier that night. Despite that, she refire was accepted. The red team won the dinner service by a mile after completing their tickets and the blue team's tickets, making her feel they were killing it.[8]

Episode 9/10

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While going back to the dorms, Christina received a rare compliment from Ramsay, rating her three stars while urging her to keep going, and while that surprised her, she felt fucking good getting some recognition.

During the Creative Steak Challenge, Christina knew that nobody from the red team wanted to sit out. She went up against Royce, and their ingredients were hanger steak, yams, eggplant, asparagus, and crab. During the cooking, she already knew how to cook a hanger steak, but never did so with the choice of ingredients she received before asking what she was going to do with them. She was the second person from the red team to have her dish judged, knew that she just went up against Royce in the previous challenge, and was ready for a rematch. She made a hanger steak marinated in wine jue and red pepper flakes, with panko parmesan crusted pan-fried eggplant wrapped around grilled asparagus was praised for tasting delicious, the temperature of the steak was nailed, and Ramsay loved the crispness of the eggplant, but he criticized the under-seasoned yams for being dumped on the plate like a dull mess. Despite that, she scored that round over Royce, and felt bad for him, before shaking her head in a “yeah right” way.

The red team eventually lost the challenge 2-3, and when Ramsay had them taste Kimmie's dish, she admitted they made the wrong choice. They were punished by taking in delivery of a side of beef, and prep it for Steak Night. During the punishment, Christina called their defeat disappointing, before blaming Robyn for their loss and telling Kimmie to sell her dish better. Despite ordering Kimmie to stop arguing with Robyn, she was done with the arguing in the kitchen as it was a recipe for disaster.

The next day, at 7:35 AM, Christina and Barbie were surprised to see Robyn in their room, with Barbie originally thinking it was a hobbit, before calling it creepy. During prep, she agreed with Kimmie that it was not the time to argue.[9] During the Family-Steak Night dinner service, she was on the garnish station. At one point, she reminded both Kimmie and Robyn about their first entrée order, but when Robyn walked her fish, she was not ready on garnish and frustratingly called out 45 seconds. When the tension between Robyn and Kimmie continued, she hoped the two could work together, or else they would be screwed. While the blue team was called in to help, the red team was kicked out after multiple mistakes. Back at the dorms, she dismayingly called it unreal as they had great momentum until that night, and it was all down the toilet. Then, a livid Robyn bitched about Kimmie screwing her that night, but she had enough of the former’s bitching as it was becoming too much and left to the stairwell to tell Kimmie to defend herself from Robyn’s bus throwing. Indeed, Kimmie defended herself, but when Robyn tried to blame her for starting trouble, she angrily yelled that she just blamed Kimmie not long ago.

Both teams were named joint losers, and they were asked to nominate two each. During deliberation, Christina suggested Tiffany as the women’s first nominee for her constant screaming at Barbie as it was both unprofessional and unacceptable on Family Night, and even felt the two would break into a fistfight. Later, she and Barbie restrained Kimmie and Robyn out of fear of a fistfight breaking out, but was done with the shouting and name-calling, and felt Robyn was the cause of all the red team’s conflicts, before wanting the cancer gone.

Christina was not nominated for elimination, but when Robyn claimed she could do better on the blue team, she didn’t think so. After Patrick's elimination, she said goodbye to Robyn as the latter was reassigned to the blue team.[10]

Episode 11

Main article: Episode 1011 - 10 Chefs Compete

While going back to the dorms, Christina told the red team to drop any problems they had immediately and was very happy to see Robyn finally out of the red team. Then, she added that with five chefs left on the red team, they had to move forward, with Kimmie agreeing as they had to come together.

During the Craps Challenge, Christina got dismayed after Tiffany picked chicory, she rolled a T and picked truffles. With the red team having normal ingredients, she envisioned a fall harvest kind of dish. Dana presented the red team's herb-crusted rack of lamb on top of crispy roasted Brussel sprouts and braised endives and chicory. Ramsay praised the cook of the lamb for being perfect but criticized the Brussel sprouts for being a disappointment as they were too crunchy. The red team lost the challenge, and they were punished by slow roasting pork for a pulled pork special ahead of the following service, which would take 12–15 hours, giving them little to no sleep.

When the red team found out David Beckham was dining in the red kitchen, the red team squeal in excitement, with even Christina, who was a lesbian, calling Beckham smoking hot. During dinner service, she was on the appetizer station with Kimmie. When Beckham arrived, she claimed he rode in a rainbow carried by a unicorn that was eating a cupcake, before calling him a magical creature. When Dana was struggling on flatbread pizza as it was stuck to the pizza over, she tried to help, but her attempt got stuck as well, and she felt they were fumbling more than ever. Despite that, the third attempt was accepted. After the red team got their tickets completed, she was one of the three chefs that were sent into the blue kitchen to help, she told them that it was not the time to make the blue team look even worse, and thanks to her leadership, the blue team was able to complete their orders. The red team won the service, and she was very happy as it meant they did not have to nominate somebody again.

