Bobby Anderson was a contestant on Season 4 of Hell's Kitchen. He ranked in 5th place.

Personality Edit

When he arrived, Bobby was accused of being arrogant and not taking the competition seriously, because of his constant "four-star general" and "black Gordon Ramsay" rants. But, he was given a reality check when he got almost eliminated on the first episode. After that, he was brought back to earth and became one of the strongest links in the blue team, and the coolest contestant of that season. He was always nice to his teammates, the customers, and developed a close friendship with Petrozza. Even with kindness, he had a short-lived feud with Jason.

Season 4 Edit

Episode 1Edit

Before arriving in Hell's Kitchen, on the bus, Bobby declared he was the "black Gordon Ramsay" and the "Four-Star general". This led Ramsay, who was traveling in the bus with the contestants incognito, to take his sunglasses down and stare at him. When Ramsay revealed himself, he reminded Bobby about his "black Gordon Ramsay" rant.

During the Signature Dish Challenge, Bobby was the last contestant to have his dish judged by Ramsay. Before tasting his dish, Ramsay asked him how he could call him, with Bobby saying he could be called "Chef Bobby". He made a Hawaiian butterfish, and when Ramsay asked him if he deep-fried it, he said that he did. Ramsay did not like that idea, and told him to cut the bullshit.

Back in the dorms, Bobby was named captain of the blue team for the opening service, after some very long deliberation. During prep, Matt praised his work as a captain saying they had a great team spirit. When the teams were lined up, Ramsay asked him what were the five entrées from the menu, but failed to answer correctly.

During dinner service, Bobby was on the meat station. At one point, Jason sent an unacceptable risotto to the pass, and Bobby acknowledged it was tasting terrible. After that, he was asked to assume his leadership role by Ramsay, but he answered by saying he did not want to dig in. Because of that, Ramsay told him to at least show some confidence and support. Later, Ramsay told him to take control of the disgusting and embarrassing mess from the blue kitchen, and when his teammates asked him to jump in, he refused to, saying they got it and that he did not want to join the chaos. His laid-back attitude annoyed his teammates, with Craig even saying that he sounded like he was giving up and quitting. This led Ramsay to eventually give his captain's title to Louross. After customers walked out, Ramsay shut down the kitchen.

When the teams were lined up, Ramsay told Bobby that he hid behind his team and performed like a coward. The blue team lost the dinner service, and Louross was named "Best of the Worst".

Bobby was Louross' first nominee for elimination, with Dominic being the second. When he told Ramsay that he did not do a good job as a captain, Ramsay told him it was the first time he gave him a straight answer since his arrival. He survived elimination, and Ramsay told him to wake up.

Episode 2Edit

Back in the dorms, Bobby acknowledged he dodged a huge bullet, but was ready to bounce back and present a new Bobby to Ramsay and his teammates.

The next morning, the Sous Chefs woke up all the contestants while holding megaphones, and told them to get outside immediately. Arrived outside, they went through the garbage bags from the previous service to select every food from them, and sort them in big cylinders. When they got back in the kitchen, Ramsay introduced the 6 Ounce Halibut Challenge. During the judging, Bobby declared to Ramsay that he counted 50 pieces in total. When two pieces were butchered, he immediately accused Jason for that mistake. But, the score eventually ended up as a tie at 41, and the blue team won in a tiebreaker. They were rewarded with a day at the sea, on a 100-foot super yacht where they eat seafood meals with Ramsay, and were transported there by Rolls-Royce and Bentleys. During the reward, the men shouted "Whose yacht?" and responded "Blue's yacht!" referring to one of Jen's antics before they left.

During prep, the level of confidence in the blue team was high, but when Petrozza was kicked out for not remembering the menu, Bobby came on the patio to comfort him and talking him back in the game. He handed Petrozza his apron so he could wipe his eyes. He declared that he felt the need to help Petrozza because of the latter's genuine heart.

During dinner service, Bobby was on the appetizer station with Louross. After he sent unacceptable quail eggs to the pass and Ramsay asked him to start again, he got into an argument with Jason for some confusion on weather he told to drop the scallops or not. Both of them were calmed down by Ben and Petrozza, but Bobby aggressively told Petrozza to mind his own business. A few minutes later, his second attempt at his first appetizer was accepted, and many of them came out to the satisfied customers. A couple hours later, he told Jason and Petrozza for some communication, because the two of them were lacking some, after Ramsay did as well. Moments later, Ramsay shut down the restaurant after a raw halibut from Jason came back to the kitchen. The blue team won the service after serving more entrées than the red team.

