Carrie Keep was a contestant on Season 9 of Hell's Kitchen. She ranked in 8th place.

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Carrie was probably the most flirtatious female contestant of Hell's Kitchen, as she tried to flirt with Ramsay and succeeded in seducing Brendan. She was also very combative and had one of the biggest tempers and a running feud with Elise. Although she believed that she was a great chef, her performance in both challenges and dinner service was mediocre at best, and it cost her teammate's trusts. Because of this she was considered a minor antagonist of that season.

Season 9 Edit

Episode 1Edit

When the chefs arrived in Los Angeles, they were greeted by James on the bus ride, and Carrie declared that she had the biggest crush on Ramsay, and that she was the hottest chef in the hottest restaurant in Dallas. Then, the bus pulled over to the Orpheum Theatre, where they would be given a standing ovation by a live audience. When she was at the makeup stage, she felt like a superstar and declared that she loved it, but when the curtain was pulled up, the chefs discovered that the room was completely empty, much to their disappointment, before Ramsay revealed himself applauding very slowly. After the latter revealed the grand prize of the season, the chefs were asked to get back to Hell's Kitchen and cook their signature dishes.

During the Signature Dish Challenge, Carrie was the first person from the red team to have her dish judged by Ramsay, and went up against Will. She served her chicken fried rib-eye with mashed potatoes and white truffle cream gravy, but when she revealed that she added sugar in her mashed potatoes, Ramsay was dismayed, but she was convinced that Ramsay would love it as she compared it to an orgasm in his mouth. However, he spat it out, called it disgusting, and she lost the round to Will. The red team lost the challenge 5-6, and they were punished by cleaning both kitchens for the opening night.

The next day, both teams went to the kitchens to begin prepping for the opening night, and they were given their ankle knives set. During dinner service, Carrie was on the fish station with Jennifer. When she sent her first scallops to the pass, Elise was still not ready with her risotto, much to her frustration, and later, she sent overcooked scallops to the pass. She was asked to start over, but her second attempt was boiled, and she was frustrated as she wanted to make Ramsay proud. So, she was asked to start again, but moments later, Elise jumped in uninvited and stole her job. She was disbelieved, Ramsay asked her what Elise was doing, and she answered that she did not know as she never allowed her to cook the fish, while calling Elise a crazy bitch. Later, she motivated her teammates to not disappoint the customers, but Ramsay reminded that they were gone, and the service was shut down.

When both teams were lined up, Carrie was told that despite her scallops not being cooked perfectly, nothing else was timed with it, and she responded that the risotto kept coming back and that she could not do anything about it. But, Elise felt that she was thrown under the bus, and both of them started arguing over her scallops coming back twice, and Elise claiming that she was trying to help her on fish. The red team won the service.

Episode 2Edit

The next morning, the chefs were woken up by a young guitarist and very loud amplifiers, and they were ordered to get outside. Arrived there, Carrie was asked if she slept well, which she answered that she had sweet dreams as she was always happy to see Ramsay, and the latter responded that he had nightmares after the opening night. Then, Ramsay introduced the Meat & Grill Challenge, where each pair would have to cook a medium-rare New York strip, a medium rib-eye, a medium-well filet mignon, and a well-done burger. During the challenge, she was paired with Elise, and when the countdown began, she was already being bossed by Elise, leading her to reveal that Elise did not let her do anything. Both of them were seen arguing and butting heads all challenge long, they were the second pair to compete for the red team, and they only scored with their filet mignon, before she revealed that Elise cooked every single piece of meat.

The red team lost the challenge 10-11, and they were punished by cleaning the grills, taking a delivery of a whole cow, and drinking a protein shake made from the meat used during the challenge. When she learned the blue team's reward, Carrie was disappointed, and Ramsay acknowledged that she and Elise screwed it for the red team. During the punishment, Elise bashed against her by saying that just seeing her was making her want to punch her, and later, while drinking the meat shake, she was the only woman who did not seem to be disgusted as she drank her whole glass without complaining. After the lunch, she was seen slicing the cow, along with Jennifer, Amanda, and Jamie, but also mimicked a gun to her head to describe how she felt about that task.

Later, the women were prepping their kitchen while reviewing the menu, but when the blue team came back from their reward, Carrie was the only woman who did not study the menu further as she just wanted to have a glass of wine and talk with Brendan. Both of them talked in a very flirtatious manner, and when they got up to get something in the fridge, she wished sweet dreams to Brendan by hugging him from behind. Seconds later, she asked him to come and see her, which he did, and when she revealed that she was not getting any exercise, he responded that he thought of a way for her to burn calories, which made everybody turning their heads towards them, before they went in the bedroom and closed the door.

During dinner service, Carrie served Caesar salads tableside. When the red team were serving the appetizers, she was having trouble finding her way in the dining room, even being embarrassed when she discovered that she went to the wrong table. She was pushed by Ramsay to serve her salads as appetizers were waiting, and she wondered what did she do to deserve being pushed like that, while being amused at the same time. Because of her slowness, she received help from Krupa, and because of that, the red team succeeded to catch up with the blue team on entrées. After the blue team was kicked out, she went over to the blue kitchen to serve the remaining tickets, along with Krupa, Gina, and Jamie. She worked very closely with Krupa, felt good about completing the blue team's tickets, and her Wellingtons were accepted. After the last ticket was served, Ramsay congratulated the women for their great performance.