After elimination, Christina was shocked they were down 50% and said she had to carry her confidence to beat out the eight other chefs.[11]

Episode 12/13

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Back at the dorms, the red team discusses the issue with the blue team as Christina felt Robyn back-peddled when she announced Clemenza as a nominee, and even though the two were not working in the same kitchen anymore, she felt that Robyn still drove her nuts in the dorms.

During the Blind Taste Test, Christina was the first person from the red team to compete and went up against Brian. She only got beets and pineapple, mistaking turkey for tofu, much to Barbie’s bewilderment. After that round, Ramsay reminded her about the tofu incident and was left embarrassed. The red team lost the challenge 6-7, and they were punished by participating in Delivery Day, as well as unboxing all their peppercorns, grind them by hand and mortar, replace the fryer oil for both kitchens, and prep potatoes. During the punishment, she did not want to get used to losing after a third challenge losing streak, and when a large order of ice arrived, she felt exhausted just looking at the truck. Later, she yelled at Barbie and Kimmie to knock off their argument as they had no time.

Later that day, a truck horn blared, annoying Tiffany as she thought the red team was done with delivery day. However, Barbie opened the box to reveal a tablet, and after pressing play, it opened a prerecorded message from Ramsay. Then, Ramsay announced that he was giving both teams a chance to have their own menus for the following night’s service, and gave them one hour to create a menu with three appetizers, three entrées, and three desserts. During prep, Christina and Tiffany found Kimmie's sauce tasting more Jack Daniels and honey, with her suggesting to Kimmie that she add more soy sauce and expressing concern about the former not knowing what to do. When Barbie was very slow cleaning the mussels, she was losing her patience, even getting angry when Barbie left for a smoke break as they were very behind before taking over the mussel cleaning. With time nearly running out, Tiffany asked her and Dana to taste her potatoes, but the two felt they were very crunchy. When Ramsay looked at the red team's dishes, she felt it was not the start they wanted after he criticized the first two, and knew they had to make some adjustments before the start of service.[12]

During dinner service, Christina was on the appetizer station with Barbie and had her flatbread dish on the menu. As the red team received their first orders, she was hit with a wave of her flatbread dish, said she already had eight fired when more were called in, and asked for some love from Ramsay, who was growing impatient with her slow performance. With some help from Barbie, her flatbreads were accepted, even though the former felt she was floundering despite talking a big game. After Dana had some lobster come back for being raw, she knew that was not the former was capable of. When Tiffany's potatoes were raw, felt there was no way to get around the potato problem, and grew frustrated when the former had no idea how long the potatoes could take to reheat as they were her item.

Both teams were named joint losers, and they were asked to nominate two each. During deliberation, Christina considered Tiffany but struggled on her second nominee as she knew Barbie did not talk and had an attitude problem, while Kimmie needed some direction.

She was not nominated for elimination.[13]

Episode 14

Main article: Episode 1014 - 8 Chefs Compete

During the Southern Cuisine Challenge, Christina decided to go up against Justin, and their dishes were fried chicken and mac and cheese. During the cooking, she was indecisive about leaving the skin on her chicken. Near the end of the time limit, she accidentally knocked off some skin from her chicken and hoped she did not ruin her dish. She was the third person from the red team to have her dish judged and presented her fried chicken with bacon gravy mac and cheese and fried chips. They were criticized for having a soggy skin, and she lost that round to Justin. The red team eventually won the challenge 3-1, and they were rewarded with a photoshoot with Ramsay and Tanya Steel for Epicurious, and lunch at the Four Seasons. During the reward, she called the photoshoot fun and said that Ramsay was funny.

During the Southern Night dinner service, Christina was on the meat station. She was not seen that night, but when the red team got kicked out of the kitchen, Ramsay threw her the raw catfish Kimmie sent up, which made her gag. As the red team went back to the dorms, she blamed Kimmie for failing on fish despite it being the latter’s night to shine and was frustrated beyond belief. Both teams were named joint losers, and they were asked to nominate one each. During deliberation, she nominated Kimmie for the failure on the fish station.

She was not nominated for elimination.[14]

Episode 15

Main article: Episode 1015 - 7 Chefs Compete

Back at the dorms, Barbie noted that the red team was down three compared to the blue team’s four, but Christina felt that fewer people in the kitchen were better and did not give a fuck as she believed in her team.

During the Relay Challenge, Christina went up twice. In the second round, she found out that Dana never told her about the risotto being raw and started to work on it as it needed 20 minutes to cook. On the fifth round, she discovered that the risotto was burnt at the bottom due to Dana cooking on a hot temperature, leaving her pissed at the lack of organization. Then, she pulled the cod out of the oven before Barbie felt it was ready. When Ramsay found out that the red team’s cod was raw, Barbie blamed her for fucking it up. As neither team scored a point on either round, Ramsay named both team's joint losers on a team challenge. Everybody was punished by cleaning up the front of the restaurant and detailing the SUVs. During the punishment, she knew it was a long day, but hoped they could bounce back from the challenge failure and have a great dinner service.