During deliberation, Bobby was talking with Corey, along with Ben, where she told that she was the best when Ben asked her if she would take out the best. At elimination when Sharon was surprisingly eliminated without nomination, he acknowledged that elimination was a dangerous game and that anything could happen.

Episode 3Edit

The next morning, after a wake up call where each contestant had to grab a chicken and Ramsay making them falsely believe they would have to kill them, he introduced the Chicken Cutting Challenge. During the challenge, Bobby was supposed to be judged after Craig, but because of the latter's poor performance, the blue team automatically lost. Their punishment was to pick peppers at the countryside, with farmers clothes and hat on, under the hot boiling sun.

During prep, Bobby was annoyed by Craig's way of not doing anything and being completely lost. When the teams were lined up, as the second part of the blue team's punishment, he was assigned to cook the chicken special tableside by Ramsay.

More than an hour and a half into dinner service, the blue team was ready to move on to entrées, so as Bobby in the dining room. When Ramsay called seven minutes on the next ticket, he understood, went to his station and started cooking his chicken. But, because of some communication problems from his team, he decided to take matters into his own hands, suggesting to the customers that he could cut the chicken in six pieces and serve them to each of the customers on small plates. The customers agreed with that idea, and he executed it, while Jean-Philippe was staring at him, not clearly understanding what he was doing, but the customers were satisfied anyway. When Ramsay shut down both kitchens, and declared both teams losers, he started to wave hands to the customers while leaving. Ramsay saw him and schooled him on his behavior, before yelling at him to get out while calling him a "jackass". Petrozza was named "Best of the Worst" for the blue team.

He was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 4Edit

When he got back to the dorms, Bobby acknowledged Hell's Kitchen was a dangerous game. Moments later, Ramsay called all the chefs on the microphone, ordering to get down so they could clean their kitchens. The next morning, when the teams were lined up in the dining room and Ramsay asked the blue team who was their strongest chef, he nominated Ben immediately, which the rest of the team agreed.

While Ramsay introduced the Pasta Making Challenge, Bobby's arms were used as a demo on how to properly hang the pasta. During the challenge, at one point, he pushed Craig aside and did the job for him, knowing he was holding the team back during every challenge. Near the end, he was having a lot of motivation to finish strong that he almost broke his arm while rolling the pasta. However, the blue team lost the challenge for managing to get only 5.49 lbs of acceptable pasta, compared to the red team's 6.57 lbs. They were punished by prepping all the new menu items ahead of Family Night, in both kitchens, all day long.

During Family Night dinner service, Bobby was on the dessert station. Two hours into service, after Matt sent unacceptable burgers to the pass, Ramsay asked him if someone could get a grip, which Bobby answered he would. So, he told Matt to put his head down and cook. After that, he sent acceptable entrées to the pass. Moments later, he was seen congratulating Ben and Matt, which Ramsay did not appreciate. When the red team came over to help the blue team, he tried to help Craig, who was struggling on appetizers, but was denied as Craig was constantly saying he got it.

The blue team lost the service, but because he made Ramsay feel safe in the blue kitchen, Bobby was named "Best of the Worst", and was asked to nominate two of his teammates for elimination, with Ramsay adding that he was not short of choices. During deliberation, he acknowledged the beginning of the season was rough for him, but that the tables were turning around for him. When he and Ben had a private conversation, he acknowledged Ben always seemed to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Bobby finally named Craig as his first nominee, and Matt as his second.

Episode 5Edit

Back in the dorms, Bobby asked Vanessa, who sustained a second-degree burn during the last service, what was going on with her. She answered that she had to see a plastic surgeon on the following Monday. After that, he went to bed and Ben told him that competition was harder than boot camp.