The red team won the service, Carrie was given a shoutout by Brendan during his exit interview, and after, the women were asked for a volunteer to be transferred to the blue team the next morning.

Episode 3Edit

Back in the dorms, the women discussed about who would be transferred to the blue team, and Carrie expressed her willingness to be transferred. In the end, the women agreed on her, and she acknowledged that was an opportunity for her to shine as she did not have one yet, and that she was working better with men.

The next morning, the chefs were woken up by clowns, and Carrie declared that she did not like clowns as she found them freaky. When both teams were lined up in the dining room, Sous Chef Scott revealed that they were woken up by clowns because they were cooking like clowns. After taking a delivery of naan bread with the other chefs, she announced that she was volunteering to be transferred to the blue team, but she and her teammates said goodbye to Natalie, who was transferred there instead of her.

During the Mommy & Me Lunch Service Challenge, Carrie wanted to help Elise, but the latter aggressively told her she was just running around frazzled, which she did not agree with, and Elise tried to dictate her by telling to slice the sandwiches and to be organized. She was annoyed by Elise's constant talking and just wanted to kick her away, and then, she was accused of not listening by Elise, but she responded that she was just trying to get the shit done. When Jamie discovered that things were missing on the quesadilla, Elise told that she did it, which the latter admitted, and she was pushed away by Elise, who took her job over. After the blue team succeeded to serve their last ticket before the red team, she was dismayed as she reminded that she wanted to go to the blue team, and when Elise already wanted to point fingers, she already knew that she would be one of the people she would point at. Then, Elise angrily ordered her to get off her space, and she was targeted by Jamie for being a weak link as she was just running around and did not man her station.

The red team lost the challenge, and when Ramsay asked the red team if they were crumbling because Natalie was gone, Carrie was immediately thrown under the bus by Elise for running around the kitchen not knowing what to do, but she responded that she was trying to get the shit done. However, Jamie quickly intervened by revealing that the real problem was both of them constantly arguing, which everybody else agreed with. They were punished by cleaning the dining room, prepping both kitchens for the Family Night dinner service, and setting up a playground for the children. During the punishment, she began vacuuming, but something was stuck inside the vacuum, and she failed to notice before Jamie told her. Later, the women went outside to set up the playground, and she tried to organize the construction, much to Elise's annoyance. Then, she helped Elizabeth and Krupa to set up the basketball net.

Back in the dorms, Carrie was listening a conversation between Elise, Jennifer, and Jamie where they were trash talking about her, and when she revealed herself and admitted that she did not do the béchamel sauce from scratch, she added that after she did, she went over to help Jamie. However, Jamie thought that she was giving attitude, which led to a little argument between the two of them. The next day, during prep, the red team was completely silent as they wanted to avoid the drama.

During the Family Night dinner service, Carrie was on the meat station with Jennifer. When they moved on to entrées, both of them were convinced that Wellingtons and burgers were called, they communicated with Elizabeth, but when they sent their entrées, they discovered that lamb and New York strip was ordered instead. Later, she was yelled at by Elise for not doing anything at the moment, much to her annoyance as she knew she could cook, and when Elise asked for a time, she answered one minute. Then, Ramsay rallied the team to send their food, but when she sent her lamb to the pass, it was raw, and Ramsay schooled her for thinking that it looked good. Because of that mistake, the red team was asked to go in the dining room to apologize to the customers, before being kicked out of the kitchen. The red team lost the service by a mile, and back in the dorms, she wanted to speak to Elise, she was rudely rejected, and asked by the latter if she was on medication. After, Elise bullied her by telling that she was living in another world, that she was nothing but a distraction, that she fucked up all night long, and after hearing all of this, she lost her cool, get up her chair very quickly, and confronted Elise for talking to her in a disrespectful manner. Later, she told Elise that she would blame her anyway as she did not want her to be there, and admitted that she got frazzled, despite Elise rubbing salt in the wound even further. The argument between both of them ended when she was called crazy, and she knew that she deserved to be there and that she would fight.

Carrie was Ramsay's second nominee for elimination, with Jennifer being the first, and Amanda being the third. During her plea, she told she had a lot of passion and that she was not done, and when Ramsay asked her why her team wanted her to be eliminated, she answered that Elise targeted her since the first day, but Amanda intervened by saying that not only Elise did. After, she was accused of being in denial about her poor performance by Amanda despite her disagreeing, she survived elimination, and while being dismissed, she knew that she was not going anywhere and that she would fight to stay.

Episode 4Edit

While going back to the dorms, Carrie was called a bitch by Elise, and was bullied by her, who said to everybody that she sucked and that she would never improve, which annoyed her who said she had enough of Elise's attitude and big mouth. Then, Elise continued by saying that she did nothing during service, but she was convinced that her big mouth would eliminate her.