Before service began, Ramsay showed both teams a black jacket for the winning team, and Christina calling it the best thing she saw under a dome since she got here. During dinner service, she was on both the appetizer and garnish stations. At one point, she sent up perfect risottos, only for Ramsay to comment that she made too much for the order and warned her not to mix an old risotto with a fresh batch. While she argued that she did not want to waste food, Ramsay reminded her that there were two different risottos at two different stages of cook, leaving her to question why she thought that. Later, Barbie tried to offer her some help, but she rejected her as she wanted to get through her rhythm, with Barbie getting annoyed. Then, she sent up a burnt risotto as her pans were hot, Ramsay accused her of going out of control, and Barbie felt that if she was too proud to ask for help, then she would not make it far in the competition. Fortunately, she got her refire accepted. The red team won the service, and after Ramsay awarded them with black jackets, she was ecstatic.[15]

Episode 16

Main article: Episode 1016 - 6 Chefs Compete

Back at the dorms, the chefs found a Bob Kramer carbon steel knife from Henkels for each of them, thrilling Christina as she called it insane. The next day, the chefs tasted dishes from Ludo Lefebvre and Quinn Hatfield, and when nobody could get Lefebvre's dish, she hopefully said no harm no foul.

During the Taste It Now Make It Challenge, Christina was paired up with Robyn, and they used veal, serrano ham, white bean, bacon, and port wine to recreate Ramsay's dish. They got all but the wrapping and the sauce correct, and they lost to the pair of Dana and Clemenza. She was punished with doing the waiting staff’s chores which included redoing the tabletops, ironing and folding the linen, and polishing the silverware which were all done under James’ supervision. During the punishment, she was not happy about doing the punishment, even feeling that James had a white glove to check everything, and as the latter continued to bark out orders, she lamented that a day at the beach would have been great.

Before service, Ramsay announced that the black jackets would face off against a team of runner ups. When Russell revealed himself, nobody was happy to see him as Christina remembered how much of fucking ass he was back then, before hoping to see him burn hard on whatever station he was on. During prep, she was pumped as both her and Clemenza was confident they could take the runner ups and was not intimidated as they were running the show now.

During dinner service, Christina was on the appetizer station with Robyn. After Robyn served a salad with little dressing, she got frustrated as all the former had to do was put dressing on leaves. The black jackets lost the service to the runner ups, and they were asked to nominate two people for elimination. During deliberation, Robyn immediately tried to defend her actions as she did not cook them, but she asked the latter if that meant she walked away from it. Then, when Robyn argued that she did finish what she started, she brought up the scallops again. Deciding that she could not handle Robyn’s attitude anymore, she chose the former as her first vote.

She was not nominated for elimination.[16]

Episode 17

Main article: Episode 1017 - 5 Chefs Compete

Back at the dorms, Christina was glad Clemenza was still around. During the Cooking School Challenge, she was paired up with Ms. Teen USA Katie Blair of 2006, and during the cooking, she was impressed by how Blair was cutting her chicken down. They were the first pair to have their dish judged, and immediately, she noticed that their chicken breast was larger than Ramsay’s dish. After tasting the dish, Ramsay praised the chicken for being cooked perfectly, moist, and delicious, but wanted more marinara over mozzarella.

Christina lost the challenge to Barbie and was punished by prepping for Italian Night. During the punishment, she was upset, hoped she could win a challenge soon. When Barbie and Justin walked by for their reward, she wondered if it was Barbie’s strategy all along to wait, and while Dana felt Barbie and Justin were falling in love, she felt it was more of an alliance. When Barbie and Justin made spaghetti for the final five for dinner, she was not thrilled about it as they made pasta for the last six hours.

During the Italian Night dinner service, Christina was on the garnish station. When Clemenza could not recall the first order of appetizers as he did not pay attention, she annoyingly told him to pull it together before telling him the order, two risottos, and two flatbreads. When she noticed that Clemenza needed help on the flatbreads and was completely disorganized, she grabbed a cutting board to help, even warning him to step up or step off. After Barbie struggled on risottos, she had no idea what the former was doing, even hearing the bombs go off. Later, she sent up burnt and bland spinach, which Justin knew Ramsay was big on, and the latter asked the final five what was happening with them. Deciding to regain focus, she got her refire accepted, even though Ramsay was sarcastically surprised to see her taste her food. While the service ended with all the diners getting fed, she was embarrassed that this was the best the final five could do.

After service, Ramsay asked the final five to nominate one person for elimination. During deliberation, Christina was disappointed about her performance, but Dana told her to relax as she only made one mistake that night. In the bedroom, she wanted to vote for Clemenza, but Dana leaned more to Barbie as she disliked her, and reminded her of all the times they wanted her gone from the red team. Later, she struggled with a final decision.

Christina was not nominated for elimination. Back at the dorms, the final four were greeted by mysterious people, much to everyone, especially her shock and excitement, and the episode ended in a cliffhanger.[16]

Episode 18

Main article: Episode 1018 - 4 Chefs Compete

Continuing from the previous episode, Christina received a visit from her mother and girlfriend, and while reconnecting with her loved ones, she and Dana called themselves the dynamic duo. After some time, the loved ones left and she called seeing her girlfriend the thing she needed, before proclaiming to hold onto that moment for the rest of her life. As the final four reconvened, she remarked that Ramsay did not lie to them about things getting better. The next day, the final four were driven to a grocery store, and although she was exhausted from the previous night, she knew she had to push herself even though they had no idea where they were going.