The next morning, after Ramsay explained the Fine Dining Pizza Challenge, Bobby described the large amount of available ingredients as a "Sea of... merchins", saying it with a lot of difficulty. During the challenge, the blue team ultimately agreed with Ben's pizza to be judged by Ramsay. He brought the dome containing Ben's pizza to Ramsay, so it could be judged. The blue team lost the challenge to Jen's pizza, and were punished by prepping all the pizzas for the next dinner service, in both kitchens. Before the punishment, Ramsay gave them a little pep talk, saying they should bond as a team and let their differences aside. For lunch, they ate a plain burger, which Bobby described as a "thin ass burger on a bun".

During dinner service, Bobby was on the garnish and dessert stations. He decided to take the quail eggs over after Matt broke the yolks on his second attempt, acknowledging it was time for him to become a leader. When he asked for the eggs, Petrozza gave him the tray, and because of him taking control of the eggs, the blue team sent two tables of appetizers in 20 minutes. Near the end of service, he led the dessert station, where he was helped by Ben and Petrozza, and desserts came out of the blue kitchen quickly.

The blue team completed their first dinner service, and both teams were named joint-winners. They were also asked to nominate one person each for elimination. During deliberation, Bobby announced he would nominate Matt because of his attitude, but while discussing with Ben and Petrozza, Ben also considered Louross for being the worst performer.

He was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 6Edit

Back in the dorms, Bobby talked with Ben about how Matt was lazy, saying that he was always focusing on the things he was doing right when there was a zillion other things he was not doing right.

The next morning, when Bobby acknowledged the morale of the blue team was a little low, the contestants were driven to Farmers Market, where Ramsay introduced the Sweet 16 Planning Challenge. During the shopping part, after Matt proposed a sushi pizza on a tortilla, Bobby hoped that he would shut his mouth because if he was having those weird ideas at this point in the competition, something was not right with his brain. During the judging, he presented his team's stuffed chicken wings appetizer to the birthday girl, which scored a point for the team.

The blue team eventually won the challenge 2-1 and were rewarded with a go-kart activity at Malibu Speed Zone, and fine-dining treats tasting with Ramsay at the Simon LA restaurant. During the reward, Bobby won the go-kart race.

During the Sweet 16 dinner service, Bobby was on the appetizer station with Louross. Before the first ticket was called out, both of them were confident and gave each other a triple low-five. When Ben was looking for the chicken wing sauce, he declared he did not want to lose another service, even if he had to cook all the food by himself. Later, he became furious when Matt was slowing down the kitchen on the fish station, and told him to be quicker. Matt's second attempt at the mother's fish was still raw, which infuriated Bobby, to the point that he pushed Matt from his station, acknowledging it was going down in flames, took over total control of the station and cooked the halibut himself. Finally, he sent the mother's halibut to the pass, and it was accepted by Ramsay.

Both teams were named joint-winners, but were asked to nominate one person each. During deliberation, Bobby mocked and laughed at Matt, saying his face seemed like he was crapping his pants while standing there.

Bobby was not nominated for elimination and, before going back to the dorms, gleefully said goodbye to Matt, who has just been transferred to the red team.

Episode 7Edit

The next morning, after tasting some fake dishes, where everybody failed to identify the meatless ingredients, Ramsay introduced the annual Blind Taste Test. During the challenge, Bobby went third for his team and faced up against Christina. He failed to score a point for his team, with Jen not even believing he missed the truffles. The blue team lost the challenge 5-9 and were punished by cleaning up the dorms, from returning the beds to washing the toilet bowls. During the punishment, he became envious to the red team as he would have enjoyed a little therapy session either.

During dinner service, Bobby was on the fish station. 45 minutes in, he and Louross were working on their first scallop appetizer, but while he was ready with his scallops, Louross said he needed five minutes for the quail eggs. That infuriated Ramsay, who told Bobby he had to communicate and not going out for himself. However, he talked back to Ramsay, telling Louross said it was coming from his part. After service, the blue team was declared the losers, and each of them were asked to nominate one person each.

During deliberation, Bobby was convinced by Ben to nominate himself, but later, Ben tried to convince him to nominate Louross. When Petrozza joined the conversation, he tried to make an agreement with him saying both of them would nominate each other.

At elimination, Bobby nominated Petrozza and received no votes.

Episode 8Edit

The next morning, the blue team welcomed Jen as a new teammate. They declared being very comfortable with that decision.