The next morning, the chefs were woken up by Sous Chefs Scott and Andi, who brought them special farm outfits to wear, and were told to get outside. Arrived there, Ramsay introduced the Chicken Creation Challenge, and during the first part, Carrie chose tomatoes when she caught her chicken. During the second part, she was paired with Gina, which she was excited about, and they worked on the fried chicken course. When she dropped her chicken in the fryer, she was convinced that they would knock their fried chicken out, but when she took out the basket from the fryer to show it to Gina, the latter was annoyed, and reminded her that it had to be done in the center. Moments later, she discovered that their chicken was raw, much to Gina's dismay, so she was ordered by Gina to put it in the oven. When Gina revealed to Ramsay that their chicken was raw because of her mistake, and she was called the common denominator by Elise as everywhere she was going, it was horrendous. They were the first pair from the red team to have their dish judged, she did not present their fried chicken, and even though she was humiliated about their dish, she thought that Gina just wanted to throw her under the bus. Then, she argued with Gina that their chicken was not raw, despite the latter and Elise disagreeing. They lost the round to Paul.

The red team won the challenge 3-2, and they were rewarded with a go-kart activity at K1 Speed. During the reward, Carrie succeeded to qualify for the final race, along with Jamie and Elise, as she had the second fastest time. During the final race, she was bumped into by Elise a lot as the latter did not want her to win, but despite that, she managed to beat her by finishing in second place, with Jamie finishing first.

During prep, Carrie was extremely satisfied to see Elise being berated by Sous Chef Andi. During dinner service, she was on the appetizer station with Elizabeth. On the first ticket, she took notice of Elise giving four minutes on her scallops, but when the latter was ready with her scallops, she was put the blame on by her because of Elizabeth not being ready. Moments later, when she and Elizabeth told Elise that they were ready with their appetizers, the latter told that she had to start her scallops over, so she urged her to hurry up. Later, when Elise sent dry and raw sea bass, she was disappointed that she was not kicked out of the kitchen, and after a lot of mistakes, the red team was kicked out of the kitchen.

Both teams were named joint-losers, and they were asked to nominate two people each. During deliberation, Carrie disagreed when Elise claimed herself as the only one who did not struggle during the opening night, and she was thrown under the bus by Elise for her slow tableside work during the second service. Then, she reminded that Ramsay deemed it the best service in the history of Hell's Kitchen, and told Elise that the red team would be better if she was not running her mouth all the time. She added that she would have loved to drop kick Elise out of the competition, and declared war on her, which the latter accepted. After that, an intense argument erupted between her and Elise where the latter exposed her weaknesses, and her exposing Elise's disrespectful way of talking to her.

Carrie was the red team's first nominee for elimination, with Elise being the second, and they joined Chino and Monterray from the blue team. During her plea, she acknowledged her bad performance, declared that they had to work as a team from that moment while adding that Elise was not a team player, before the latter interrupted her and requested a vote to her teammates to see who would like to see who be eliminated. During the voting, only Elizabeth voted for her, while everybody else voted for Elise, and she was targeted one more time by Elise, who said that she could not acquire common sense at 31. She survived elimination.

Episode 5Edit

The next day, Carrie called Ramsay Dr. Jekyll after finding him in front of a table, and two-colored beakers next to him. During the Fire and Water Challenge, she and Elizabeth each made a prawn dish as the red team had an extra person, but before judging, her dish sat out, dismaying her as even if she did fight more, the red team would pick Elizabeth’s dish over hers. However, after Elizabeth's dish was poorly received, Ramsay called her up and asked her to present her dish. By comparison, her dish was deemed better than Elizabeth’s for creating vibrancy in the judge’s mouths, and she gloated that praise in the confessional. When it was revealed that Krupa used filet instead of the veal, she brought the cut up. Because the red team did not use her dish despite it being the best dish of that day, Ramsay used it as one of the two main factors to name them the losers after a tie at 2. They were punished by cleaning both the dorm hot tub and the front entrance fountain, along with prepping both kitchens for that night’s dinner service. After hearing that, she sarcastically thanked her teammates for not believing in her dish.

During dinner service, Carrie was on the fish station with Gina. She was not seen that night, both teams were named joint-losers, and were asked to nominate two each. During deliberation, just before Carrie could consider her choices, Elise attacked her for hypothetically considering her, leading to another argument on the latter taking things seriously. Then, she left, feeling good that she was not considered for elimination that time.

She was not nominated for elimination.

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Trivia Edit

  • She is responsible for one of the greatest rivalries in the show's history, along with Elise.
  • She is the fourth contestant, and third female contestant, who received a retrospective montage of her run after being eliminated without making it to the black jackets, following Rachel (Season 2), Robert, and Sabrina (both from Season 6).
  • After her appearance on the show, she has quit cooking and now works as a Pilates instructor.

Quotes Edit

  • "I am the hottest chef in the hottest restaurant in Dallas."
  • "FUCK, I DID!"
  • "I'm not just some fucking pantry girl!"