During the Budget Challenge, Christina called it an important challenge as Ramsay was looking for somebody who could make money for him. During the cooking, Sous Chef Scott noticed that she bought the fewest amount of ingredients of the final four, but she refused to get nervous as she hoped people would be willing to pay more with fewer components. Then, she helped Dana by telling her to watch her cream, but Barbie reminded the two that it was a challenge, and they were not in teams. She was the final person up and knew she had a big hill to climb as there were not a lot of challenges left, before presenting her grilled swordfish with saffron rice and shrimp. While Hugh Garvey praised the broth for making him feel he was in Southern France, and David Lefevre feeling that it was a flavorful dish, he and Christian Philippo felt the skin was unnecessary, although she accused them of being nonskin lovers. As a result, she scored a $33.67 average, lost the challenge to Dana, and defeatedly wanted the latter to let her win a challenge at least once, before knowing she had to step it up later that night.

Christina was punished by separating all the trash the restaurant accumulated for recycling purposes. During the punishment, she called it a bad one as it reached a new level of disgusting, even wanting to give Clemenza a head to toe bath in exchange of going into the dumpster. Later, she called Justin the baby of the group that day as the last thing she wanted was the latter to puke over things they had to sort through.

During prep, both Justin and Christina felt they still smelled like garbage despite showering before and got annoyed when Dana described her reward as it was the last thing she wanted to hear after busting her ass that day. After Ramsay revealed that the President of the Paris hotel Vegas David Hoenemeyer was dining that night, and Christina knew that she had to make no mistakes to impress Hoenemeyer.

During dinner service, Christina was on the garnish station. When working on their first order, she knew how high the stakes were as the final four worked very hard to get to where they needed to be, and that they were going to fight harder that night. After, she and Justin got their first order of appetizers accepted. She was the final person to run the pass and felt she was pumped by being up there before being very vocal to Ramsay’s approval. However, when she referred to Dana as her buddy, Ramsay lectured her not to do that, and she got more forceful when Dana had to drag on cod due to having her initial orders burnt on the bottom. Then, Ramsay warned her that she was being walked over, and then, Dana sent up a raw cod, and when the latter struggled on the refire, she and Ramsay pushed her to get it up quickly. Eventually, she decided to throw away friendship if Dana was performing poorly at that stage of the competition and became more assertive to the latter, which caused Dana to finally get the refire accepted. Then, Ramsay replaced the spinach garnish with arugula, but she instantly saw the sabotage and knew that she was not going to let that slide. After, the final orders were served with no other problems. After service, Ramsay asked the final four to think about who should stay, and who should go home. During deliberation, she felt Dana was fucking everything that night, and reminded the latter about the raw cod when she was running the pass.

At elimination, Ramsay asked the final four why they should stay. Christina said she kept her mouth shut since the start, felt she became the leader of the red team, and that her standards were higher than before. After Barbie's elimination, Ramsay admitted that it was now hard to pick two out of the three remaining chefs as there was a fraction of difference between them and that he could see anyone of them in the finale. Just before Ramsay could announce who the first finalist was, the episode ended in a cliffhanger.[17]

Episode 19/20

Main article: Episode 1019 - 2 Chefs Compete
Main article: Episode 1020 - Winner Chosen

Continuing from the previous episode, Ramsay named Christina the first finalist, and while surprisingly stunned by that, she hugged him in response. She was joined by Justin as the second finalist, and after Dana left, Ramsay congratulated the finalists, and she wanted to jump on the table in celebration. After reminding the two that one of them would become the head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak, Ramsay warned them that their next 48 hours would be difficult before telling them to come up with a winning menu with four appetizers, four entrées, and three desserts.

After the two celebrated with champagne, they went straight to work on their menus as Christina wanted herself on the menu as she cooked her entire life, learned a lot from her mother and grandmother, and hoped it would pay off. The next day, the final two woke up, and Ramsay called the dorms, asking the two to be at his office, making her nervous as they had a lot of work. At his office, Ramsay told the two that while it was important they each went through their menu items with the Sous Chefs, Andi and Scott were not at Hell’s Kitchen. Instead, Andi and Scott were waiting for them at Las Vegas, surprising the two as Ramsay wanted their meetings poolside in private cabanas.

After a quick pack up, the final two met Ramsay on board their private jet, and Christina called spending time with him and on a jet amazing. When Ramsay told the two to enjoy themselves after their long journey, she knew she came a long way after dealing with the drama on the red team, putting her heart on each dish, and that she grew stronger at each service. Before landing, Ramsay asked the two who would win, and they said themselves. Arriving at Las Vegas, she and Justin headed down to the Paris Hotel for some hand massages until the Sous Chefs arrived. After the Sous Chefs went through the menu items with the final two, Ramsay gave them one last surprise in the form of their loved ones, her mother and girlfriend, and said having her mom and girlfriend there for lunch was what she needed. Before leaving, Ramsay said he had arranged for VIP tickets at a Vegas show for everybody, and as everybody relaxed, she called it a nice break as it reminded her of what she left behind to compete. Later that night, the final two and their loved ones met up with Ramsay to see the show, although she was uncertain if all of this was happening right now as Ramsay rarely made it easy for them. Ramsay revealed that they would be watching Penn and Teller, and one of the tricks Penn and Teller did was the classic body saw trick, and afterward, it was revealed that Ramsay served as the legs. After, Ramsay turned the spotlight on her and Justin as it was time for their final challenge, although she did not want to cook in front of people and wondered if she took an idiot pill to think she was going to relax.