During the 20 Ingredients Challenge, Bobby acknowledged his team was quiet and compared it to a pack of dogs. When he revealed his veal did not turn out the way he wanted to, Jen suggested that Louross should do a Surf n Turf with it. During the judging, he was the third member of his team to present his dish, facing up against Corey. He served a walnut crusted mozzarella chicken with a balsamic glaze, which contained 6 ingredients. Ramsay disliked the glaze, which he said was too much. He lost the round to Corey, and eventually the challenge after it was revealed Louross did not use the right amount of ingredients for his dish.

The blue team was punished by taking part in Laundry Day. After the punishment, because of Jen's bickering over Louross, Bobby acknowledged that she was out casting herself from everybody else, and added it could be a dangerous game she was playing.

When both teams were lined up, Ramsay announced that two of the United States' finest food critics would be attending in the dining room. During dinner service, Bobby was on the garnish station. He was not seen much, but was the main vocal leader of his team. The blue team won the service after they had to finish the red team's table because they got kicked out of the kitchen.

Episode 9Edit

Back in the dorms, Bobby declared that from that moment on, he would let his food talk, adding that Jen was a big baby and that what she did was not impressing at all. He even compared the blue team's situation with her as walking on eggshells.

The next morning, when both teams were lined up, Ramsay introduced the Relay Challenge, which would test the chefs' communication and timing. Before the challenge, Bobby acknowledged the blue team did not win as much challenges as the red team and that it was starting to hurt. He was the second person to go for his team, facing against Christina. During the 15 seconds relay, Petrozza gave him very clear information, which he was satisfied with. So he got on work, organizing everything for Jen to finish strong, but during the other 15 seconds relay, he did not say anything as Jen was constantly talking over him. The blue team eventually lost the challenge 1-2, and were punished by being the Hell's Kitchen maintenance crew, spending all day taking care of the restaurant, cleaning the red carpets as well.

During the punishment, at one point, Bobby accidentally sprayed some liquid soap in Petrozza's face. After, the whole team got into white suits, and he was sick and tired of Jen's bossy attitude when she told him to hold on. Then, the two of them got into an argument where he said to Jen that she was not running anything and that he was, with Jen asking who he was talking to. Later, the team cleaned up the red carpet.

The next morning, both teams lined up in the dining room, where Ramsay announced they would get rid of the menu for the next service, and that both teams would create their own menus. During the menu creating, Bobby was annoyed by Jen's way of dictating the team, saying he wanted a good menu, but would let Jen hang herself. When Louross recited the blue team's menu to Ramsay, the latter disliked it and allowed the team to change some of the items. He came up with new ideas, stating that he knew Ramsay would allow them to make some changes and that he had it all planned.

During dinner service, Bobby was on the dessert station. He was not seen much before the team moved on to desserts, but when they did, he was not comfortable working on that station because it was a mess. Jen came over to clean it up and he called her "honey", which she did not like. He was the vocal leader of his team when they were sending desserts out, and successfully completed service. However, the blue team lost, and Petrozza was named "Best of the Worst". During deliberation, he was not worried to be nominated by Petrozza because he was more experienced than Louross and Jen, not only in cooking but outside the kitchen as well.

Bobby was not nominated for elimination, said goodbye to Jen who has been transferred back to the red team, but welcomed Matt back in the blue team as well, much to his dismay.

Episode 10Edit

The next morning, the remaining chefs got outside, and drove into the Hell's Kitchen SUVs with blindfolds on, not knowing where they were going. Arrived at the secret destination, all the chefs were lined up in front of Ramsay, who asked them to take their blindfolds off. When he did, Bobby stated the sun was so bright he could barely see Ramsay, at the point that he thought he was coming down from the sky. He was standing in front of a table with a dome on. Then, Ramsay revealed they were on the roof of what would be the new London West Hollywood, and asked them to lift up their domes, where black jackets were hidden underneath. While he put it on, he stated it was a dream come true and that it boosted his confidence to win the competition. Then, two men holding briefcases and wearing black suits came in, they opened their cases containing $250,000 in cash, and after, everybody went downstairs to see the construction works of the restaurant, while visualizing what the restaurant would look like.