During the Final Menu Challenge, Christina felt her nervousness turn into competitiveness and refused to lose. During the cooking, knowing that it was the final challenge, along with the knowledge Justin was going to bring out what he had, she tried to keep it simple. As the challenge continued, she knew cilantro was powerful but wanted to trust her instincts. 15 minutes left, she wanted her filet to have some richness and mouth melting. On the salad round, she made grilled asparagus and fried egg salad with baby arugula and freshly shaved Pecorino. Francois Payard deemed the dish very nice and simple but felt there was a lot of vinegar for his liking, and she lost that round to Justin. On the seafood appetizer round, Michel Richard came to judge, making her nervous as he was her idol before presenting her coconut shrimp ceviche. Unfortunately for her, Richard got dismayed when she mentioned cilantro as he hated that herb, but despite that, he praised the dish for being well seasoned. That made her sigh in relief as it meant she was still in it. However, she lost that round to Justin and was not happy she got her ass beat in front of her idol. On the fish entrée round, she made a pan-seared halibut with purple Peruvian potato purée and grilled spinach, Julian Serrano praised the flakiness of the dish, along with having a good flavor and balance, and she scored that round, feeling it was her fight back. On the ribeye round, she made a port wine ribeye, it was deemed nice and visually perfect for a steakhouse setting, and she scored that round. On the filet round, she made a pan-roasted filet with haricot vert and gorgonzola mashed potatoes and hoped Wolfgang Puck loved her dish. Puck deemed it not bad, and she scored that round for the taste alone. She won the challenge 3-2, but while she felt great after the victory, she knew it was not over yet as it was back to business the next day.

Returning to the airport, Ramsay announced that there was one more thing they had to do before returning to Hell’s Kitchen, although Christina hoped it was nothing too crazy. As the private jet’s doors lowered behind Ramsay, he announced it was time to pick their brigade as eight former chefs from that season came out. She called it the most difficult decision she had to make as her team could either sink her or lead her to victory. Because she won the previous challenge, she got first pick of the drafts, and she deemed it crucial as it also meant she would not get the final pick. she named Dana as her first pick, and the latter said it was an obvious choice because they were best friends. For her second pick, she picked Patrick as she claimed it was she felt he was a natural leader. Then, she picked Kimmie as her third pick due to the latter’s experience on meat, but when left with either Robyn or Clemenza, she had a hard time picking one of them as Robyn has been dramatic since the start, and Clemenza was not a quick performer on top of being sloppy. Ultimately, she named Robyn as her final pick.

Returning to Hell’s Kitchen, Christina took her brigade to the living room and went over the menu with her team, but after mentioning a dish that had both scallops and risotto on the same plate, Dana got dismayed as they already had a lot of problems with the two dishes in the past. Then, when she revealed that she asked for a 14 oz bone-in veal chop, Kimmie asked what the fuck she was thinking as it was enormous. While she called it intense to have her fate in the hands of her team, she completely trusted them and told them she was thinking of Vegas now.[18]

The next day, Christina was trying not to freak out, called Dana her savior, and wanted to let out a cry. Later, she gathered her team for a quick briefing, and during prep, she went for a more relaxed approach, calling Dana her buddy once again, and wanted her team to be focused and motivated to win it for her. As both teams cooked sample dishes for Ramsay’s approval, she was nervous for Ramsay to taste her menu as it was her last chance to make corrections. Afterward, Ramsay looked at the finalists’ menu items. For her, Ramsay found the scallops and asparagus risotto nice but felt the jambalaya crab cake should go into a cocktail glass to make it look sexier, and wanted fewer collard greens on the pork dish. Afterward, she found the critiques not bad as she needed to make a few changes and replating done but was confident about her chances. Before service, she told her team that it was her last chance as she wanted them behind her and be it her way.

During dinner service, Christina called out her first order and urged Robyn and Dana to communicate for the risotto dish. While Robyn said she could get the risotto ready in three minutes, she wanted an honest three minutes as the former proved to be a cancer on any team she was in and had to keep a close eye on Robyn due to her attitude and careless mistakes. Fortunately, Robyn got her first attempt accepted. Then, while Robyn served the risotto, Dana was trying her best to get the scallops perfect for her as she did not want her to look bad. However, Dana served dark scallops, and Robyn’s risotto was broken, although the latter blamed the former as it was left sitting at the pass too long. When Robyn brought up her risotto, she asked Dana where the fuck the scallops were, only for the latter to serve an acceptable refire herself. On entrées, when she checked on Dana’s halibut, she told the latter to give the potions a better sear. However, Dana did not see anything wrong with them, leading her to throw away their friendship as she was not able to let it slide and order her to restart the halibut. Dana argued that she had no time for that, only to send up the halibut that was dead at the station, and they were overcooked. When Dana tried to argue against that, Sous Chef Andi sternly warned her not to fucking thwart her and to do what she says, and Patrick accused her of screwing the pooch big time. Then, Ramsay warned her that her hard work would disintegrate unless she did something, but she decided to give Dana one last chance to fight back. Later, her team sent up their refires for the first ticket, but when Dana walked the halibut down, Patrick noticed the frazzleness in her eyes and prayed that it would happen now. Fortunately, the halibut was done better, and the red diner received their entrées. On her final entrée, she needed her brigade to finish strong as it would be the last ticket they would ever cook in Hell’s Kitchen. However, while Kimmie and Patrick had their food up on the pass, Dana sliced into a pork that Ramsay noticed was raw in the middle, and the latter disappointingly wished to have performed better for her. Then, Ramsay gave her a choice to either restart the entire table, or send out what she had on the pass now, and she restarted the entire table as she refused to let herself do something stupid on her final ticket, which Ramsay praised. Then, Ramsay reminded both her and Justin that they were both on their final tickets, and urged them to push it out like their first ones. After getting her final order out, she knew she did the best she could and was proud of her team.

Back at the dorms, Christina called winning the biggest life-changing event and called it overwhelming. Later that night, Ramsay called the dorms and asked the finalists to meet at his office. There, Ramsay said he never saw a more passionate chef than herself. After Ramsay asked the two to stand behind a door, with only the winner’s door being the one that opened. After anxiously waiting for Ramsay’s countdown, both turned their handles, but only Christina’s door opened. She was crowned the winner of Hell’s Kitchen and won the Head Chef’s position of Gordon Ramsay Steak at Las Vegas, along with a salary of $250,000. While taken aback by her win, she was happy that she won, and could not feel her body now due to the overwhelming feeling.

Ramsay's comment: "Christina's passion and talent are undeniable. She's a strong leader who is totally at home in the kitchen. I know I'm not rolling the dice with her in Vegas because she is the real deal." [19]

Nomination History

Week 1 Win
Week 2 Safe
Week 3 Safe
Week 4 Safe
Week 5 Safe
Week 6 Win
Week 7 Win
Week 8 Safe
Week 9 Win
Week 10 Safe
Week 11 Safe
Week 12 Win
Week 13 Safe
Week 14 Safe
Week 15 Safe
Week 16 Winner

Season 11

Episode 21/22

Main article: Episode 1121 - 2 Chefs Compete

When finalists Ja'Nel and Mary were in Las Vegas, Ramsay took the two to the Paris Hotel and Gordon Ramsay Steak restaurant. There, Ramsay called over Christina so the final two could have a chance to speak with a previous contestant that nailed it in her season. As the women sat down for dinner, she asked if they thought about their brigades yet as she had to think who she could trust in her team, while also evaluating the strong from the weak and reminded them that the first pick was crucial, and they should not pick their best friend like a kickball game.[20]

Season 12

Episode 8

Main article: Episode 1208 - 13 Chefs Compete

When the red team arrived at Caesars Palace for their reward, Christina greeted them at their hotel room and shared champagne with them. She gave the women a pep talk, reminding them to fight through even their lowest points as she did herself.[21]

Season 13

Episode 15

Main article: Episode 1315 - 4 Chefs Compete

Christina made a cameo as a customer for the 200th Hell's Kitchen dinner service. She was eating at the same table as Rock (Season 3), Jay (Season 7), Elise (Season 9), and Jon (Season 11).[22]

Season 14

Episode 16

Main article: Episode 1416 - Winner Chosen

Christina was brought back to Hell's Kitchen and took finalists Meghan and T to Las Vegas with her. At Gordon Ramsay Steak, she gave the two a tour of the restaurant, recalled how she had a lot of adrenaline during her final dinner service, told them how it was not on who finished first, but who had the most creative menu, and reminded them that they were in a position to motivate people, which was a big thing for Ramsay.[23]

Season 16

Episode 10

Main article: Episode 1610 - Dancing in the Grotto
Christina returned once again to help judge the Creative Sliders Challenge along with Adam Fleischman and Sang Yoo.[24]

Season 15

On Season 15, Christina came back to be the Sous Chef for the red team for the first time.

Main highlights

  • In episode 1, she was featured in the parade honoring Hell's Kitchen. Later, she was introduced as the red team's newest Sous Chef.[25]
  • In episode 3, when Kristin was unable to recall an order Ramsay had just called out, he had Christina write the order on the back of Kristin's jacket in permanent marker; telling the rest of the red team to not let her forget it. Later, she told the red team to meet Ramsay downstairs after they got kicked out of service, and suggested that they thank the men for completing their tickets.[26]
  • In episode 4, she chewed out Jackie when the latter wrote "The Fuckin List" on the red team's prep list, even calling her the cancer of the red team. However, she did accept Jackie's apology later that day.[27]
  • In episode 10, Jackie approached her about competing too soon as she only started cooking three months ago. Then, she told the latter that the only way she could become stronger was when she started asking for help and reminded her that if she stopped talking shit to her teammates, then maybe they would respect her more.[28]
  • In episode 11, she sent Ariel and Kristin to the back pantry as the two were arguing over the latter putting a steak in the oven, and lying to her. Then, she told Frank not to take too personally with the blue team and urged him to do his job well. At the end of service, she chewed out Jackie for throwing her water bottle on the counter in anger instead of the trash.[29]
  • In episode 14, she and Sous Chef Aaron were given the night off and ate dinner at the chef's table.[30]

Season 17

On Season 17, Christina returned for the second time as the Sous Chef for the red team.