Back in Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay introduced the Main Protein Challenge, where each chef would create one dish based on a given protein. The chefs were standing in front of one dome each, and when Bobby lifted his, he got duck. He was the last person to get his dish judged by Ramsay. He served his own version of a duck soup, which was served with noodles and garlic bread. Ramsay praised the flavor of the soup, but noticed the duck was overcooked. He also added that it would have been perfect if the duck was cooked properly. He eventually lost the challenge to Jen, and was punished by taking part of Delivery Day.

During the punishment, Bobby laughed when Matt told everybody to go fuck themselves, declaring he was on the warpath and being Full Metal Jacket, while acknowledging that Matt really lost it. He also expressed worry for him. During prep, he was annoyed about the constant bickering between Matt and Christina, saying it should end before the beginning of service.

During dinner service, Bobby was on the fish station. At one point, he asked the team to communicate with Corey on garnish, and later, announced to Matt he was ready to walk when the latter asked him for a time. He helped serve some entrées to the satisfied customers. Moments later, he was caught cooking salmon and scallops in the same pan. So, Ramsay asked him if he was allergic to seashells, which he answered he was, but he did not give any excuses and acknowledged his mistake. When Corey sustained an injury, he said he was surprised at how she was taking her injury and said she took it like a pussy. Later, Ramsay asked him where was the order John Dory, which he answered he only heard one. When Ramsay revealed one John Dory was waiting on the hot plate, he acknowledged he was ready and sent the other John Dory, saying he was cool as a cucumber despite the others being all stressed out. With that, some entrées finally made it to the dining room once again. Later, Matt wished to be sent home and for a vacation, leading him to say that something bad was going on inside his brain. Later, he laughed at Matt when the latter was taking a headache pill. After that, everybody got kicked out of the kitchen, and service was shut down.

When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay asked all of them to nominate two people for elimination. During deliberation, Bobby agreed with all his teammates to put Matt up, and laughed out loud when the latter left the conversation, saying Matt was a loose cannon and deserved to be kicked off the universe. When Corey asked him who should go up, he answered that the meat station went down hard, therefore nominating Christina and Matt.

Bobby was not nominated for elimination, and while being dismissed, he said everybody was a strong competitor and that being in the finals would be brutal.

Episode 11Edit

On the patio, Bobby revealed he was happy Matt was gone, and added that Jen would have to stop playing the hero.

The next morning, the final five came down in the red kitchen, where they lined up in front of Ramsay, who made a demonstration on how to cook a lobster spaghetti. Bobby said he was loving it when Ramsay was cooking because it was like if he was telling a story. After that, Ramsay introduced the Cooking School Challenge, where each contestant would teach a middle-aged domestic housewife on how to cook that lobster spaghetti properly, while not being allowed to touch anything. Before the challenge, he declared he would very like to win the challenge as he was sick of losing, and when the housewives entered the kitchen, he stated his mouth dropped as they were very gorgeous. During the challenge, he told his housewife she had to kill the lobster while saying he was tired of babysitting as kitchens were not daycares.

During the judging, Bobby was the third contestant to have his dish judged by Ramsay. The latter noticed the pasta was all jammed in one piece, jokingly comparing it to a dog's dinner. When he tasted it, Ramsay also said it tasted like a dog's dinner, because the dish was badly seasoned. Because of that, he stated his student screwed the challenge for him, and that because she entered the kitchen with a dog, he was already halfway screwed right there. He lost the challenge to Christina, and had to clean the restaurant by scrubbing the floors, cleaning the ovens, and emptying the fryers. He said that because he lost almost every challenge, he was not taking the punishments kindly any longer. Before the punishment, on the patio, he stated Christina was a little bit slow when him and the three other punished chefs were talking about her. When Christina and the three chefs finished their lunch, Ramsay called him to clean the plates, and when he did, he noticed Jen tasting them, stating that she tasted food that would go in the garbage and that it was weird.