Main highlights

  • In episode 3, during the punishment, she suspected that Elise was trying to cheat by only eating the broth and not the actual fish parts, and asked to smell everybody's breath to be sure. When it became clear that Elise did not have bad breath, she forced her to eat one bite of the fish while she was watching.[31]
  • In episode 9, she joined the blue team in their reward at Las Vegas and showed them the Caesar Palace strip that was the home of the Hell's Kitchen restaurant, the grand prize for the future winner.[32]
  • In episode 10, she noticed there was some animosity in the red team, and asked them if they could promise her a good service.[33]
  • In episode 12, she and Sous Chef Jocky came to taste Robyn and Jennifer's dish during the final Black Jackets Challenge, ultimately picking the former for the win.[34]

Season 18

On Season 18, Christina returns for the third time as the Sous Chef for the red team.

Main highlights

  • In episode 2, she berated the rookies for arriving late to prep, even asking if they thought they were on vacation. During prep, she told the rookies to use the veteran’s arrogance to their advantage.[35]
  • In episode 5, she told Gizzy that Ramsay was only trying to get the best out of her after the latter urged Gizzy to speak out more after being uncertain in that night's service.[36]
  • In episode 6, she sympathized with Chris when he revealed his mental health problems.[37]
  • In episode 9, she joined the blue team in their reward at Las Vegas.[38]
  • On episode 13, she and Sous Chef Jocky joined Ariel and Mia's indoor skydiving reward, and at lunch, recounted the moment she received her black jacket in Season 10.[39]

Season 19

On Season 19, Christina returns for the fourth time as the Sous Chef for the red team.

Main highlights

  • In episode 1, she presented herself to the team and warned them that she hated losing, as she was on a winning-streak as the previous two winners of Hell's Kitchen, she mentored on the red team. During punishment, she belittled and berated the red team for making her look bad in front of Chef Ramsay as they had to clean the fountain pool in front of her restaurant. During punishment, she chewed out Mary Lou, Fabiola, and Jordan for laughing during punishment.[40]
  • In episode 4, she joined the red team in their reward at Lake Tahoe.[41]
  • In episode 10, she laughed at Declan after being doused in ice cream during the Blind Taste Test.[42]
  • In episode 12, she and Sous Chef Jason told the remaining six contestants to get dressed as Chef Ramsay had a surprise for them outside of Hell's Kitchen, and told them to get ready.[43]
  • In episode 13, she and Sous Chef Jason joined Kori and Mary Lou at lunch, and gave them advice on how to win the competition.[44]
  • In episode 14, she caught Declan staring at multiple beautiful women at the dining room and jokingly told him to not get distracted.[45]

Season 20

On Season 20, Christina returns for the fifth time as the Sous Chef for the red team.

Main highlights

  • On episode 1, she was introduced as the Red team's Sous Chef with Sous Chef Jason. She joined the red team on their reward after the Signature Dish Challenge and asked them if they were sizing the men up.[46]
  • On episode 14, she went into the back room and calmed Kiya down when the latter had a meltdown over her mistakes at the pass. She reassured her that she needed to focus and show no weakness in front of the other chefs.[47]
  • On episode 16, she advised Megan in the back room that the latter needs to stop depending too much on the team and be more assertive to win the competition.[48]

Season 21

On Season 21, Christina returns for the sixth time as the Sous Chef for the red team.

Main highlights

Season 22

On Season 22, Christina returns for the seventh time as the Sous Chef for the red team.

Main highlights

  • In episode 3, Christina supervised the red team's punishment, warning them that she would dump a bag of confetti for every strand she found in the dining room. She ended up making good on her threat after seeing one strand on a bench and catching Melissa trying to lie to her.[49]
  • In episode 5, Christina was left speechless after Leigh filet her Alaskan salmon to perfection.[50]
  • In episode 9, Christina bursted into laughter after finding out the red team was churning butter over ice as they were quadrupling their work.[51]
  • In Episode 11, Ramsay discovered that Jason left ribbons of egg whites in the soufflés and the latter claimed that Christina told him to leave them during prep. However, Christina rightfully denied telling him that.[52]
  • In Episode 16, Christina warned Ryan that his brigade could trip over the final ticket and Ramsay told him to listen to her based on past experience.[53]

Post Hell's Kitchen

  • After her winning contract with Ramsay ended, he hired her on full time and she is now his Executive Chef for all of Ramsay's restaurants in Las Vegas. She also has returned to be the Sous Chef for the Red Team for Seasons 15, and 17-present.
  • Christina was featured on the show "My Houzz", where Ramsay helped renovate her house, which she bought with part of her cash winnings from Season 10.
  • She previously hired Jon (Season 11) following his season, as a Sous Chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak Las Vegas.
  • She made a few cameos in Ramsay's other shows, such as MasterChef, The F Word, and Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back as a chef on board Hell on Wheels.


  • She, along with Rock, arguably have the least amount of station diversity for any winner on the show. She holds a record nine services on the Appetizer Station, while also holding a record low zero services on the fish station.
  • She is the sixth winner who was never nominated for elimination throughout the season, and the third female winner who was, following Michael (Season 1), Heather (Season 2), Danny (Season 5), Dave (Season 6), and Holli (Season 7).
  • She is the second winner, and the first female winner, to score a point during the Signature Dish Challenge, following Paul (Season 9).
  • She is the only winner to this date to score a point during the Signature Dish Challenge, completely avoid nomination, proceed as the first finalist, and win the Final Menu Challenge.
  • She is the eighth contestant to score a point in the signature dish without being nominated, following Jim (Season 6), Mikey, Jay (both from Season 7), Jillian (Season 8), Jason, Will (both from Season 9), and Dana (also from Season 10).
  • She is the second contestant to return to Hell's Kitchen as a staff member, following Heather (Season 2). She is also the first contestant who served as a staff member for more than one season.
  • She is the only winner to return in some form every season after winning.


  • (To Ramsay) "Yes, thank you!!"
  • "I didn't expect my first dinner service to be like this in the slightest!! I'm just sorry that I couldn't come through."
  • "I don't usually get starstruck, I truly don't but what girl doesn't think David Beckham is smoking hot. I like women, and I think he's smoking hot."
  • "When David Beckham arrived, I'm just like holy shit, holy shit!! He rode in on a rainbow, carried by a unicorn eating a cupcake. He was a magical creature."
  • "Tonight I am just so over the shouting and the name calling and all that shit, Any conflict that's ever happened on our team, somehow Robyn has her hand in it. So yeah, I'm ready to have that cancer cut out of our team!!"
  • (About Russell) "I remember Russell for sure. What a fucking ass. I don't care what station he's on tonight. I hope it burns down. I hope he goes down harder than anyone on that team."
  • "Chef Ramsay outside of the kitchen is a coooool cat!!!!"
  • "Robyn! All you had to do was put dressing on leaves. That's it. That's all you had to do! Now we're already off to a bad start."
  • (About Tiffany) "You should know they're your potatoes right? That was your component, right? That was your idea for the Menu, right??"
  • "Aww man, it's like two times, two challenges in a row. Poor Royce, I feel really bad for him!" (Shakes head)
  • (To Robyn) "Oh really!! So now you're in charge of me too. Awww, go ahead girl, keep fucking talking!!!"
  • "Right of the bat, I had 8 flatbreads fired. I'm just like, "Why did we have to start this way, can't we talk it out, hug it out, anything, something. Give me some love Chef Ramsay!! Please!!!" Somebody help me out, Please!!"
  • "I don't have to work in a kitchen with Robyn, but in the dorms, she still literally drives me nuts."
  • (To Robyn) "DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT JUST SAY THAT? HER TWO FUCKING RIBEYES S- (Robyn: "I did! I'm not lying!") Okay."
  • "I can't handle this bullshit. I don't know the word that comes out for frustration, but that's pretty much where I'm at with Robyn."
  • (To a lobster) "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"
  • (To Dana) "Good job, buddy!"
  • (During brigade pick) "At this point, I'm left with Robyn or Clemenza. With Robyn, the drama's been there from day one and Clemenza is sloppy!! I'm at a loss right now."
  • (After being named winner) "YEEEEAAAAAAAH!!! OH MY GOD!!! It feels so good, it's totally amazing, I can barely feel my body right now!! It's so completely overwhelming, I'm trying to hold onto every second of it."

  • (To the red team and Jackie) "Is this you (asking towards Jackie)? It's disrespectful is what it is. Never again I swear to god if any- SHUT UP! If any of this happens in this kitchen again, "The Fucking List", whoever writes it will be finishing "The Fucking List"! (Jackie: It wasn't disrespecting you.) YOU JUST INTERRUPTED ME. TAKE A SEAT (Makes Jackie sit at red team's chef table) Have a seat and sit out. Just sit out. NEVER AGAIN. Its a professional fucking kitchen. You would be fired if you worked for me. You want to have-- OH, YOU DON'T CARE? (Jackie: No, no.) YOU DON'T CARE? (Jackie: No, no.) (Points to Jackie) This is your teammate, Find the cancer in your team and work around it. (To the red team) Go have lunch."
  • (To the red team) "Chef wants you now. Pick it the fuck up! You guys can thank the blue team later for finishing service."

  • (To Elise during red team's punishment) "Yeah, I'm serious. 'Cause if you are lying to me, it's gonna be an issue."
  • (To Barbie and Elise) "I am not gonna do it tonight, we have guests in the Kitchen. Knock it off!"

  • (To the rookies) "Are you kidding me? Are you on vacation?"

  • (To Jordan, Mary Lou, and Fabiola) "Jordan! Mary Lou! Fabiola! Yeah, you guys having a good time? You guys have fun on punishment like you enjoy losing. Is that what this is?"
  • (During red team's punishment) "Don't scare that duck over there either, it's not his fault you guys didn't win today."

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