The following day, when the chefs were lined up, Ramsay announced a twelve-top would be attending the service that night. During dinner service, Bobby was on the meat station. When he sent his first entrée of meat, it was not sliced properly and Ramsay asked him to start again. After that mistake, he acknowledged Ramsay would be watching him all night long. Then, his Wellingtons were overcooked and, once again, not sliced properly. Ramsay schooled him and told him to wake up and start again. Later, his second attempt at the Wellingtons were burnt. Ramsay asked him why he was not giving his best, which he answered that he was trying to. After, he tried to regroup and complete the table with Jen and Petrozza, comparing that situation to war. He and Jen brought their entrées together and successfully completed the table, with the customers being satisfied. Moments later, he heard Jen who was calling out the next order, along with Petrozza. Later, the twelve-top arrived, and when Jen sent raw John Dory to the pass, Ramsay asked him if it was a game between both of them, which he answered it was not. After that, a fire erupted in one of his pans, discouraging Ramsay, who told him and Jen they were inconsistent. Despite their problems, he started to become vocal and rallied to complete the table, much to Ramsay's relief. The twelve entrées left the kitchen and were served to that table at the same time.

After service ended, Ramsay was not impressed, and asked Bobby if he was happy, which he answered he was not. When the chefs were lined up, Christina was named "Best of the Worst". On the patio, he said that service was hardcore cooking, and talked about his own performance and Ramsay watching him closely. In the end, he was Christina's second nominee for elimination, with Jen being the first. He was eliminated for a downward spiral and failure to step up as a leader. He received a retrospective montage of his run during his exit interview.

Ramsay's comment: "Although Bobby was big in stature, he fell short in a number of areas. I kept on waiting for him to emerge, but he never did. That's why I have to say: Over and out, General Bobby."

Episode 14/15Edit

Bobby was the first returning chef who entered the kitchen when Ramsay introduced them to the finalists. Christina made a remark on how cute he was looking, and a flashback of his strong performance during the fourth dinner service, which was Family Night, was shown. He was Petrozza's first pick, followed by Ben and Jen, and the first pick overall.

On the patio, Bobby promised that he would cook his heart out for Petrozza as he was having the strongest team. He also added that Petrozza was the nicest man ever, people would love working for him, and he was confident that he would win. Minutes before service, after Petrozza said to the team that they all have to perform the service of their lives, he added that they would man up. Jen responded to him by asking if they would woman up as well, which annoyed him, who said she had a shit poor attitude that he could see on her face and hoped she would not disturb the team too much during service.

During dinner service, Bobby was on the appetizer station. He gave three minutes for his first strudel to be ready, and he said that despite the menu not being easy, he would cook his ass off. When he sent his first appetizers, they were still cold and Petrozza asked him and Jen to put them back in the pan. On his second attempt, he delivered better appetizers, along with Jen, and Petrozza thanked him for that and served them. He proclaimed himself once again as a "Four-Star General", and said that Petrozza was needing him. Moments later, he revealed he was running out of strudels, discouraging Ramsay and Petrozza. So, the latter asked him what could he bring, which he answered he could bring a risotto. Petrozza accepted that solution, and with that decision, food was getting out of the kitchen once again, and were well received by the customers. Finally, he helped his team sending out desserts and completing service for Petrozza.

After service, Ramsay congratulated both teams for a good service and everybody gave a big round of applause. Bobby hugged Petrozza and wished him luck before he went back to the dorms. However, Petrozza ended up losing the finals to Christina.

Nomination historyEdit

Week 1 Nominated
Week 2 Win
Week 3 Safe
Week 4 BoW
Week 5 Safe
Week 6 Safe
Week 7 Safe
Week 8 Win
Week 9 Safe
Week 10 Safe
Week 11 Nominated

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first contestant to have a military background before coming to Hell's Kitchen.
  • He is the second contestant who made it to the black jackets after being nominated on the opening night, following Virginia from Season 2.
  • After his appearance on the show, he launched a programme designed to teach inner city youths basic food preparation skills called "F Bites". Also, he taught youngsters on how to cook in after school programmes.

Quotes Edit

  • "I'm the black Gordon Ramsay!"
  • "He's the president, and I'm the Four-Star general. It has to go that way!"
  • "I don't want to join the chaos."
  • "We've corrected the problem, Chef."
  • "I come in peace, but if you break my sanctuary, you will fill it."
  • "Matty's on the warpath!!!"
  • "Matt is like Full Metal Jacket! Matt is really losin' it. I'm worried about Matt!"
  • "Matt deserves to get kicked off the universe!"
  • "I didn't look at you like you're yelling at me, I was looking at you like you're saving me!"
  • (After being eliminated:) "I walked into Hell's Kitchen with my joy, and I'm leaving with my joy!"